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Project Coordinator (PC) - Staff Terms Of Reference Copy


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Terms of Reference for the position of Project Coordinator (PC).

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Project Coordinator (PC) - Staff Terms Of Reference Copy

  1. 1. WORLD BANK 3RDURBAN WATER SECTOR REFORM- ADO-EKITI WATER SUPPLY PROJECT.Project Implementation Unit (PIU): Staff Terms of ReferenceTitle: Project Coordinator (PC)Reporting Responsibility: Project Management Committee, through the Chairman, EKSWCThe Project:The primary objective of the reform project is to enhance the capacity of the state to provide economically andsustainable water supply through institutional strengthening and optimal involvement of private partners in theurban water supply.The state government has demonstrated its commitment to the reform by initiating a state water and sanitationpolicy in June 2012 while the draft law is awaiting passage into law by the state house of assembly. A majoroutshoot of the law is the autonomy granted the corporation.Duties:The Project Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the project and for its day-to-daymanagement. The Project Coordinator will also be responsible for the institutional and capacity building aspectsof project and provide overall management and coordination for all developmental agency sponsored projects inthe water sector in Ekiti State i.e. World Bank, EU (WSSRP 3), AfDB, EU, UNICEF – to be commonly referredto as Developmental Agencies (DA).Project Implementation Ensure the Project Development Objectives are met. Prepare the “Annual Implementation Plan” for the Project. Ensure timely implementation of the Project according to the Annual Implementation Plan. Overall Supervision and overseeing the activities of Consultants involved in Construction Supervision aswell as any other activities financed by the project. Ensure timely availability of funds, both foreign and local to avoid any delay in Project implementation.. Serve as the main interlocutor with the Bank Task-team leader; in charge of requesting, receiving andprocessing no-objection for the implementation of the Procurement Plan.. Prepare quarterly advance reports to the World Bank. Participate in the follow-up and coordination meetings with World Bank staff. Serve as a linkage between the project and the senior State Management, including Special Advisers and theGovernor’s Office. Any other work that may be assigned by the Project Management Committee in relation to the project.PIU Organization and Operation Establish the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) office. Assist the PMC in the selection and hiring of relevant PIU staff with appropriate qualifications and accordingto DA guidelines. In the case of vacancies in the PIU, quickly identify and assist the PMC to find a replacement Ensure compliance with the existing DA approved staffing rules and the project implementation manual forthe guidance of PIU staff. Manage the PIU in all relevant aspects of the project to ensure efficientand smooth implementation of the project activities. Promote teamwork and create an efficient and conducive working environment.WB Safeguards Periodically inspect all financial accounts books to ensure all records and
  2. 2. are kept up to date. Ensure all DA financial safeguards are met. Ensure Safeguard Implementation Program is carried out in a smooth, efficient and predictable manner.Reporting Prepare and submit through the PMC, quarterly progress reports for the DA. Provide verbal and written updates to the PMC as required Ensure timely submission of Project Management Reports to DA. Assist in the preparation of Borrower’s portion of the Project Implementation Completion Report.Qualifications: University degree in Engineering or other technical discipline. At least 15 years experience in the area of water and sewerage or similar field. Minimum seven years’ experience in a management/leadership capacity in similar projects. Good interpersonal, team building and capacity building skills. Experience as Project Director in WB, or other donor, financed Project will be an advantage Extensive knowledge of procedures and reporting requirements in WB financed projects will be anadvantage Good command of written and spoken English.. Having a certification in project management would be an added advantage.Salary: According to WB GuidelinesPerformance Evaluation Criteria:Project Implementation Achievement of “Outcome/Impact Indicators” and “Output Indicators” shown in the Project AppraisalDocument. Achieving targets in the Annual Implementation Plan. Ensuring the timely availability of funds to execute the Project.PIU Organization & Operation Staff performance in the PIU. Ensuring all staff positions are filled. Efficient establishment and operation of the PIU Office.WB Safeguards Satisfactory management of all PIU financial matters. Satisfactory execution of the Safeguard Implementation Program.Reporting Timely submission of all required project reports to WB through the PMC.