Endosulfan catastrophe


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This is a presentation I made as an awareness for the stoppage of the use of a very harmful chemical, Endosulfan.

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Endosulfan catastrophe

  1. 1. Dedicated to all the people who suffered from this catastrophe and sacrificed their loved ones. By Eisa AdilBAN THE USE OF ENDOSULFAN IN INDIA!!
  2. 2. An I nt r oduc t i on Pe o p l e d i e o f v a r i o u sd i s e a s e s i n t h i s wh o l e wo r l d ? D o w e c a r e o r d o n ’t w e ? H o w wo u l d y o u f e e l i f y o u f i n d y o u r b r o t h e r o r s i s t e r d i eb e c a u s e o f a d i s e a s e t h a t c a n b e p r e v e n t e d e a s i l y ? Ho ww o u l d y o u r mo t h e r f e e l i f y o u d i e d u e t o a d i s e a s e t h a t c a n b e t a k e n c a r e o f ?I wo u l d l i k e t o t e l l y o u a b o u t o n e s u c h d i s e a s e . A girl who died due to the overgrowth of her head (Background Picture)
  3. 3. What is Endosulfan??• Endosulfan is an agrichemical used as an insecticide and acaricide.• It is one of the most poisonous chemicals used on food crops like tea, fruits and vegetables on grains.• It is a banned pesticide in more than 65 countries worldwide• It is used in Agriculture and Hospitals across India but mostly for the growth of cashew nuts. Bottles of Endosulfan (Background Picture)
  4. 4. How it affects you?? (Process)• Endosulfan can enter the body through inhalation by breathing air contaminated with endosulfan, from eating and drinking contaminated products, or through skin.• It is broken down in the liver and kidneys into mainly water-soluble products and leaves the body through urine and faeces within a few days or a few weeks. People applying endosulfan in the crops. (Background Picture)
  5. 5. What are the symptomsof the diseases that are caused by Endosulfan?• Blue lips • Nausea• Blue • Vomiting fingernails • Diarrhoea• Confusion • Convulsions• Headache • Labored• Weakness Breathing• Dizziness • Unconsciousne ss
  6. 6. India and Endosulfan• Unfortunately India is the largest user of it and also a major producer of this deadly pesticide.• Producing 4,500 tonnes annually for domestic use and another 4,000 tonnes for export.• In Kerala, In year 2006, 135 people died due to endosulfan usage.• In December 2003, Environmental Health Perspectives published a study linking endosulfan to delayed sexual maturation in boys in India. Revolt for ban of endosulfan in Kerala. (Background Picture)
  7. 7. Its Harmful effects…• Severe Health risks to farm workers and those living near where the chemical is used.• Can Cause severe abnormalities.• Cause damage to the kidneys, testes and liver.• Even highly toxic to animals and fish as well.• Can delay maturation in boys.• Can cause cancer.• Can even cause death. 135 people identified dead in kearla due to it in 2006. Child affected from endosulfan catastrophe. (Background Picture)
  8. 8. What is required immediately?• Implementation of the ban of Endosulfan usage.• Closing down manufacturing of this chemical.• Finding out alternative less toxic pesticides.• Spread awareness of the health hazards caused by its usages within the Farmers communities. A cashew plantation in Hyederabad (Background Picture)
  9. 9. Finally…• Now we would recommend others not to use endosulfan.• We will check TWICE before buying food (especially cashews) in India.• We will go for an instant check- up if we feel any of the symptoms (slide 5).
  10. 10. What do you think now??? What will you do?? Good Luck!!