Creating and cultivating community via chm


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Creating and cultivating community via chm

  1. 1. Creating and CultivatingCommunity via CHMUsing Cloud Applications from Iora Technologies
  2. 2.  CHM users are no longer isolated.A little-known tool enables them to:– Ask questions– Contribute to discussions– Earn points for contributing– Flag inappropriate comments– Rate comments– Rate help topics (1 to 5 stars)– Create bookmarks– “Like” & Tweet ... from inside the help! Technology from Iora Technologies allows TechComm tomove forward with CHM!CHM is no longer a dead end
  3. 3. Users bookmarktheir favorite topicsand rate them.Low contributionbarrier – useexisting identity(Facebook, Google,Yahoo) or GuestMulti-threadedreal-time nestedcomments.Users earn points for contributing (if enabled).Users can flag inappropriate comments (if enabled).Like & Tweetbuttons available.
  4. 4. If you are a moderator, theModerate button is visible
  5. 5. Choose which features to useEach Iora accountis managedseparately – canhave differentsettings,moderators, etc.
  6. 6. Set up moderators and notificationEach super user selects when toreceive email notification
  7. 7. Email notification is optional.Tip: Extremely useful for review purposes!Sample email notification:
  8. 8. Users can also configure notification
  9. 9. Manage account dataTurn off tracking your own computer,so that your own access is notincluded in the statisticsDelete data any time (forexample after a review iteration)
  10. 10. Save to CSVReports (“Insights”)(ReadSoft doesn’t useranking or voting)
  11. 11. Geographical distribution of usersLots ofusefulreports...... such as this one,which made us awarethat our software wasbeing used in acountry where wehadn’t sold it!
  12. 12. This tells uswhich helptopics ourusers go tomost – andwhich area ofour softwareneeds to bemore intuitive.ReadSoft’s most-used report
  13. 13. Iora can be used with: Compiled HTML Help (CHM) WebHelp Pro (on web or local copy) FlashHelp Pro Websites Not JavaHelp or Oracle Help (yet)Output formats
  14. 14. Officially supported for use with these HATs: RoboHelp Dreamweaver DITA Open Toolkit (Any HTML editor) MadCap Flare – currently being consideredAuthoring tools
  15. 15. 1. Create an online account on and copy integration code:2. Insert the two-line script in your project template or master page(depending on tool).3. Recompile and publish.Yes, it’s that easy. Try it for free – no strings attached.Easy to implement
  16. 16. Others have found innovative ways of using Iora. Examples: Open discussion: Let users post their opinions and have discussions& conversations. Contributions: Let users add additional information relevant to pagecontent. Most of the users add additional information or connectdifferent bodies of content. FAQ: Use as a means of adding information to help topics afterpublication. Update content after shipment. Support - Forums / Q&A website: One of Iora’s customers uses theservice to power user forum sites. They position the same as Q&Awebsites.Other creative uses of Iora
  17. 17. Feedback Service (almost ready)Ask users simple questions to help improvecontent and provide better serviceAsk Iora for more information. ReadSoft has not used this.View real-time reports
  18. 18.  Find out more: Visit Presenter: Eileen På Request brochure from me Slides and PDF available on SlideShareMore information