Governor fayemi's address at the 2 day public service forum


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Governor fayemi's address at the 2 day public service forum

  1. 1.   AN ADDRESS DELIVERED BY THE GOVERNOR OF EKITI STATE, HIS EXCELLENCY, DR. KAYODE FAYEMI, AT THE 2-DAY PUBLIC SERVICE FORUM HELD ON THURDAY, 1ST SEPTEMBER, 2011 IN ADO-EKITIPROTOCOLI am happy to be in your midst today at this interactive Forum with theentire work force of Ekiti State.I really cannot hide my excitement on the initiative for this uniquegathering. This is a clear demonstration that the leadership of the publicservice at this time is not only alive to its responsibilities but very pro-active in its approach to raising a productive and mobile service.As officers in the public service of Ekiti State come together these twodays to deliberate on service-wide issues, I am of the opinion that youwould be further charged to bring the best out of your chosen career. As Ihave been told, so much has been packaged to remind you of thesacredness of your responsibilities while new orientations, approaches,methodologies and other technicalities to make you very compliant withthe demands and dynamics of the 21st century public service will beaddressed at this Forum.I have always believed that things cannot continue to be done the sameway it had always been over the years and expect better results. The worldis moving at an extremely fast pace that, to match up, we cannot ignorethe audacity to fly. 1    
  2. 2.  All of you are aware of the unenviable parlous state of development thatthis administration inherited at its inauguration. Our efforts so far, which bythe grace of God, have begun to yield positive results, are to provide avirile leadership which has the capacity to restrategise and rechannel theapparatus of governance to build a new Ekiti.In this direction, our public service, stands out very strategically toconstruct a robust institutional framework for these well-focused policies toadequately impact on the lives of our people who are rightly and justifiablyexpectant of better quality of life from this government. We recognize theposition of the public service as the engine room for our transformationalagenda. It is therefore not a mere coincidence that “Governance”anchored on a purpose driven public service tops the list of our 8 PointAgenda. It is a deliberate policy of this administration to properly positionthe Public Service and make it a leading force in terms of responsiveness,drive and courage as a catalyst of growth among its peers in theFederation. I have interacted with many of you directly and indirectly andhave discovered satisfactorily that you have what it takes to play thiscritical leading role. All we need is the constant reminder of our roles thatgatherings of this nature can adequately provide.It is indeed commendable that this Forum is coming at this time when thestructure of government is being expanded for all stakeholders at thepolitical and career divides of State Public Service to appreciate thecompelling need to interface in the task of moving the State forward. I am 2    
  3. 3.  sure that the outcome of this gathering would furtherdeepen the needed synergy between both classes of functionaries to befocused in the common desire to make Ekiti State the foremost state ofchoice in the country.I therefore will like to challenge all public servants to see their positions asa call to meet the needs and challenges of our people to make their livesmore abundant.This government holds the public servants in high regard and we will doeverything possible within the limit of our resources to make them happyat all times.You will recall the unprompted decisions made at the early stage of thisadministration to approve the backlog of pending staff promotions up till2010, commencement of the payment of enhanced salaries for Medical,Health and Judicial workers as well as harmonized salaries for Law Officers.Up till now, the table for the salary relativity of our workers is the referencepoint to many states. In all these instances, Ekiti State is in the forefront inthe comity of States in the South West. The government is deeplyconcerned with the incidences of notional promotions in the service andwill ensure that promotions are implemented as at when due such thatnotional promotions will become a thing of the past.May I state categorically here today that the State Government iscommitted to the payment of the N18,000 minimum wage to the workers. Iam confident that all those involved in negotiations on both sides would 3    
  4. 4.  soon conclude their works preparatory to fullimplementation. It is not correct for anyone to insinuate that the StateGovernment is foot-dragging on this. I have said it over time at differentfora that Nigerian workers deserve better conditions of service as evidentin living wages, right tools and environment to bring out the best in them.This is moreso because they are the geese that lay the golden eggs. Theydeserve a commensurate pay for their labour.Without being immodest, my struggle against injustice over the years is notfor cheap political adventure but genuine concern for the welfare of thepeople. The central focus of the struggle is to ensure decency of life in allits ramifications. I am not apologetic about this. The welfare of Ekiti Stateworkers therefore is critical to this administration. In spite of the apoliticalcharacter of the public service, you were visible in the dark days of Ekitipolitical travesty, you stood on the side of the truth and championed thecourse of justice. I consider it a moral burden should this governmentleave the workers in the trenches and make them suffer undue hardshipwhile discharging their legitimate duties. Such a scenario is obviously atcross purposes with the design and character of this administration. I havealways kept fidelity of history and my resolve to make Ekiti workers trulyhappy is an irreversible decision option.Let me assure you that all service-related issues will be given further fillipby the government. We are designing frame-works that would strengthenthe Service to make it perform more responsibly and optimally. This isbecause the government expects so much from the Service to translate the 4    
  5. 5.  agenda to reality across the State and in all fields. We arequite desirous to give Ekiti a new vista of life in all spheres. We need youmore than ever before to make this a quick reality.I urge you very passionately to be more professional, pragmatic, honestand result oriented in the discharge of your duties. Please shunpartisanship in your dealings and eschew all acts of corruption as thisgovernment will not condone any fraudulent activity under any guise. I amhappy, however to inform you that the government is strengthening itsreward system whereby all acts of diligence, honesty and uncommon featsare adequately recognized and rewarded.Once again, I wish to commend the Office of the Head of Service for thisinitiative. I urge you to design more programmes of activities that wouldfurther enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Service in thedischarge of its responsibilities. Please be assured that the StateGovernment will support these initiatives adequately.It is on this note, I wish to declare the Ekiti State Public Service Forumopen to the glory of God and the enhanced growth of the State PublicService.Thank you and God bless.   5