Governor fayemi's address at the state gender summit


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Governor fayemi's address at the state gender summit

  1. 1.   AN ADDRESS PRESENTED BY THE GOVERNOR OF EKITI STATE. DR KAYODE FAYEMI AT THE STATE GENDER SUMMIT ON TUESDAY, 1ST NOVEMBER, 2011PROTOCOLSIt is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the State GenderSummit. The Summit, which is the first of its kind since thecreation of our dear State, is aimed at assessing the policydirection of Government on Gender issues and creating an opendialogue on sustainable gender programming for the State. Thisis with a view to drawing workable and effective implementationstrategies.I welcome particularly our keynote speaker, Professor Bisi Ainaand other speakers. At a forum of this nature, it is appropriate todo a self appraisal, recognize the steps that have been taken, anddraw the lessons that would make us forge ahead for bestpractices on gender issues. 1    
  2. 2.  Today, women still live in poverty, lack basic humanrights and freedom. Statistics from the United Nations stared usin the face as we are confronted with incontrovertible facts thatacross the World, 66 per cent of the World’s work is done bywomen, 50 per cent of food related work is done by women. Yetonly 10 percent of the income is earned by women and onepercent of property is owned by them. Studies of a wide range ofsocieties show the women are an important engine for growthand development. Their ability to save and invest in their familiesis well documented; as the family’s nutritional gatekeeper,women fight hunger and malnutrition. Their largely unrecordedrole in agriculture explains the survival of many traditionalsubsistence communities on marginal lands. Unfortunately, inmany places, tradition, inaccessibility to information anddisenfranchisement make women not only a marginalized groupbut also vunerable. Human rights violations are prevalent with 2    
  3. 3.  women’s rights being violated much more oftenthan those of men in both the public and private spheres.Most of these violations of women’s rights are frequentlyassociated with the unwritten traditional norms and practices.These practices have a devastating impact on their health andwell –being which further undermine their progress anddevelopment. Also historical factors and unequal gender relationscontinue to hinder women’s access to land and control overresources in a number of ways while gender based violence ispervasive as evident in incidences of rape and other forms ofphysical and psychological abuse of women and girls.Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen, though these challenges arenumerous, the commitment of this administration to genderempowerment and gender equality remains strong, recognizingthe fact that gender empowerment is a prerequisite forsustainable development. I am happy to say, today, that this 3    
  4. 4.  administration has made progressive impact onwomen empowerment as pledged in the 8 – point Agenda. This ismy pact with the Ekiti Women. The government is committed toproviding the enabling environment and framework for gendermainstreaming. Within the last one year, we have been able to: i. Provide an enhanced Budget for Gender issues; ii. Domesticate the National Gender Policy in the State. I presented Ekiti State Gender and Development Policy to the good people of the State during the activities marking the first Anniversary of this administration; iii. Give considerable attention to the appointment of women to critical public positions; iv. Ensure the health and well being of women through the Free Health Mission. Free health care of pregnant women and under- fives and Social Security Scheme for Senior Citizens 4    
  5. 5.  The State Government is committed to the full andeffective implementation of the State Gender and DevelopmentPolicy of Government. Women and Gender issues would bemainstreamed into all policies, programmes and activities ofGovernment. A lot still needs to be done to improve the situationof women and such improvements are identified and enhancedthrough the forum of this nature by sharing successes, challengesand opportunities’. I observe that the main anticipated challengeof the policy is to translate the objectives and targets to concreteaction that guarantees the actualization of the policy frameworkfor the development of Ekiti State particularly our women at thegrassroots.I wish to express deep appreciations to relevant stakeholdersparticularly the Non – Governmental Organizations, Communityleaders and Law Enforcement Agents for partnering with us inensuring that the right of the citizens is protected. I commend theefforts of the Ministry of Women Affairs, Social Development and 5    
  6. 6.  Gender Empowerment and Ekiti DevelopmentFoundation for collaborating to host this summit.It is now my privilege and honour to declare the first Ekiti StateGender Summits open to the glory of God and benefit of all.Thank you and God bless.   6