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  1. 1. PROPERTY PORTFOLIO Because of EBALDC, more families have homes, more children have safe places to play, learn and grow and more local entrepreneurs can launch businesses. EAST BAY ASIAN LOCAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION BUILDING HEALTHY, VIBRANT AND SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS Lion Creek Crossings Senior Housing
  2. 2. EBALDC Building Commercial Avalon Senior Housing Mixed-Use California Hotel Mixed-Use San Pablo Hotel Mixed-Use West Grand & Brush Mixed-Use Jack London Gateway Marcus Garvey Commons Oakland Point Commercial Housing: Mixed-Use Mixed-Use Swan’s Marketplace Mixed-Use 1110 Jackson Mixed-Use Commercial Chinatown/ Old Oakland/ Lake Merritt Slim Jenkins Court Lower Bottoms/ Prescott San Pablo Avenue Corridor EBALDC 1825 San Pablo Avenue, suite 200 Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 287-5353 EBALDC properties by neighborhood
  3. 3. BUILDING HEALTHY, VIBRANT AND SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS Mixed-Use Mixed-Use Mixed-Use Mixed-Use Mixed-Use Havenscourt Cities of Richmond and San Pablo Lower San Antonio and Fruitvale 2,046 homes, townhouses and apartments developed and owned by EBALDC 1,126 townhouses and apartments managed by EBALDC 304,072 square feet commercial space developed by EBALDC 182,000 square feet commercial space managed by EBALDC Giant Road Apartments Lillie Mae Jones Plaza SAN PABLO RICHMOND Lower San Pablo Avenue Corridor Lower San Antonio Giant Road OAKLAND ALAMEDA EMERYVILLE SAN PABLO RICHMOND San Pablo Oakland Berkeley Albany El Cerrito PIEDMONT Target and PilotTarget and Pilot
  4. 4. SITE ADDRESS USES SPECIAL FEATURES 310 8th St. Art gallery, social service hub, Places U Avalon Senior Housing 3850 San Pablo Ave. Community garden uU California Hotel 3501 San Pablo Ave. Community space, People’s Register of Historic Places uU Drasnin Manor uU EBALDC Building 1825 San Pablo Ave. U 329 E. 19th St. 21 apartments u Housing 283 13th St. 119 apartments and townhomes; Head Start uU 907 Lake St., San Pablo (retail) YMCA Center uU Blvd. 92 apartments and townhomes; Head Start uU 1935 Seminary Ave. 43 apartments u Jack London Gateway 989 Brush St. 61 senior apartments Community garden, GreenPoint Rated u 120 Macdonald Ave., Richmond 26 apartments u Lion Creek Crossings 881 69th Ave. 567 apartments, including 128 senior; community space) Head Start Center, Family Resource Center, 7-acre park with restored creek uU Madison Park Apartments 100 9th St. 98 apartments of Historic Places u Madrone Hotel 477 8th St. of Historic Places uU Marcus Garvey Commons 721 A Wood St. 22 apartments and townhomes u 1515 Lakeside Dr. 195 senior apartments u Oakland Point 1448 10th St. 31 apartments u Oak Park Apartments 2618 E. 16th St. 35 apartments u Park Way and conference space) District contributor U San Pablo Hotel 1955 San Pablo Ave. 144 senior apartments; Center for Elders’ Independence uU Apartments Health Center uU Slim Jenkins Court 700 Willow St. 32 apartments u Swan’s Marketplace 538 9th St. 20 cohousing condominiums (market and retail) District contributor uU EBALDC PIPELINE PROPERTIES 1110 Jackson 1110 Jackson St. fall 2016 uU West Grand & Brush 2201 Brush St. summer 2017 uU EBALDC properties u Commercial U Mixed-Use uU EBALDC 1825 San Pablo Avenue, suite 200 Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 287-5353