Ekiti State Scholarship handbook


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A handbook of the programmes covered by the Ekiti State Government Scholarship Scheme which is tenable in Ekiti State Senior Secondary Schools and Nigeria Tertiary institutions.

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Ekiti State Scholarship handbook

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page1.0. Introduction………………………………………… 12.0. The Scope of the Scholarship…………………… 2-33.0. Requirements for the Scholarship Scheme………. 3-44.0. Guidelines on Application……………………………..4-55.0. Conditions for the Scholarship Awards……………… 5-66.0. Screening Procedure……………………………. 67.0. General Rules for the Award………………….. 78.0. Roles of Stakeholders………………………………… 8-10
  2. 2. 1.0. INTRODUCTION1.1. The Ekiti State Government in its efforts to encourage academic excellence and alleviate the financial burden of its brilliant students from the Senior Secondary School to tertiary institutions has instituted a virile Scholarship Scheme from 2007/2008 academic session. The programme is unprecedented since the inception of Ekiti State. The Law establishing the Ekiti-State Scholarship Board came into being on 27th January 2008.1.2. The policy thrust of the State Government is to revamp education by encouraging academic competition among its brilliant students through the award of scholarship. Ekiti State is nicknamed “Land of Honour”, therefore, the State Government has the conviction that the best performing students at all levels of education should have access to education without financial hindrance.1.3. The Scholarship Scheme is designed for Senior Secondary School students who excel in the competitive examination organized by the Ekiti State Scholarship Board / Challengers Series Examination. Qualified students who are already pursuing various courses in their second year and above in Colleges of Education, Universities and Polytechnics (HND 1&2) in Nigeria. Scholarship opportunities are also open to brilliant students pursuing Masters Degree and PHD in Nigeria and Overseas.2.0. SCOPE OF THE SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME2.1. The following programme are covered by the Ekiti State Government Scholarship Scheme which is tenable in Ekiti State Senior Secondary Schools and Nigeria Tertiary institutions.(a) Senior Secondary School Award(b) Technical College Award(c) Physically Challenged Award(d) Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) Award(e) Undergraduate Award(f) Higher National Diploma (HND) Award
  3. 3. (g) Postgraduate Award (Tenable in Nigeria and Overseas)(h) Law School Scholarship Award(i) Aviation College Scholarship Award(j) Foreign Language Scholarship (one year abroad)(k) Maritime / Seafarers Scholarship Award2.2. The Ekiti State Government grants Scholarship Award of N60,000 to each brilliant student of Ekiti State origin in Nigerian Tertiary institution (HND and First degree).2.3. A Scholarship Award N40,000 is given to outstanding students of Ekiti State origin in Senior Secondary Schools.2.4. Automatic Scholarship Award of N60,000 is given to each physically challenged (undergraduate) student in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Award N60,000 for those in HND and First degree.2.5. Special Scholarship Award is also given to outstanding students of Ekiti State origin who excel in National and international Sports Competition.2.6. Scholarship Award of N500,000 and N1,500,000 is given to outstanding students of Ekiti State origin pursuing postgraduate studies (Masters Degree and PhD respectively) in foreign Tertiary institutions.2.7. A technical Scholarship Award valued at N40,000 is given to brilliant students of the Technical Colleges in the State.
  4. 4. 2.8. A Bursary Award of N10,000 is given to each student of Ekiti State origin in the tertiary institutions. However, the money will be paid on 50:50 ratio by both the State Government and Local Government.3.0 REQUIREMENTS FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS TENABLE IN NIGERIAN AND OVERSEAS TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS.3.1. SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP (i) Applicants must be Senior Secondary School Students in the State. (ii) Applicants must excel in the JSS 3 examination and the competitive scholarship award examination which will be coordinated and supervised by the Board, and Evaluation and Standard Department of the Ministry.3.2. PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED SCHOLARSHIP AWARD (i) Applicants must be bonafide students of tertiary institutions. (ii) Applicants are awarded automatic scholarship.3.3. NCE SCHOLARSHIP This award is open to students in the 2nd year of the NCE programme and must have a minimum of 3.00 CGPA score which is equivalent to upper credit in the previous examinations.3.4. HND SCHOLARSHIP All applicants must have a minimum of 3.50 CGPA which is equivalent to upper credit in the previous examinations.
  5. 5. 3.5. UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP All applicants for undergraduate scholarship must be in the 2nd year or above and must have at least 4.0 CGPA score in the previous examination.3.6. POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP (i) All applicants in Nigerian and Overseas institutions are eligible for this award. (ii) All applicants for postgraduate scholarship should have at least 2nd class upper at first degree or upper credit at HND level. (iii) Any applicant for PhD Scholarship Award with a first degree certificate lesser than Second Class Upper Division and a grade of Distinction in Masters Degree, with a strong letter of recommendation from the University of Masters Degree programme is eligible.4.0. GUIDELINES ON APPLICATION(i) Advertisement for the Scholarship Scheme is placed in electronics and print media by the Ekiti State Scholarship Board annually.(ii) Each application form is obtained by individual applicant free of charge.(iii) Each application form must be filled correctly by the applicant in his/her own handwriting with the institution’s official stamp/seal, clearly impressed on it.(iv) The completed application forms must contain the applicants current CGPA boldly written and authenticated by the Head of Department. The Registrar will confirm whether he/she is a full time or a part time student.(v) The application form must be stamped and endorsed by the Chairman of the applicant’s Local Government Area.
  6. 6. (vi) The completed application form must be submitted within the stipulated period as contained in the advertisement.(vii) Application forms are collected free of charge from Ekiti State Scholarship Board or on- line at its website: http://ekitistate.gov.ng/media-centre/downloads/(viii) Late submission of form is not acceptable to the Board.5.0 CONDITIONS FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS The undergraduate scholarship is tenable in any recognized Nigeria institution while the postgraduate scholarship is tenable in Nigeria and foreign institutions. The award takes effect from the beginning of each academic session and lapses if not utilized within the stipulated academic session.(a) It must be held at the same time with another award or for part-time studies.(b) Change of course or level or the institution attended while the award is given is not allowed.(c) The duration of the award is for one academic session.5.1. The value of the Scholarship Award varies depending on the level of study of the applicant;(i) Senior Secondary Scholarship N40,000(ii) Technical Education Scholarship N40,000(iii) NCE Scholarship N40,000(iv) Physically Challenged Scholarship N60,000(v) Undergraduate Scholarship N60,000(vi) HND Scholarship N60,000(vii) Masters degree Scholarship (Nigeria) N250,000
  7. 7. (viii) PhD Scholarship (Nigeria) N750,000(ix) Masters degree Scholarship (Overseas) N500,000(x) PhD Scholarship (overseas) N1,500,0006.0. SCREENING PROCEDURE In order to forestall fraud and impersonation, an application shall be made to go through certain screening procedures. The procedure includes the presentation of the underlisted certified documents during the submission of application forms and selection process;(i) The current school payment receipts(ii) Institution identification cards,(iii) Letter of identification from Heads of Departments,(iv) Authenticated CGPA from the Registrars of the institutions(v) Original copies of credentials(vi) Authenticated certificates from the Local Government and the Traditional Rulers of the applicants.(vii) Endorsement of the application form by the accredited verifier in each institution.(viii) Tax payment and Development Levy receipts by parents of applicants.
  8. 8. 7.0. GENERAL RULES FOR THE AWARD Any student awarded Scholarship by the Ekiti State Government which is tenable in Nigeria and Overseas is required to comply with the following rules:(i) The Scholarship Award for one academic year, therefore, it lapses if not utilized within the academic year of Award.(ii) Scholars are not allowed to enjoy any other Government or corporate organizations’ Scholarship concurrently with the Ekiti State Government Scholarship.(iii) The Award is not transferable.(iv) Scholar must devote his/her time to full time course for which the scholarship is awarded.(v) Scholars should conduct themselves as good ambassadors of Ekiti State.(vi) The scholarship may be suspended or terminated if the recipient fails to comply with any of the forgoing rules.(vii) Any error or mistake made by the Board or discovered by the Board particularly as a result of misinformation or misdirection of the Board shall be resolved in favour of the Board. The discretion of the Board in such issues shall take precedence over scholar’s interest.(viii) All conditions specified in the letter of award shall form part of the rules contained in this document.8.0. ROLES OF STAKEHOLDERS8.1. SCHOLARS (i) A state scholar is expected to maintain a high academic standard on the basis of which the aware is given. (ii) The scholar should maintain diligence and good conduct throughout the duration and after his/her course.
  9. 9. 8.2. PARENTS (i) Parents of recipients should monitor their wards at home and in the school and be alert to their responsibilities as parents. (ii) They should ensure that their wards make judicious use of the Scholarship Award. (iii) They should encourage their wards to maintain high academic standard in their institutions.8.3. PRIVATE SECTOR The private sector, philanthropists, organizations, corporate bodies and foreign partners should complement the Ekiti State Government’s efforts by granting scholarship to the best performing student of Ekiti State origin.8.4. TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS The tertiary institutions should ensure prompt processing of the forms sent to them.8.5. LOCAL GOVERNMENT The Local Government should continue to support its indigenes through the provision of bursary and scholarship awards to complement the efforts of the State Government.