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Political Fury


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A game document presentation for the social media game concept, "Political Fury."

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Political Fury

  1. 1. Political Fury<br />Game design and concept by Liz J<br />
  2. 2. Spends free time on web<br />Loves discussing politics<br />Extremely influential<br />Enjoys reading political blogs and posting content<br />FOX News<br />Chicks on the Right<br />Idea Inspiration: My mom<br />My mom’s political fury is very influential. She even inspired me to be Sarah Palin for the Halloween before the November 2008 presidential elections.<br />
  3. 3. Political Fury is a Facebook game revolving around current political media circulating the web, along with user-generated political content. Facebook users can play the game by joining the Political Fury group and allowing the application. As players, they begin by choosing a party: Republican or Democrat. They start as the lowest of the three ranks, Concerned Citizen. As they interact with other players about political topics in the Political Fury group, they earn Political Fury points that will help them advance through the next two ranks, Political Advocate and Campaign Manager. Higher ranks allow more privileges that will advance their ability to voice their political opinions. In addition to each player’s individual points, an overall point system is kept among the three different parties based on how many Political Fury points each party’s members are acquiring, and it is always displayed on the Political Fury group page in real time. It’s up to the political fury of Facebook users to determine which political party will prevail!<br />Political Fury: Abstract<br />
  4. 4. Target Audience<br />Facebook users<br />Particularly reaches out to the adult demographic<br />United States<br />Platform<br />PC<br />social media network, Facebook<br />Political Fury: Basics<br />
  5. 5. Set up similar to a Facebook group, using typical Facebook tools<br />Application icon – Brings user to the game page<br />Tabs<br />Rank – Displays current rank and explains all ranks<br />Political Fury Points – Displays current points and explains point system<br />Recent Activity – Shows recent user activity, making it easier to follow one’s own posts, and posts that the user found interesting<br />Links – Users can view and post links<br />User Content – Users can view and post their own content<br />Like – Users can “like” a post<br />Comment – Users can comment on a post, or can comment on another user’s comment, forming a thread-like feature<br />Political Fury: Controls<br />
  6. 6. Users gain political fury points based on their activity and quality of their posts. More political fury points allow them to advance through more ranks. Higher ranks permit higher and more desirable user capabilities, like having their own content featured. The weight of the point system encourages high-quality content and thoughtful user activity.<br />Political Fury Points<br />5 points – Post a comment<br />10 points – Post a link<br />15 points – Post user content<br />25 points – Receive a like or comment on your link<br />50 points – Receive a like or comment on your user content<br />75 points – Receive a like on your comment<br />Ranks<br />Concerned Citizen: 0-495 points...user can post links<br />Political Advocate: 500-4,995 points...user can post links and comments<br />Campaign Manager: 5,000+ points...user can post links, comments, and user content<br />Overall, a meter displayed on the home page shows how many points each of the two parties have—Republican and Democrat. It’s a live, ongoing battle based on the members’ points of each political party.<br />Political Fury: Scoring<br />
  7. 7. Modeled after Facebook; recognizable<br />Political Fury: Game Style<br />Like (Facebook)<br />Rank:<br />Concerned Citizen<br />Rank:<br />Political Advocate<br />Rank:<br />Campaign Manager<br />
  8. 8. Patriotic colors, American flag, Flames<br />Political Fury: Game Style<br />Political Fury Points<br />Application Icon<br />Political Party:<br />Democrat<br />Political Party:<br />Republican<br />Homepage Banner<br />
  9. 9. Political Fury: Game Style<br />Sample Homepage<br />Modeled after Facebook group<br />Banner at top<br />“Links” and “User Content”<br />Tabs<br />Sample tab: Recent Activity<br />User avatars would also feature rank icon<br />