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Ekiti ICT Journal

  1. 1. TRIBUTE TO THE LATE DEPUTY GOVERNOREditorialNewsletter Date : 04/13Volume 1, Issue 1EKITI ICT JOURNALInside this issue:Editorial 1Tribute 1Knowledge Corner 2Feature Article 3Project Update 3Cartoon Corner 4Our Vision 4Editors:Ojudu Oluyemi&Toyin OloniteruDIRECTORATE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY( BUREAU OF INFRSTRUCTURE AND PUBLIC UTILITIES )Welcome to the maiden edition of theEkiti ICT Journal - a monthly news-letter on ICT developments in EkitiState Government. The government ofGovernor Fayemi understands the im-portance of ICT to the delivery of ser-vices to citizens. The government willconnect to the people through variousICT platforms. Broadband internetaccess will change the way peoplelive, play, learn and do business.The internal working of the govern-ment will be made more efficient andeffective with the use of ICT tools andapplications. Manual files that tooktwo days to move from one ministryto another will take only a minutewhen the workflow is automated. Thehigh government expenditure on paperwill be reduced drastically with theelimination of manual files and pro-cesses.The use of email messages has in-creased communication amongst gov-ernment officials across board.With a single email, a Commissionercan set up a meeting of heads ofagencies, each invitee will receive themessage within seconds even if he isin Abuja, on the road to Lagos or inChina on an official trip.Biometric-based payroll applicationhas brought major savings throughthe elimination of ghost workers.Payments are now made directlyfrom the government into the ac-counts of each staff. All over theworld, forward-looking governmentsare turning to ICT to create savings,deliver better services and enrich thelives of its citizens. The vision of thisgovernment is no less.We are just starting. There is a lot ofwork to be done and we need you topartner with us to make it happen.Let‟s transform Ekiti State into theshining model of ICT use in Nigeria.-Kayode JegedeSA,BIPUChairman, Editorial BoardHer Excellency, Olufunmilayo AdunniOlayinka, was a great believer of ICT as a toolof enhancing governance and transformationin government. At every point of implement-ing the state Unified Communication plat-form, she was always calling the ICT depart-ment in order not to be left out in the use ofthe application for effective communication.She would ask all pertinent questions that shecould ask, you were not released until yousatisfy her curiosities. Moremi of Ekiti, TheAmazon of our time, we will miss you. Rest inthe bosom of the Lord.
  2. 2. To save yourself some time, try usingthese handy keyboard shortcuts, whichshould work in most Windows pro-grams. Hold down the keys at the sametime to achieve the desired effect!CTRL and O - Open a documentCTRL and S - Save a documentCTRL and P - Print a documentCTRL and X - “Cut” something youhave highlightedCTRL and C - “Copy” something youhave highlightedCTRL and V - Paste something youhave cut or copiedCTRL and A - Highlights everything ina documentCTRL and Z - Undo your last actionCTRL and Y - Redo your last „undo‟Home - Jump to the start of the lineEnd - Jump to the end of the lineF1 Help!CTRL and Home - Jump to the startof the documentCTRL and End - Jump to the end ofthe documentF5 - Reload a page (in Internet Ex-plorer).If your computer appears to freeze,hold down CTRL, ALT and DEL.This will bring up a list of the pro-grams running. If one of them is notresponding, click on it and then onEnd Task. This will (usually) shutdown the program so you can contin-ue using the machine. If it still isn‟tworking after about 30 seconds, holdPage 2 EKITI ICT JOURNALKNOWLEDGE CORNER: Using Keyboard Shortcutbody will be the location you typeyour message and is what will containyour signature.Short for electronic mail, e-mail or email is text messages that may contain files, images, orother attachments sent through a network to a specified individual or group of individuals.The first portion of all e-mail addresses is the user, group, or department of a company e.g, tolulope is the user name, the @ (at sign) is used as a divider in the e-mail address and is always required for all e-mail addresses.Finally, is the domain name of where the user belongs.To send and receive e-mail messages you can use an e-mail program, also known as an e-mailclient such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird or an online e-mail service or web-mail such as . Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. Many of the online e-mail services includingthe above examples are free or have a free account option. To access Ekiti state official mailfrom the browser, you will use, this will take you to the Pronto applica-tion interface where you can enter your Username and Password.When writing a new e-mail message, a window will appear with several fields which are re-quired when sending an e-mail, the From is the address of the sender while The To field is theaddress of the recipient Next, the CC or Carbon Copy field allows you to send a copy of themessage to another e-mail address, but is not a required field. Next, the subject line althoughnot required should be a few words describing what the e-mail is about. Finally, the messageTips on E-mail“To accessEkiti stateofficial mailfrom thebrowser, youwill”
  3. 3. Facebook, email, Website, http, Google, yahoo,gmail, ipad, android, IOS, server, data centre, cloudcomputing, domain name, excel, skype, twitter,word, powerpoint, blackberry, operating system, Mi-crosoft, network etc. So many acronyms and jargonsin ICT. How is a normal person supposed to keepabreast of all these developments?Yes, sometimes Information Technology can be socomplex and so dynamic that professionals do find itdifficult to keep up with, looking at the ever chang-ing and dynamic nature of Information Technology,I would probably say “what the heck with it” but forthe fact that I love the field and it pays my bill, wellunlike most of my readers I have to keep up with itand make sure I learn the new technologies as theycome. But looking at the dynamic from other angle,change is the only thing that is constant and perma-nent in life, and the way human being were designedis that our ability to adapt and learn new things trans-cends human understanding. So learning new thingsfor an ordinary and professional user of the variousTechnologies is a matter of interest and persever-ance.Let‟s look at the use of smart devices like Appleipad, in a short while three different types of thisdevices has been produced like the ipad I, Ipad II,and the ipad Mini. For Samsung, we have seen Sam-sung Note, S II, SIII and a lot of others and for oper-Volume 1, Issue 1 UpdateFEATURE ARTICLE: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! This ICT is too complexBy Ojudu Oluyemi, MCITPPage 3All these end user applications keep changing,smart devices keeps getting complex by the dayand the users keep shouting for help in the bidto keep up with the technological advances on adaily basis. But the good news here is that ifyou learn the basics or the underlying princi-ples of any of the devices and the embeddedapplications, keeping up with the changes be-comes very easy.My advice to the end user as someone that feelsyour pain and also shouting for help like you isto believe that the only permanent thing in lifeis change. Be flexible to change, be ready tolearn new things, make technology part of yourlife because in today‟s world we live technolo-gy, we breathe technology and our everydaylife revolves around technology. So in a nut-shell we have no other choice than to embracetechnology and adapt to its complexities. I willleave you with a popular quote from a NobelLaureate in Economics Elinor Ostrom, whichsays “our aim should be to dissect and harnesscomplexity rather than eliminate it so that wecan create responsive and resilient systems”.S/N PROJECT NAME MDA STATUS1 Unified Communication Application ( theemail, Instant messenger, Telephony etc)BIPU Ongoing2 LAN/WAN Project BIPU Ongoing3 Data Center Finance/ BIPU Completed4 Training of Civil Servant BIPU Ongoing5 Payroll Automation Finance/BIPU Ongoing
  4. 4. You can visit us at the oldGovernors office or reach us onICT HELPDESKThe strategic vision of ICT use in Ekiti State is to ensure assurance of purpose in terms of socio-economic de-velopment of our State; diversifying our revenue base from excessive reliance on allocation from the federa-tion account to being self-sufficient through transition to a knowledge-based economy. Our ICT vision is de-rived from that of Mr. Governor, His Excellency, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, which is to make Ekiti State the“Bangalore of Africa”. Accordingly, we set out to turn Ekiti State into an ICT Hub of Excellence in terms ofICT infrastructure manufacturing, engineering design & production, scientific research and software productdevelopment and service offerings on a global scale.Quantitatively speaking, by the above set vision, we project to turn Ekiti State into a mini-city-state where herICT Hub, Tech-Industries and Software Firms will employ (locally and remotely) at least 35 percent (35%) ofAfrica‟s pool of ICT professionals within Ten (10) Years and into the future. The actualization of our vision issupported through a two prong strategies of an Internal-to-Government ICT Strategy (I2G-S) and an External-to-Public ICT Strategy (E2P-S). While the former is geared towards achieving smartness in governance gener-ally for efficient and effective services delivery to the citizenry, the later has the intent of turning Ekiti Stateeffectively into an Information Society that is knowledge-economy driven, services-oriented with at leastNinety (90%) of her citizens and residents (including the physically challenged, women and vulnerablegroups) having Broadband Internet Access and able to participate in the information-oriented workforce withinthe period under consideration and afterwards.In pursuit of this vision, EKSG has to date approved the establishment of a Fountain Development Hub (FDH)with an arm – the FDH Internet Institute both serving as starting point in the incubation of highly-skilled ICTmanpower for the knowledge-economy. The government has already signed an MOU with the South KoreanCompany – Samsung West Africa for the establishment of an Engineering Academy in Ekiti State. Cross-fertilization of research & development ideas between these two institutions and subsequently with the indus-tries will help in the stated vision actualization process.080384354570807519167308075191671 or email us atOur ICT Vision & Strategy for Socio-economic Development of Ekiti StateBy Chief Toyin Oloniteru, DG may I help you? Please !CARTOON CORNERFor feedback, please email us @ or call +234-8038435457