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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Tentacool and Lydia
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Lydia, 12 years old. I’ m the youngest among 3 siblings. I like anime series and I love to travel. Here Tentacool and me are playing with my tablet.
  3. 3. We are living in an apartment on the 4rth floor. Look Tentacool! This is our backside balcony: full of plants!!!
  4. 4. Come on, Tentacool! Let’s go for a walk!
  5. 5. I like this tiny green spot! Let’s rest for a while!
  6. 6. Now we are heading to my physiotherapy center!
  7. 7. I’m coming here twice a week. Well, I think in five minutes is our turn!
  8. 8. This is Maria. The one of my three therapists.
  9. 9. Here I am doing my exercises! Watch me, Tentacool!
  10. 10. Good job, Tentacool! You are doing great!!
  11. 11. So many exercises we have to do!
  12. 12. Now we are in the bus: it is late and we are tired… finally!
  13. 13. Sooo tired indeed, but hungry too. George, my brother is also here… let’s eat, Tentacool!
  14. 14. Tentacool and Anastasia Anastasia and Tentacool went on trip to Corinth.
  15. 15. The Corinth Canal is a canal that connects the Saronic Gulf with the Corinthian Gulf. It was constructed between the years 1880-1893 .... hahaha too old !!!
  16. 16. Ancient Corinth was an important city-state of ancient Peloponnese, located near Athens where I live and it is a beautiful place for excursions.
  17. 17. Tentacool feels like ancient god in front of the magnificent temple of Aphrodite in Acrocorinth .
  18. 18. Behind us is the Gulf of Corinth, which is one of the most seismic regions in Europe !!!!
  19. 19. Me and Tentacool are enjoing the view from the temple of the goddess Aphrodite in the Acrocorinth.
  20. 20. We are enjoying the sun.