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My favourite animal


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My favourite animal

Published in: Education
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My favourite animal

  1. 1. There are a lot of animals on our planet. They can be wild and domestic. I want to tell you about my favourite animals.
  2. 2. My favourite animals are dolphins, leopards and cats
  3. 3. Dolphins are wild animals. They live in oceans and seas. Dolphins have long tails and long noses. They are grey. Dolphins are very clever and very kind. They can swim very well. Dolphins like to eat fish.
  4. 4. Leopards are wild animals. They live in Africa. Leopards have sharp teeth, long tails and small ears. They are yellow and have black spots. They are strong and very clever. Leopards eat meat. They hunt different animals in the long grass.
  5. 5. Cats are domestic animals. They live with people. They are kind, clever and very funny. They have sharp teeth and big green or yellow eyes. They like to eat fish, meat, milk. They can run and jump very well.
  6. 6. I have got a pet at home. It's a cat. Its name is Barsik. It’s grey. I teach my cat a lot of things: to answer to his name, to understand the word “No”, to play with a little ball and to play hide-and- seek with me.
  7. 7. Barsik is a clever cat. We are good friends and Barsik is the best animal for me. So my favourite animals are dolphins, leopards and cats.