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PROCUREMENT RECORD IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER, 2012.                                                                        ...
TOTAL                                                                                                          2,563,415,7...
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BPP Vetted Contracts For December 2012


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BPP Vetted Contracts For December 2012

  1. 1. PROCUREMENT RECORD IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER, 2012. RECOMMENDED REVIEW PROJECTS/N CONTRACT TITTLE PROJECT DESCRIPTION IMPLEMENTING MDAs CONTRACTOR MDAs ESTIMATE COST SAVINGS Eminent Communication 1 Branded Carpet Production of branded Carpet. Min. of Information. Ltd. 8,550,000.00 8,550,000.00 - 2 Office Furniture. Procurement of Office Furniture GAD Dexso Ltd. 7,620,000.00 7,620,000.00 - and Equipment. 3 Office Furniture. Procurement of Office Furniture GAD BT Microxperts Ltd. 6,070,000.00 6,070,000.00 - and Equipment. 4 Construction. Construction of Fence of High C- Urban Renewal Agency. - 19,100,124.94 19,100,124.94 - ort and Christ School. 5 Furniture & House- Procurement of Office Furniture GAD - 8,406,000.00 8,406,000.00 hold items. and Household items in Abuja. 6 Repairs. Proposed Repair of Leaking Roof Civil Service Commission Bureau of Infrastructure. 7,620,000.00 7,620,000.00 - of the Chairman Civil Service C- ommission Office. 7 Clip seals. Purchase of Clip Seals. Min. of Agric. Sam Samto. 1,800,000.00 1,800,000.00 - Geo Matrix Global 8 Boreholes. Sinking of 3(nos) Motorized Hand E.E.D.A Venture. 3,750,000.00 3,750,000.00 - Dug Borehole. Messrs Rosco Resources 9 Construction. Construction of Ikogosi Erijiyan Min. of Works. Nig Ltd 493,276,966.66 493,276,966.66 - Road & Car park / Internal Rd wo- rks at Ikogosi resorts as additio- nal works. 10 Towing Trucks. Procurement of 3(nos) of New T- EKSTMA. Jak - Khalld Nig. 50,000,000.00 50,000,000.00 - owing Trucks. 11 Feasibility Studies. Feasibility studies on Rehabilita- Bureau of Infrastructure. Messrs Rodeson Co. Ltd. 8,646,875.00 8,646,875.00 - tion of Ero and Itapaji river water supply scheme in Ekiti State. 12 Auction Auctioning of serviceable vehicles GAD 6,095,000.00 6,095,000.00 13 Renovation Renovation of Public Secondary Bureau of Special Projects 1,871,079,033.75 1,871,079,033.75 Schools in Ekiti. 14 Construction Construction of internal road Bureau of Special Projects 71,401,716.03 71,401,716.03 network in Agric. Olope Market Complex, Ado-Ekiti
  2. 2. TOTAL 2,563,415,716.38 2,563,415,716.38 SUMMARY The sum of N2,563,415,716.38 is the Cost of Projects and Services that passed through BPP for vetting and certification in the month of December,2012The sum of N2,563,415,716.38 is the vetted cost of the projects and services by the BPP in the month of January,2013The sum of Nil is the amount saved by BPP.