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Detailed analysis of 2017 budget (latest)



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Ekiti State Detailed Analysis of 2017 Budget

Detailed analysis of 2017 budget (latest)

  1. 1. EKITI STATE OF NIGERIA PRESENTATION OF DETAILED ANALYSIS OF 2017 BUDGET BY THE HON. COMMISSIONER FOR BUDGET AND ECONOMIC PLANNING, CHIEF GBENGA OLAJIDE ON ........................ 2017 Members of the State Executive Council, Permanent Secretaries, General Managers/Executive Secretaries, Members of the Organised Private Sectors (OPS), Members of Civil Society Organisations, Gentlemen of the Press, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. I am highly elated to present the detailed analysis of 2017 Budget of our State to this august gathering. It will be recalled that the Budget was presented by His Excellency, the Governor, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose to the Ekiti State House of Assembly on 6th December, 2016 for necessary consideration. The 2017 Appropriation Bill was passed by the Honourable Members on 19th December, 2016 and it was signed into law two days later by His Excellency, the Governor, thus making Ekiti the first to pass the 2017 Budget into Law. 2. You are all aware that one of the statutory responsibilities of my Ministry is the presentation of the Analysis of each year’s Budget to the Stakeholders. The 2017 Budget is tagged “Budget of Consolidation and Higher Heights” because we believe
  2. 2. 2 that with God on our side, Ekiti State will be number one in all areas of our endeavour. 3. The Budget size of N93,456,399,143.40 was presented to the Ekiti State House of Assembly on 6th December, 2016 made up of N55,028,891,248.80 or 59% Recurrent expenditure and N38,427,507,894.60 or 41% Capital Expenditure. After due consideration, the House eventually passed a Budget size of N94,456,399,143.40 made up of N55,028,891,248.80 or 58% Recurrent Expenditure and N39,427,507,894.60 or 42% Capital Expenditure. This is an increase of N1Billion from the Budget size presented to the House of Assembly by His Excellency, the Governor. I must state here that the increase became expedient due to the fact that additional projects were conceived to be executed during the 2017 Fiscal Year to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the good people of Ekiti State. 4. REVIEW OF YEAR 2016 BUDGET PERFORMANCE Gentlemen of the Press, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is statutory that I must review the performance of the Budget in the 2016 Fiscal Year before I proceed to analyse the 2017 Budget. The highlights are as stated here-below: TABLE I: SHOWING 2016 REVENUE PERFORMANCE: S/N DETAILS APPROVED SUPPLEMTARY BUDGET 2016 N ACTUAL REVENUE JAN-DEC, 2016 % PERFORMANCE i. FEDERAL ALLOCATION 23,810,648,927.35 18,227,173,258.56 77% ii. Internally Generated Revenue (including parastatals) 8,742,672,184.33 6,163,709,311.43 71% iii. VAT (Value Added Tax) 8,000,000,000.00 7,582,364,595.41 95% iv. IDA (Education Intervention Fund) - 3,379,632,000.00 N.A v. Draw-Down-External (Grants/Loans) 6,430,911,152.85 831,640,020.98 13%
  3. 3. 3 vi. MDG Conditional Grant Schemes 1,200,000,000.00 926,205,480.08 77% vii. Loan-Internal/Bond 11,050,000,000.00 13,487,788,065.28 122% viii. Reimbursement from Federal Government on Road Projects 2,000,000,000.00 - 0% ix. Ecological Fund 1,400,000,000.00 - 0% x. Excess Crude Oil proceeds + Budget Differential - 269,917,786.77 xi. Sundry Income: FAAC 1,699,967,784.83 10,659,718,663.97 627% xii. Others: Sundry Incomes - 2,406,662,859.93 0% Xiii Paris Club (Refund of Differentials) - 5,477,476,163.58 0% xiv. Transfer from prior Fiscal Year 6,918,930,420.00 6,918,930,420.08 100% Total 71,253,125,469.44 76,331,218,626.07 107% The above table shows that a sum of N76,331,218,626.07 was the actual revenue realised as at 31st December, 2016. This represents 107% level of performance. The Internally Generated Revenue recorded 71% performance. The receipts from statutory Allocation is N18,227,173,258.56 which represents 77% performance and VAT is N7,582,364,595.41 which also represents 95% performance. The sum of N3,379,632,000.00 was realized under SEPIP Programmes to fund Educational activities, External (Grants/Loans) was N831,640,020.98 representing 13% and MDG Conditional Grants was N926,205,480.08 representing 77%. The Internal Loan/Bond was N13,487,788,065.28 representing 122% performance and Sundry Income was N10,659,718,663.97 representing 627% performance. The sum of N5,477,476,163.58 was realised from Paris Club (Refund of Differentials) and Transfer from prior Fiscal Year was N6,918,930,420.08 representing 100% performance. Nothing was realised from Reimbursement on Federal Road Projects and Ecological Fund. 5. 2016 EXPENDITURE PROFILES The above stated sum was channelled into regular Government programmes and activities as provided for in the 2016 Budget. These included salaries, pensions and other running costs as well as payment of certified debts and commercial loans.
  4. 4. 4 Capital projects were also not left out in the 2016 fiscal year. The details of the expenditure for the year shall be released as soon as the Office of the Accountant General concludes action on the 2016 final accounts of the State. 6. MAJOR CAPITAL PROJECTS EXECUTED IN THE YEAR 2016 BUDGET This Government in the 2016 Fiscal Year, recorded outstanding and sustainable achievements in the following areas: i. Successful Completion of phase II Ikere-Ekiti Township Road Dualization which has been commissioned for Public use; ii. Awedele Road, Ado-Ekiti, dualization has been completed and commissioned; iii. Renovation of Fayose Market at Ado-Ekiti; iv. Completion of Adunni-Olayinka Women Development Centre, Ado-Ekiti; v. Construction of overhead bridge at Ado-Ekiti is on-going; vi. Construction of new modern King’s Market (Oja Oba) in Ado-Ekiti is on- going; vii. Dualization of Efon Township Road is on-going; viii. Dualization of Omuo Township Road is on-going; ix. Dualization of Ikole Township Road is on-going; x. Dualization of Emure Township Road is on-going; xi. Dualization of Ise Township Road is on-going; xii. Patching of Iropora-Ara Road; xiii. Patching of Epe-Ijero Road; xiv. Patching of Awo-Ijero Road; xv. Construction of New Governor’s Office within the Government House premises is on-going; xvi. Construction of New High Court Complex is on-going; xvii. Ilupeju-Ire Road is on-going; xviii. Iluomoba-Igbemo Road is on-going; xix. Dualization of Mugbagba-Odo Ado Road is on-going; xx. Rehabilitation of Government House internal Road is on-going; and
  5. 5. 5 xxi. Rehabilitation of Government House Chalets. 7. THE FOCUS OF YEAR 2017 BUDGET Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, the main focus of 2017 Budget is to complete all on-going projects as it is not the desire of His Excellency, the Governor to leave any uncompleted project for the would-be incoming Administration. Not only this, Government has considered and incorporated some deserving new projects, expectations and requests of the good people of Ekiti State according to priority into the Budget in tandem with the six (6) Cardinal Programmes of this Administration. Also, workable plans and implementation strategies have been put in place to ensure that the desired output (Results) is achieved within the stipulated period of time without deviation from the original specifications. To this end, wider consultations were held with the Stakeholders, including but not limited to the representatives of every community in the state, Market Women, Artisans and other interest groups with a view to capturing their expectations and collective aspirations in the 2017 Budget document. Equally, the 2017 Budget is not a mere ‘wish list’ but culmination of a logically designed process that commenced with the preparation of the 2017-2019 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) as constitutionally required by the extant laws. The 2017 Budget which is derived from the MTEF is a product of collaboration between the legislative and the Executive arms of Government aimed at serving the good people of Ekiti sustainably better through effective and efficient formulation and implementation of various Government’s Plans and Developmental Programmes. 8. OBJECTIVES OF THE 2017 BUDGET The directions of the 2017 Budget among others are stated here-below: i. Completion of all critical on-going Capital Projects that are central to the six (6) Cardinal Programmes of the Government; ii. To improve on the level of Internally Generated Revenue and monitor same for the purpose of blocking all leakages of Government revenue; iii. A proper monitoring of income and expenditure of Government for transparency;
  6. 6. 6 iv. To curtail extra-budgetary spending; v. Improvement in the quality of Education; vi. To provide qualitative health services; vii. Sustenance of good governance through Budget discipline, probity and accountability in the utilization of Public funds; viii. Improving on the socio-economic policy environment which is the bench mark of the Government Six (6) Cardinal Programmes; ix. To guarantee sustainable Agricultural Production with a view to ensuring food security, alleviating poverty, providing employment and to encourage Private Sector participation in Food Production; and x. To Motivate the Public Service for effective and efficient service delivery. 9. THE EXPECTED YEAR 2017 REVENUE PROJECTION The size of the year 2017 Budget as signed into Law by His Excellency, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose is N94,456,399,143.40. The State Government expects to generate the revenues to finance this Budget from the following projected sources: TABLE: III SHOWING 2017 REVENUE PROJECTION S/N DETAILS APPROVED BUDGET 201 N % PERFORMANCE (i). Federal Allocation 31,000,000,000.00 33% (ii). Internally Generated Revenue (MDAs) 7,000,000,000.00 7% (iii). IGR (Tertiary Institutions) 3,928,010,058.12 4% (iv). VAT 10,000,000,000.00 11% (v). IDA (Education Intervention Fund) 3,381,400,000.00 4% (vi). Draw-Down:External Grants/Loans) 8,391,989,085.28 9% (vii). MDGs Conditional Grants Schemes (State and LGAs) 1,200,000,000.00 1% (viii). Internal Loan 4,000,000,000.00 4% (ix). Grants from Federal Government (Reimbursement on Federal Road ProjectsHandled by the State) 3,500,000,000.00 4% (x). Ecological Fund 1,000,000,000.00 1% (xi). Excess Crude Oil Proceeds + Budget Differential 1,500,000,000.00 2%
  7. 7. 7 (xii). Sundry Incomes: (FAAC Augmentation, Refund from NNPC 5,555,000,000.00 6% (xiii). Others: Sundry Incomes 1,000,000,000.00 1% (xiv). Paris Club (Refund of Differentials) 7,000,000,000.00 7% (xv). Others: Transfer from Prior Fiscal Year 6,000,000,000.00 6% TOTAL 94,456,399,143.40 100% A critical examination of the above table shows that a sum of N46,555,000,000.00 is expected to be generated from the Federation Account, Value Added Tax and FAAC Augmentation, representing 50% of the Total Income expected to finance the 2017 Budget. The State Government expects to generate N10,928,010,058.12 from Internally Generated Revenues (MDAs & Tertiary Institutions) this year, which represents about 11% of the total Revenue expected to fund 2017 Budget. Equally, the loan element of the 2017 Budget is N4,000,000,000.00 representing 4% of the Total Expected Revenue to finance the 2017 Budget. 10. THE EXPECTED YEAR 2017 EXPENDITURE PROJECTION: As you are all aware that the Expenditure component of the Budget consists of Recurrent and Capital Votes. THE RECURRENT EXPENDITURE SIDE On the Recurrent Vote, a sum of N55,028,891,248.80 representing 58% of the Total size of the Budget is expected to be expended on recurrent spending i.e. for daily businesses and running of Government’s day to day activities as distributed in the table iv. below: TABLE IV: SHOWING RECURRENT EXPENDITURE S/N EXPENDITURE HEAD APPROVED 2017 BUDGET N DISTRIBUTION % i. Personnel Cost 16,566,429,583.04 18% ii. Other Charges 2,587,000,158.79 3% iii. Recurrent Grant to Tertiary Institutions 8,965,689,199.02 9%
  8. 8. 8 iv. T.O.F 9,224,366,722.28 10% v. Consolidated Revenue Fund Charges 17,685,405,534.97 19% Total 55,028,891,248.80 A sum of N8,965,689,199.02 is allocated to Tertiary Institutions for better performances and improved service delivery to make the good people of Ekiti better- off in the current 2017 fiscal year. To arrive at this projection, Government adopted cost-benefit analysis approach, and the list of the affected Tertiary Institutions and Parastatals are presented here-under: N i. Ekiti State University - 2,800,000,000.00 ii. College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti - 2,000,000,000.00 iii. College of Health Science & Tech, Ijero-Ekiti - 280,000,000.00 iv. Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital - 2,500,000,000.00 v. The Judiciary - 1,218,216,870.34 vi. Judiciary Service Commission - 110,937,887.83 vii. The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps - 8,164,056.11 viii. Ekiti United Football Club - 34,470,460.39 ix. Nigerian Legion - 2,200,000.00 x. Ministry of Information, Youth & Sports Development (Recurrent Grants to Parastatals) - 11,699,924.35 11. In addition, the State Government has also allocated funds to the following services in the 2017 fiscal year Budget document: N i. Scholarship Scheme - 68,033,803.41
  9. 9. 9 ii. Grants to Secondary Schools - 200,000,000.00 iii. Conduct of Schools Examination (including Primary School Unified Exams) - 40,744,689.66 iv. Capacity Building for Teachers - 60,000,000.00 v. Eye Intervention (Oju Ayo) - 60,000,000.00 vi. Capacity Building for (Civil Servant) - 250,000,000.00 vii. Cash and Materials Assistance to Disaster Victims - 12,173,709.04 viii. International Women Day - 100,000,000.00 ix. Payment of Street Sweepers in Ado and Ikere-Ekiti - 95,009,206.46 x. Payment of Pensions & Gratuities - 4,000,000,000.00 xi. Grants to Schools including Technical Colleges - 400,000,000.00 xii. Remuneration and Training of EKSTMA uniformed Officers - 40,000,000.00 12. THE CAPITAL EXPENDITURE PROJECTION In a bid to promote and ensure accelerated growth, development and sustainable transformation of our dear State, the Government has earmarked a sum of N39,427,507,894.60 for Capital Projects across the State in the 2017 Budget representing 42% of the total size of the Budget. The allocations to sectors are as follows: 1. ECONOMIC SECTOR a. Agriculture and Rural Development - N594.219,438.98
  10. 10. 10 b. Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and Poverty Reduction - N1,121,014,654.35 c. Infrastructure - N17,168,000,000.00 d. Tourism, Arts & Culture - N50,000,000.00 Sector’s Sub-Total - N18,933,234,093.33 II. SOCIAL SERVICES SECTOR a. Education - N5,091,250,000.00 b. Health - N928,827,885.78 c. Information Service/Social Development - N1,328,000,000.00 Sector’s Sub-Total - N7,348,077,885.78 III. ENVIRONMENTAL SECTOR a. Town and Country Planning - N705,000,000.00 b. Sewage and Drainage - N855,000,000.00 c. Emergency & Waste Management - N25,000,000.00 Sector’s Sub-Total - N1,585,000,000.00 IV. ADMINISTRATIVE SECTOR a. Administrative Sector - N11,561,195,915.49 GRAND TOTAL - N39,427,507,894.60 13. ECONOMIC SECTOR The Economic Sector consists of Agriculture and Rural Development, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Poverty Reduction Programmes and Infrastructure. In view of the importance attached to this sector by the present Administration, a sum of
  11. 11. 11 N18,933,234,093.33 is earmarked to this sector in the 2017 Budget, representing 48% of the Total Capital Budget. 14. AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES As you are all aware, Ekiti State has a great comparative advantage in Agriculture in view of the availability of lands and the agrarian nature of the State Economy. There is no doubt that our State is endowed with arable land coupled with favourable climatic conditions suitable for several Agricultural Products. The State Government has allocated a sum of N594,219,438.98 for the various Agricultural and Rural Development activities in the 2017 Budget. This is intended to boost food production and other Agricultural products to improve the living condition of our people. The following Agriculture and Rural Development Projects have been appropriately considered: (i) Land Bank Development - N230,000,000.00 (ii) Establishment of Cocoa Clonal Garden/ Cocoa Rehabilitation – N45,000,000.00 (iii) Cocoa seedling production - N20,000,000.00 (iv) Regeneration of forest and maintenance – N10,000,000.00 (v) Raising of seedlings for private plantation Development – N10,000,000.00 (vi) Renovation of Farm Settlements & other facilities - N76,216,207.80 15. SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION Ladies and Gentlemen, the level of Growth and Development in any Economy is directly proportional to Commercial and Industrial activities carried out by the people at a given time. This Administration is determined to provide conducive environment that will improve Micro, Small and Medium Scale Industries in the State. In view of this, a sum of N1,121,014,654.35 is budgeted to this sub-sector in the 2017 Budget. Parts of the amount are distributed as follows:
  12. 12. 12 (i) Establishment of One Stop Shop - N50,000,000.00 (ii) Establishment of Mechanic Village - N30,000,000.00 (iii) Establishment of Truck Shop at Omu-Oke Ekiti and Itaore - N45,000,000.00 (iv) Establishment of Enterprise Zone Industrial Clusters across the State - N25,000,000.00 (v) Social Security Scheme to the less Privileged - N750,000,000.00 (vi) Procurement of Geological Tools, Mapping Materials etc. - N35,050,000.00 16. TOURISM, ART AND CULTURE To further consolidate our desire to focus attention on Tourism, Arts and Culture, to galvanise and rejuvenate our State Economy, a sum of N50,000,000.00 is earmarked in the 2017 Budget for the Development of Tourism in the State. Part of this amount is expected to be channelled in the following areas: (i) Development of Monument (Palace Arts, Antiquite, Statutes, Caves, Rock) - N10,000,000.00 (ii) Procurement of recording and editing equipment for the Bureau of Arts, Culture and Tourism - N10,000,000.00 (iii) Provision of Skill Acquisition facilities to hospitality establishment - N5,000,000.00 (iv) Renovation of Fajuyi Park - N10,000,000.00 17. INFRASTRUCTURE The success of any Administration depends largely on its performance in the area of water supply, electricity, housing, good road Network and a lot of other infrastructural facilities for the Public use. For this reason, the State Government has given greater priority to infrastructural development across the State in the past two years of this Administration. Therefore, a sum of N17,168,000,000.00 representing 44% of the total Capital Budget is budgeted for this purpose. Below are some of the projects:
  13. 13. 13 - Completion of On-going Projects - N1,330,000,000.00 - Completion of Oja-Oba Ultra-Modern Market - N1,750,000,000.00 - Completion of overhead bridge/Flyover bridge at Ado – Ekiti - N3,800,000,000.00 - Completion of 1km dual carriage way at Emure, Ise, Efon, Omuoand Ikole township - N300,000,000.00 - Patching of Ekiti Roads (Iropora-Ara-Epe-Ijero, Awo-Ara-Ijero, Ilupeju-Ire, Osi-Epe, Iworoko- Are-Afao) - N300,000,000.00 - Construction of New Governor’s Office - N810,000,000.00 - Rehabilitation of Igbemo & Iluomoba Road - N70,000,000.00 - General maintenance of Ado Township Road - N15,000,000.00 - Dualization of Ilawe Township road - N443,000,000.00 - Construction of Adebayo-OriApata-Nova Road - N550,000,000.00 - Rehabilitation of Igede-Aramoko-Erio-Itawure Road - N115,000,000.00 - Rehabilitation of Ifaki-Orin-Ido Road - N100,000,000.00 - Rehabilitation of Erijinyan-Aramoko Road - N250,000,000.00 - Rehabilitation of Okemesi-Osun State - N150,000,000.00 - Dualization of Ikere Township Road Phase III - N850,000,000.00 - Dualization of Afao Township Road - N300,000,000.00 - Construction of New High Court Complex - N360,000,000.00 - Dualization of Ijero Township Road - N450,000,000.00 - Ero Bridge/Ikun Bridge - N100,000,000.00 - Ayetoro – Ewu – Iye Road - N100,000,000.00 - General Compensation - N250,000,000.00 - Ministry of Finance/Accountant General’s Building - N150,000,000.00 - Gifted School - N500,000,000.00 - Maintenance of Federal Roads - N200,000,000.00 - Otun Township Road - N350,000,000.00 - Fayose Housing Estate Infrastructure - N100,000,000.00
  14. 14. 14 - Furniture for High Court Complex - N200,000,000.00 - Accident/Emergency Centre - N100,000,000.00 - Beautification/Fountain Water for Fajuyi Roundabout - N100,000,000.00 - Lightening and Fencing of Fajuyi Park, High Court and Ojumose Road - N200,000,000.00 - Construction & Rehabilitation of Government House/Guests’ House - N150,000,000.00 - Refurbishment of Adetiloye Hall - N100,000,000.00 18. WATER PROVISION Ladies and Gentlemen, the necessity to provide drinkable and hygienic water to every nook and cranny of the State informed the decision of the Government to allocate a sum of N1,000,000,000.00 to the State Water Corporation for its capital spending in 2017 Budget. Out of this amount, a sum of N500,000,000.00 is earmarked for rehabilitation, sustainability and maintenance of water schemes in the State and another sum of N200,000,000.00 for the Ero Dam Water Supply Project. The Rural Water Supply will also receive the attention of Government. A provision of N50,000,000.00 was allocated for this purpose. 19. ELECTRIFICATION PROJECTS The importance of constant and stable power supply to economic growth and Industrial development of any State cannot be overemphasised. In view of this, the State Government will not relent in its efforts to eradicate all problems associated with epileptic power supply in the State. A sum of N350,000,000.00 will be expended on the completion of all on-going electrification projects. Out of this amount, a sum of N23,000,000.00 was earmarked for the completion of Electrification Projects of Eda Ile, Aba Fatunla, Orin Farm settlement, Poultry Farm and another sum of N105,000,000.00 for Rural Electrification of Oyomokore, Ile-Ona, Iwaji, Igede Farm Settlement, Ilokun/Aba Igbira Waste Plant. The sum of N30,000,000.00 will be spent on purchase and installations of transformers to Aid Relief Sub-stations and replacement in the State.
  15. 15. 15 20. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Advancement in information technology has rapidly transformed the whole world into a global village accessible through Internet. A sum of N85,000,000.00 will be spent on Information, Communication and Technology during the 2017 Fiscal Year. Out of this, a sum of N15,000,000.00 is earmarked for the ICT Training Centre and another sum of N15,000,000.00 for Software’s Application/Digital Media. 21. SOCIAL SERVICES SECTOR Social well-being of the good people of Ekiti is of paramount importance to this Administration. Arising from this, a sum of N7,348,077,885.78 of the total capital budget is allocated to this sector. This sector is made up of Education, Health, Information Services and Social Development. 22. EDUCATION Ekiti State as Fountain of Knowledge cannot afford to lag behind in the Education sector. This Administration has invested considerably in the development and improvement of the Education sector in the previous years in order to revive, reform and recover the lost glory in the education sector. I am glad to inform you that our efforts had started to yield good results. Just last year, Ekiti State came first in the NECO Examinations that was conducted in 2016 while moving up considerably in other external examinations in the educational sector. In order to consolidate on this giant stride, this Administration has earmarked a sum of N5,091,250,000.00 representing 13% of the total Capital Expenditure to Education sub-sector in the 2017 Capital Budget. The analysis is as stated here-below: 23. MAIN MINISTRY OF EDUCATION A sum of N1,552,000,000.00 is provided for capital expenditure of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in the 2017 budget. Some of the Capital Projects of the Ministry are highlighted below: (i) Construction and Establishment of ICT Centre and Skill acquisition - 100,000,000.00 (ii) Purchase of Science Equipment to 183 Schools - 50,000,000.00
  16. 16. 16 (iii) Renovation of dilapidated class-rooms and hostels in 5 Government Colleges at Ado, Ikere, Oye, Usi and Efon – 50,000,000.00 (iv) Renovation of all dilapidated Laboratory buildings in the Public Schools – 100,000,000.00 (v) Procurement of instructional materials to Schools - 75,000,000.00 (vi) Procurement of Instructional Materials for 3 Special Schools - 20,000,000.00 (vii) Provision of Infrastructure to 3 Government Science Colleges at Iyin, Emure and Ayede - 30,000,000.00 (viii) Procurement of Furniture items for Schools - 120,000,000.00 (ix) Provision of Education Management Information System (EMIS) - 60,000,000.00 24. EDUCATION PARASTATALS Provisions were made also for Parastatals under the Ministry in the 2017 Fiscal Year as follows: (i) Library Board - 18,000,000.00 (ii) State Scholarship Board - 2,000,000.00 (iii) State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB) - 2,760,000,000.00 (iv) Board for Technical and Vocational Education (BTVE) - 375,250,000.00 (v) Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education - 25,000,000.00 (vi) Ekiti State University Ado – Ekiti - 260,000,000.00 (vii) College of Education, Ikere – Ekiti - 60,000,000.00 (viii) Teaching Service Commission - 15,000,000.00 (ix) Education Trust Fund - 4,000,000.00 (x) School Agriculture and Enterprise - 20,000,000.00
  17. 17. 17 25. SPECIAL INTERVENTION FUND ON EDUCATION This Administration will continue to partner with the World Bank to finance the State Education Programme Investment Project (SEPIP), a sum of N3,381,400,000.00 is earmarked for various SEPIP projects. The State Government will also partner with the Federal Government towards adequate financing of the State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB) Projects, to this end, a sum of N4,000,000,000.00 is projected for these projects as Government Cash Counterpart contributions to all Ministries Departments and Agencies. 26. COMMITMENT TO THE EDUCATION SUB-SECTOR Ladies and Gentlemen, it is apposite that I give you the totality of this Government’s commitment to the Education Sub-sector to enable you appreciates Mr. Governor’s concern that Ekiti State recovers its lost glory as the Nation’s Fountain of Knowledge. The table below shows the breakdown of the total allocation to the Education Sub-sector in the 2017 budget: N (i) Salaries/Allowances to Education Agencies - 8,302,275,065.75 (ii) Other Charges - 72,177,566.26 (iii) Recurrent Grants to: Ekiti State University - 2,800,000,000.00 College of Education - 2,000,000,000.00 (iv) TOF TO EDUCATION SECTOR: Ministry of Education - 1,225,744,689.66 BTVE - 77,240,037.17 AANFE - 24,169,483.62 Scholarship/Bursary Scheme - 68,033,803.41
  18. 18. 18 (v) CAPITAL ALLOCATION TO THE EDUCATION SECTOR: Ministry of Education - 1,352,000,000.00 School Agric. & Enterprises - 20,000,000.00 Ekiti State Scholarship Board - 2,000,000.00 SUBEB - 2,760,000,000.00 BTVE - 375,250,000.00 AANFE - 25,000,000.00 TSC - 15,000,000.00 Library Board - 18,000,000.00 ETF - 4,000,000.00 Ekiti State University - 260,000,000.00 College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti - _ 60,000,000.00 Grand Total - 19,660,890,645.87 It will be noted that the total sum of N19,660,890,645.87 which represents 21% of the entire 2017 Budget has been allocated to the Education Sector. This is a demonstration of Mr. Governor’s belief that premium should be placed on education to safeguard the future of the State. 27. HEALTH Health is wealth. We all know that this Government places high premium on the health of its citizenry as reflected in the Six (6) cardinal Programmes of this Administration. Consequently, the deserved attention has been given to the improvement of Health Care Service Delivery in the State, in the 2017 Fiscal Year. A sum of N928,827,885.78 is earmarked in the Capital Vote for the health sector. A sum of N350,000,000.00 is allocated for various health activities under the Ministry of Health. Some of the activities are listed here-under:
  19. 19. 19 (i) Renovation of 18 Secondary facilities/completion And Equipping of Oba Adejuyigbe General Hospital, Ado-Ekiti - 28,000,000.00 (ii) Implementation of NHIS - 50,000,000.00 (iii) Control of Communicable Diseases - 10,000,000.00 (iv) Health Summit - 20,500,000.00 (v) Emergency preparedness and responses - 20,000,000.00 (vi) National Blood Transfusion Services - 5,000,000.00 (vii) Construction of General Hospital at Afao-Ekiti - 200,000,000.00 28. PROVISIONS FOR OTHER PARASTATALS IN THE HEALTH SECTOR (i) University Teaching Hospital – 150,000,000.00 (ii) Primary Health Care – 133,352,467.11 (iii) Central Medical Store(UDRF) – 48,491,806.22 (iv) Hospitals Management Board – 928,827,885.78 (v) College of Health Science & Technology, Ijero-Ekiti - 96,983,612.45 29. INFORMATION AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT This Administration is aware of various challenges facing this sub-sector. In view of this, a sum of N1,328,000,000.00 is budgeted to the Sub Sector in the 2017 Budget. From this amount, a sum of N583,000,000.00 is earmarked to the Ministry of Information, Youth & Sports Development. Part of the amount is going to be spent as follows: (i) Information Mobilization and Communication - 500,000,000.00 (ii) Rebranding/Sensitization and Mobilization - 76,000,000.00
  20. 20. 20 30. PARASTATALS UNDER THE MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, YOUTH AND SPORTS DEVELOPMENT (i) BROADCASTING SERVICE OF EKITI STATE Information dissemination is key to the development of any State because there is need for the people to be abreast of the activities of the Government. In view of this, a sum of N72,500,000.00 is earmarked for the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti and part of the amount is going to be spent as follows: (i) Procurement & Installation of 20KW BE Solit State FM Transmitters - 25,000,000.00 (ii) Procurement of Bulk Spare parts for Broadcasting Equipment - 12,000,000.00 (iii) 20KW Harris Solid State TV Transmitter - 20,000,000.00 31. GOVERNMENT PRINTING PRESS The Government Printing Press will be resuscitated in the 2017 Fiscal Year to enable it meet Government demand for production of sensitive documents and for commercial purposes. To this end, a sum of N11,500,000.00 is earmarked for this purpose as follows: (i) Procurement of Printing Machine: Digital Colour Separation - 6,000,000.00 (ii) Purchase of Office Furniture and Equipment - 5,500,000.00 32. SPORTS COUNCIL This Sub Sector is allocated a sum of N11,000,000.00 out of which N6,000,000.00 is for the purchase of Office Equipment and Furniture working tools. A further sum of N5,000,000.00 is for Grassroots Sport Development and Sports Equipment. 33. MINISTRY OF WOMEN AFFAIRS, GENDER EMPOWERMENT AND SOCIAL WELFARE This Administration accords serious priority to the welfare of women and the less privileged citizens in our society. The allocation of a sum of N650,000,000.00 in
  21. 21. 21 the 2017 Fiscal Year Budget to this sector gives credence to this claim. Part of the amount is going to be expended as follows: (i) Construction of Crèche – 30,000,000.00 (ii) Women Empowerment – 500,000,000.00 (iii) Women Conference - 100,000,000.00 34. ENVIRONMENTAL SECTOR This Administration is determined to ensure an hygienic environment that would promote healthy living among the good people of Ekiti State. To achieve this, a sum of N1,585,000,000.00 is allocated in the 2017 Fiscal Year Budget to service this sector. This amount will be distributed among the following sub-sectors: Forestry, Town and Country Planning, Sewage and Drainage, Emergency and Waste Management. 35. TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING A sum of N450,000,000.00 is allocated to this sub-sector in 2017 fiscal year. Some of the Capital projects listed for execution are: (i) Land Acquisition and payment of compensation (Markets in Ado, Ikere and others) – 200,000,000.00 (ii) Automation and Compensation – 100,000,000.00 (iii) Development of Medium Density Residential Estates along Ado-Ikere Road – 25,000,000.00 (iv) Development of Agric. Olope, Ijero – Ekiti & Iworoko Road Residential Estates - 25,000,000.00 (v) Provision of Infrastructure in Government New and existing Estates – 50,000,000.00 36. SEWAGE AND DRAINAGE A sum of N600,000,000.00 is allocated to this sub-sector. Here are some of the activities to be executed: (i) Flood & erosion control works in critical areas in Ekiti State - 370,000,000.00
  22. 22. 22 (ii) Channelization /Concrete lining of storm and Natural Water Channels – 200,000,000.00 (iii) Feasibility Studies of Ecologically devastated areas – 25,000,000.00 37. EMERGENCY AND WASTE MANAGEMENT A sum of N210,000,000.00 is allocated to this sub sector in the 2017 Budget. Some of the projects to be handled under this sub-sector are highlighted below: (i) Purchase of bulldozers, compactor trucks and other waste management vehicles/equipment - 147,000,000.00 (iii) Purchase of Waste Management light tools: Plants, Equipment and Sanitary Wares etc – 40,000,000.00 38. ADMINISTRATIVE SECTOR A sum of N4,075,263,220.73 is earmarked in the 2017 Budget for this Sector. This Administration is prepared to boost the morale of its workforce through, clearance of backlog of promotion arrears of Public Servants, Construction of Perimeter fencing of the State Secretariat Complex, Provision of Conference Hall and Perimeter fencing of the Civil Service Commission. Utility vehicles and office furniture will also be provided to enhance the productivity of the workforce. However, the underlisted arms of Government will be properly funded under this Sector. 39. JUDICIARY AND LEGISLATIVE ARMS OF GOVERNMENT This Government values the judiciary and the legislative arms of Government respectively. To promote the efficiency and welfare of the Staff in this Fiscal Year, the following are some of the capital projects considered for execution in the 2017 fiscal year: (a) Judiciary (i) Building of Office Complex - 60,000,000.00 (ii) Ekiti State Customary Court of Appeal Project – 40,000,000.00
  23. 23. 23 (iii) Office Equipment and Furniture – 15,000,000.00 (iv) Landscaping of New Office Complex – 10,000,000.00 (v) Purchase of Vehicles - 140,000,000.00 (vi) Renovation of Magistrate Courts at 19 Magisterial Districts - 15,000,000.00 Besides the foregoing, Government had commenced the construction of a befitting Headquarters for the Judiciary at Ado-Ekiti. The building is named after the first Chief Judge of the State, Justice Ademola Ajakaye. It will house the Administrative Complex as well as a few High Courts. The project which commenced last year is estimated to cost N687,028,063.64 out of which a sum of N343,514,031.82 has been committed. The balance of N343,514,031.82 is in the 2017 Budget. By the Grace of God, the project will be commissioned in October this year. (b) House of Assembly (i) Digital Recording Equipment - 10,000,000.00 (ii) Purchase of Office Furniture & Equipment – 35,000,000.00 (iii) Purchase of Vehicles and Motorcycles – 100,000,000.00 (iv) Printing of Diaries, Calendars and other souvenirs – 25,000,000.00 39. CONCLUSION The detailed analysis of 2017 Budget represents the plans, policies and programmes that this Administration designed to achieve using the instrumentality of its 6 Cardinal Programmes. I enjoin all Stakeholders to join hands with the State Government in order to achieve all the projected programmes for this fiscal year, thus, moving Ekiti State to the next level. Let me conclude with the words of His Excellency, the Governor, while presenting the Budget to the Ekiti State House of Assembly on Tuesday 6th December, 2016. “This is a budget encapsulating our collective desire for growth and development. It is designed to take Ekiti to a higher pedestal. Our overall goal is that Ekiti will be second to none in the provision of social amenities, infrastructural development, education and security of lives and
  24. 24. 24 properties”. This is why the Budget is named our Budget of Consolidation and Higher Heights. I wish to thank you once again for your patience and to invite your contributions, questions, comments and observations on the year 2017 budget analysis as presented to you. May God bless you all. GBENGA OLAJIDE HONOURABLE COMMISSIONER, MINISTRY OF BUDGET AND ECONOMIC PLANNING, ADO-EKITI.