Application of aluminum hinges in modern building


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Application of aluminum hinges in modern building

  1. 1. Application of Aluminum Hinges in Modern BuildingUrbanization Speedup Development of Aluminum HingeWith Chinas urbanization process is accelerating, road infrastructure, thetransformation of the municipal gardens, real estate development, plantconstruction and urban development and construction is booming, faststage, which means a huge market demand of doors, windows and fence.As human life is closely related to the barrier have been a thousand yearsof development history, the metal fence is widely used in Europe. Inrecent years, with Chinas rapid economic development and the gradualimprovement of peoples living standards, aluminium windows and doorsproducts have also been a rapid development. The wooden doors supplierbegin to transfer from the traditional wooden hinges to aluminum hinges.The old brick mud walls are no longer suitable for the construction anddevelopment of the modern city, the traditional solid wall will be replacedby transparent fence.Features and Advantages of Aluminum HingeFence products in the home decoration and residential area constructionare widely used. In addition to the traditional protection, fence has avariety of styles of art forms, and constantly for people living with cityspice. Aluminum fence art has recently been introduced into the
  2. 2. decorative materials market, by contrast, aluminum art protectionproducts are elegant, unique structure, simple and sexy, with easymaintenance and the color is changeable. With the improvement ofpeoples living standard and decorative cultural tastes, the aluminumhinge products unique advantages show the broad market prospects. Thealuminum fence manufacturer try every effort to manufacture newproducts to meet market demands. The biggest feature of aluminum artfence is that every year you do not need to spend manpower andresources to maintain the surface, and even in the damp, high pH and saltcontent air, it will not rust. Generally, the aluminum art hinges usefullives is about 50 to 60 years, and common balcony stealth network withless than five years, there will be rust, shedding phenomenon, therefore,for the owners renovated, select the new decoration materials can beavoidable for the rework the trouble.Market Advantage of Aluminum HingeIn our lives, rails, doors, and windows are everywhere, such as balconyinvisible safety net, window guard, aluminium sliding doors, stair railing,traditionally, we mostly use iron products, or stainless steel products, ironproducts, although the cost is not high, but the shape is old-fashionedmonotonous, and in the wet weather, it is prone to rust, weather stripping,post-paint, rust and other high maintenance costs; while the shape of
  3. 3. stainless steel products is extremely simple, and very single color, lack ofaesthetics or less, compared to the price of aluminum hinges products, sofrom a cost-effective consideration, the stainless steel is not the mostideal decoration materials. Aluminum art product is a high-end products,and they are very much welcome from the building, the villa owners,garden fence, household door, window coverings is the place of the mostused. Its market advantage is stable performance, modeling beautiful,fitting into the proportion of post-maintenance easily.