Eiken annual report 2012


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Eiken annual report 2012

  1. 1. annual report 2012 Basque Audiovisual Cluster
  2. 2. u MessagefromthePresident 2 u 1.CompetitivenessPlan 3 u 2.Internationalisation 5 u 3.EikenActions 7 u 4.EikenServices 10 u 5.EconomicFigures 13 u 6.Outlookfor2013 15 u 7.GoverningBodiesandOrganisationalStructure 17 u 8.Contributors 18 u 9.Members 20 Index
  3. 3. 2 2 From one year to the next, and there have now been a few since I was first appointed CEO of Eiken, it is my responsibility –and honour, I should like to add- to draft a brief summary of the Cluster’s operations over the previous year. I have no intention of going into any great detail about the year’s activities -among other reasons because they are covered in the following pages in this report- but instead I shall provide a general out- line and an overall perspective of all the work done. In a word, I can safely say that 2012 has been an especially busy year in terms of the activities undertaken. Even more importantly, nonetheless, some of these activities have laid the foundations for a more promising outlook for the sector. Indeed, we have managed to uphold our more significant strategic commitments while at the same time seeking new areas for development. Along these lines, I should especially like to mention two initiatives. Firstly, Innova Basque Audiovisual, the programme rolled out as a joint venture involving the Basque TV and radio broadcaster EiTB and the sector to promote the production of pilot progra- mmes for sale abroad. Thanks to this groundbreaking project, in which we have set out to find a more flexible and effective model of collaboration with the public sector, the catalogue of original products will increase yearly with formats chosen by international experts for their distribution in the main markets. Secondly, I should like to highlight the trade missions to the Netherlands and Israel, where we established a robust network of contacts and discovered two markets of a si- milar size to our own, albeit with their own particular strategies that have enabled us to draw major conclusions for the future of the Basque audiovisual sector. It is clear that both the visits made –a direct outcome of the analysis made to implement the Compe- titiveness Plan, with the support of the Department of Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia- and Innova Basque Audiovisual share a common purpose, namely, internationalisation and greater competitiveness. SteadfastEndeavour Juan Mari Gurrutxaga Eiken President Also in 2012, we have begun work on a European project, Smart Culture, within the EU’s 7th Framework Progra- mme, in which Eiken is ta- king part alongside similar institutions and companies from eight European regions in a scheme designed to “de- mocratise” culture through the use of new technologies. It is an intense process that will extend over three years, yet it will undoubtedly help to enrich the sharing of experience and actions across the respective sectors in the Cultural Industries. In short, and without forgetting other significant actions, such as EikenBANK-designed to drive the relationship between higher education and business-, we may affirm that 2012 has been defined by a major effort in exposure to the outside world. We are well aware that we are dealing with a universal market and that our work can be channelled solely in that direction. Yet we are also convinced that the effort made will reap its rewards, and it is highly likely that those results will become apparent sooner rather than later.
  4. 4. 3 3 The framework providing the platform for most of Eiken’s operations in 2012 has been the Basque audiovisual sector’s Competitiveness Plan. The belief that the sector can only be viable from a global perspective, and that firms need to adopt a serious and deter- mined approach to effective positioning strategies within the new audiovisual scenario, has led the Cluster to intensify its work in this field and seek to strengthen its member companies. A large part of the field work has been carried out in 2012 and potential projects have been identified that are now being developed under the Cluster’s dynamising and dri- ving role, yet above all, the highlights were the trade missions to the Netherlands and Israel. 1.CompetitivenessPlan These visits, arising from the need to open the door to new markets for Basque compa- nies, were arranged with a dual purpose: establish professional contacts that pave the way for possible partnerships or product sales, and gain an understanding of the keys to the transformation of two of the world’s benchmark industries in the audiovisual sec- tor. The first visit was made the Netherlands, whose market is considered one of the world’s most advanced, especially in terms of television formats. The Basque delegation, con- sisting of delegates from the Cluster and a dozen or so companies, received the backing of BEAZ Bizkaia and Bizkaia Xede, which embraced the mission’s agenda and took a hands-on role in its development.
  5. 5. 4 4 From 27 November to 1 December –thanks to a full schedule of meetings at the highest level- the Basque mission met the sundry agents involved in the development of the Dutch audiovisual sector. These visits included firms, public agencies and sector asso- ciations. The outcome has been a detailed understanding of the sector and, at the same time, the Basque audiovisual sector itself has been introduced to the Dutch market as a creative agent of proven experience and open to collaboration. Similar objectives were established for the mission to Israel, a country that is noted for the development of the New Media industry. The trip took place in February 2013. The agenda in Tel Aviv unveiled an array of real possibilities for cooperation that are already being addressed within the Cluster. On the other hand, the integral development of the Competitiveness Plan links up di- rectly with the management model pursued by Eiken since its foundation. This model has prioritised the creation of an audiovisual industry that operates and is considered as such by all the other economic agents. That vision, furthermore, has always been based on a very clear commitment to collaboration. The companies, acting on their own accord, are facing an increasingly complex scenario: the market has grown into a global one and greater size is required to undertake these projects. Cooperation and the consolidation of a global brand, as is Basque Audiovisual, constitute one of the smarter options at the present time. 1.CompetitivenessPlan
  6. 6. 5 5 Access to markets abroad and the inclusion of the “international” component in all au- diovisual products –from the very moment the idea is generated- are two key aspects of Eiken’s strategy. Throughout 2012, the Cluster has picked up the pace of its work in this field, to the extent that it has now implemented a permanent structure dedicated to internationalisation. The creation of the Internationalisation department has also led to the culmination of an endeavour boosted by the Cluster itself, but which has received vital support from several institutions. Mention should be made accordingly of the backing received from the Basque Government through its Departments of Economic Development and Com- petitiveness, and Education, Language Policy and Culture, mainly through the Etxepare Institute, as well from the Department of Economic Development of the Provincial Coun- cil of Bizkaia and BEAZ. Nevertheless, the decisive factor that has enabled Eiken to take this step has been its in- volvement in a European project called Smart Culture. As part of the EU’s 7th Framework Programme, and closely linked to the pillars of the Basque audiovisual sector’s Competitive- ness Plan, Smart Culture aims to “democratise” culture, granting universal access to Europe’s cultural heritage for the population as a whole via the internet and new technologies. This project is of considerable importance to the Basque audiovisual industry, as it con- templates a three-year period of research that will provide accurate information on the business opportunities that are emerging within the field of digital culture. What’s more, Eiken’s involvement in Smart Culture means the Basque Country will host several meetings at European level during the project’s development, as the Cluster has been appointed to head one of the work groups. Furthermore, it should be noted that Eiken is participating in Smart Culture alongside similar institutions, universities and companies from eight other European regions. 2.Internationalisation SMARTCULTURE PTS committee of the Basque Country
  7. 7. 6 6 In other matters, as an overall context for the effort Eiken is making to open new markets abroad, close account should be taken of the bases for the commitment to internationa- lisation. The analysis conducted around this issue has confirmed the need to maintain Basque Audiovisual’s presence at the MIPTV and MIPCOM markets in Cannes. Indeed, it has been evident over the years that both these events contain the basic requirements for guaranteeing access, from a viable perspective in terms of both economics and agen- da, to potential customers from all over the world. One should not forget Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, as an event dedicated to documentary films that is important for many of our companies. Along these lines, mention should be made of the positive impact one of the main ac- tions Eiken undertook in 2012, Innova Basque Audiovisual, had on the catalogue presen- ted to the international markets, especially at Cannes. Indeed, the satisfactory response received from these markets testifies to the project’s potential from the perspective of the internationalisation of Basque audiovisual products. The same objective of accessing potential clients –as well as collaborations or co-pro- ductions- lies at the heart of Animabasque-Business, which was held for the fifth time in 2012. The animation market was staged at the Palacio Euskalduna conference hall in Bilbao towards the end of May, and besides the presence of several European firms it was attended by a large group of trade delegates from Mexico. 2.Internationalisation
  8. 8. 7 7 Strategic actions –Eiken actions- are part of the Cluster’s core operations. In fact, most of them share the same origin (responding to needs identified in the sector) and the same expectations (becoming consolidated over time in order to guarantee an effective and permanent alternative). This means the main fields addressed by initiatives of this kind are directly related to mainstream concepts for the sector’s development, such as professional training, internationalisation, innovation, networking, competitiveness and strategic surveillance, while remaining consistent with the key features informing the audiovisual sector. In 2012, an Eiken action was implemented that was especially interesting due to both its particular features (innovative experience in public – private finan- 3.EikenActions cing) and its deliverables (production and broadcasting of pilot programmes and the sale of international rights). Its name is Innova Basque Audiovisual, an original joint strategic venture involving Eiken, EiTB and Basque production companies, and its first edition has positioned it as an effective tool with a huge potential. In short, Innova Basque Audiovisual has permitted the production in cooperation of pilot programmes designed for sale abroad and their broadcasting over public TV. This initiative involves a win-win situation, in which all the parties involved gain advantages while sharing limited risks. Innova Basque Audiovisual means that in addition to their own investment, companies can find backing so that their ideas “on paper” turn into concrete products, thereby facilitating their sale on international markets. The priority
  9. 9. 8 8 focus of this scheme is precisely to help Basque companies access other markets, and doing so in exactly the way that potential customers now expect; in other words, with a pilot programme to broadcast and with an associated audience viewing figure. The results of this first edition have been highly satisfactory and the scheme has trig- gered the interest of international organisations because it provides an inventive outlet for the sector in response to the new economic scenario that is unfolding. A further initiative that has become consolidated involves EikenBANK, the tool the Cluster has provided to enable the sector to identify the creativity that has still not had the chance to come to the attention of the audiovisual industry. The fifth edition of this scheme was held in 2012, retaining the support and commitment of all its collaborators (businesses and institutions). Its consolidation as a talent pool is reflected in the growing number of followers of EikenTALENT (Facebook platform) and the involvement of training companies and businesses, whereby most of the people shortlisted have been able to access a large part of the sector’s companies through the prizes and grants awarded. Similar terms may be used to describe the Gidoi Faktoria (Script Factory), a tool created to boost the instruction of professionals adapted to the sector’s new requirements. Now that it has become fully consolidated, Gidoi Faktoria has turned its attention in 2012 to the development of creativity and innovation. The outcome of this approach during the year has been that its premises in EiTB’s headquarters in Bilbao have hosted dedicated workshops and courses for the sector, linked mainly to new tendencies. Special mention should be made accordingly of the workshop held on videogame scripts and a course on the development of documentary scripts held in partnership with the Basque Centre for New Audiovisual Technologies (CENTA). Directly related to Gidoi Faktoria’s mission, and therefore to the demands identified in the sector, 2012 saw the implementation of a tool designed to shed light on the state 3.EikenActions
  10. 10. 9 9 of the Basque audiovisual sector from the perspective of its professionals: the Diagnosis on Training Needs, approved by Hobetuz. The aim of this scheme is to obtain a snapshot of the sector and provide companies and all other stakeholders with an instrument that enables them to face the challenges po- sed at this level. The study’s conclusions confirm that today’s new professional profiles should include skills in people management, languages, international experience and some considerable ability to adapt to technological changes. In addition to these main actions, Eiken has either headed or been involved in sundry initiatives in inter-company cooperation and the generation of new business projects. One of these is the group for cooperating on thematic channels, whose remit is the crea- tion of a joint business platform that will position itself in the market of niche thematic –non-linear- channels from a multimedia and multiplatform perspective. A similar goal is pursued by Basque cinema’s online platform, in which Eiken has been involved as an agent for the project’s coordination and diffusion. The platform is desig- ned not only to create an effective system for the distribution of content via the inter- net, but also to position the Basque audiovisual sector within this sphere of operation. 3.EikenActions
  11. 11. 10 10 Besides promoting actions and activities designed to drive the sector’s development, Eiken has an important role to play in support of its member companies through the different services it provides. The offer ranges from legal advice to the distribution of briefing materials and the conducting of strategic analyses. One of its pioneering services is EikenLEX, a repository of legal texts with a bearing on the audiovisual sector, in addition to a legal consultancy service for its members. Su- pport has been provided in 2012 for firms involved in international co-productions, whe- re an understanding of the regulations governing the sector is strategically important. The legal backing for member companies is provided by the prestigious firm Landwell, which belongs to PwC. Another important source of support is the competitive intelligence service, referred to in Spanish as Servicio de Inteligencia Competitiva SICC-Eiken, which in 2012 has 4.EikenServices consolidated its status as the main tool for accessing knowledge, thereby becoming a decisive factor of competitive advantage. Through SICC Eiken, member companies have been kept up to speed at all times with those strategic issues affecting the sector, in a scheme made possible by the combined action of the SICC group and the web platform sustaining it. SICC Eiken has also been actively involved in the organisation of the symposium “Ga- ming Synergy”, which was held on 14 May at the headquarters of Digipen Europe-Bilbao. The aim of this event was to open the gateway to potential cooperation between au- diovisual and videogame firms in the form of specific partnership projects. The event also received support from the Basque office of the EU’s MEDIA programme (Media Antena Euskal Herria).
  12. 12. 11 11 Along these same lines of action, there is the field work undertaken on a regular basis for the Observatorio de Coyuntura (Situation Observatory). In 2012, Eiken has surveyed all its member companies both qualitatively and quantitatively in order to gather precise data on the sector’s evolution. Whenever deemed expedient, this field work has included interviews with the management teams in member companies. Also in 2012, schemes have been implemented within the framework of SPRI’s Compite programme, targeting micro-companies in the sector. Specifically, 13 schemes have been rolled out, including diagnoses and improvement plans, which have received Eiken’s strategic support. In this case, Eiken has assumed the responsibility of teaming up with the micro-companies, which are more sensitive to economic uncertainty, as they conduct the necessary strategic appraisal of their business model. 4.EikenServices
  13. 13. 12 12 The reinforcement of ties with other markets underpinned Eiken’s involvement in the or- ganisation of the 1st Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum. This project, organised by the San Sebastian International Film Festival in collaboration with Eiken and other agents from Audiovisual, paved the way for several contacts for possible cooperation between companies from both these continents. The meetings were held over the course of two days, within the framework of the festival itself, being rounded off with a mee- ting between the Basque Country and Brazil. Furthermore, the Cluster provides its member companies with the possibility of using its communications service and reaching public opinion through press releases. This service, called EikenPRESS, is designed for those companies seeking to improve the disclosure of their work, thereby supporting their strategy regarding sales, image or production. Eiken’s diffusion and promotion specifically constitute one of the activities directly linked to the association’s reinforcement and, therefore, to the improvement in the services provided to its member companies. Based on this operating policy, Eiken has organised and taken part in several symposia and events, such as, for example, FesTVal in Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Prestik Fair in Bilbao. Directly related to this last point is Eiken’s involvement in the European Quality Week, which has been a repeated feature of the Cluster since the very beginning. “Nueva for- mación para el nuevo audiovisual” (New training for the new audiovisual sector) was the name given to the 2012 symposium, which was held at EiTB’s Gidoi Faktoria (Script Factory), and in which, among other presentations, Eiken reported the results of the Diagnosis on Training Needs in the Audiovisual Sector. 4.EikenServices
  14. 14. 13 13 CONTINUING OPERATIONS Income from the entity’s own operations 570,001 Fees paid by users and members and other operating income 182,606 Contributions from users 19,544 Income from promotions, sponsorships and collaborations 4,000 Subsidies booked against financial year’s profit and loss 363,851 Personnel expenses -189,035 Wages and salaries -156,696 Staff welfare expenses -32,339 Other operating expenses -369,618 External services -367,302 Taxes other than income tax -723 Losses and changes in provisioning -1,593 Fixed asset depreciation -2,864 OPERATING PROFIT 8,484 Financial income 6 From third parties 6 Financial expenses -4,874 On debts to third parties -4,694 Exchange differences -180 FINANCIAL LOSS -4,868 INCOME BEFORE TAX 3,616 Income Tax - PROFIT FOR THE YEAR FROM CONTINUING OPERATIONS 3,616 CHANGES IN THE SOCIAL FUND 900 PROFIT FOR THE YEAR, CHANGE IN NET WORTH 4,516 5.EconomicFigures Incomestatement2012
  15. 15. 14 14 NON-CURRENT ASSETS 8,521 Intangible assets 4,572 Property, plant and equipment 1,519 Non-current financial investments 2,430 CURRENT ASSETS 475,882 Users and other trade accounts receivable 7,615 Other receivables 270,071 Public authorities 270,071 Treasury 198,196 TOTAL ASSETS 484,403 NET WORTH 70,949 Equity 70,949 Social fund 57,068 Reserves 10,265 Surplus for the year 3,616 CURRENT LIABILITIES 413,454 Current payables 315,949 Bank borrowing 1,663 Other financial liabilities 314,286 Trade accounts payable 97,505 Payable to suppliers 44,895 Suppliers, group companies and associates 38,115 Payable to personnel 35 Public authorities 14,460 TOTAL NET WORTH AND LIABILITIES 484,403 5.EconomicFigures ASSETS Balancesheet2012 NETWORTHANDLIABILITIES
  16. 16. 15 15 The consolidation of Eiken actions, the integral development of the Competitiveness Plan and the advancement of the process for internationalising the Basque audiovisual sector are the three pillars of the Cluster’s operations in business 2013. In the first of these cases, special mention should be made of the second edition of Innova Basque Audiovisual. Not only does it involve the project’s consolidation, but it also means the success of the first edition has allowed the project to grow, in terms of both its scope and its dissemination abroad. The invitation to take part in MIPFormats to introduce the project to the international sector gathered in Cannes through an exclusive presentation, the Master class on inter- nationalisation delivered by FRAPA’s chairperson, Patty Geneste, or the formats consul- tancy with Amos Neumann, from Armoza, and Geise Fiscina, from The Wit, are measures of improvement that reinforce the action Innova Basque Audiovisual. In turn, the Competitiveness Plan will receive a further boost through the arrangement of more trade missions, as well as through the “World Kafe” with agents and professio- nals from the sector, adopting a wide-ranging perspective. Furthermore, access to international markets continues to be one of the Cluster’s main aspirations, with continued presence at the markets in Cannes and La Rochelle, while further exploring the possibility of collaborating with other industries. In step with all these projects, Eiken will continue to develop its services and actions with a view to providing the sector with a scenario of opportunities. Accordingly, note should be taken of the substance of some of the main actions, as in the case of Eiken- BANK, which records its sixth edition in 2013. 6.Outlookfor2013
  17. 17. 16 16 6.Outlookfor2013 CONTINUING OPERATIONS Income from the entity’s own operations 458,790 Fees paid by users and members and other operating income 142,571 Service rendering 675 Subsidies booked against financial year’s profit and loss 315,544 Personnel expenses -223,712 Wages and salaries -183,131 Staff welfare expenses -40,581 Other operating expenses -226,088 External services -225,488 Taxes other than income tax -600 Fixed asset depreciation -4,490 OPERATING PROFIT 4,500 Financial income 0 From third parties 0 Financial expenses -4,500 On debt to third parties -4,500 FINANCIAL LOSS -4,500 INCOME BEFORE TAX 0 Income Tax - PROFIT / LOSS FOR THE YEAR FROM CONTINUING OPERATIONS 0 SURPLUS FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 0 Budgetproposalfor2013
  18. 18. 17 17 u President Juan Mari Gurrutxaga (General Manager of Mixer) u Secretary Mikel Astorkiza (Manager of the Euskaltel Foundation) u First vice-president Begoña Ayarza (Manager of Itesa) u Second vice-president Juan Carlos López (General Manager of 3koma) u Board members Andoni Aranburu (Manager of Strategy and Communication at EiTB) Iñaki Eizmendi (Manager of Pausoka) Julián Flórez (Manager of Vicomtech) Ricardo González (General Manager of K 2000) Fernando Larrondo (Managing Director of Irusoin) Carlos Juárez (Manager of Basque Films) Juanjo Landa (Executive Producer of Bainet) u Manager Itziar Mena Committee Name Committee Head u Technological innovation Julián Flórez u Innovation in management Ricardo González u Internationalisation Iñaki Eizmendi u Sector strategy Begoña Ayarza Boardofdirectors (2013) Strategycommittees 7.GoverningBodiesandOrganisationalStructure Eiken’s operations revolve around three bodies: the General Assembly of Members, the Strategy Committees and the Board of Directors. The composition of the Eiken Strategy Committees emerged as the following:
  19. 19. 18 18 u 3koma Itxaso Atutxa Juan Carlos López Ruth Martínez Igor Zabala Emilio López u abra Alberto Gerrikabeitia Joxe Portela u bainet Juanjo Landa Gregorio Muro Asier Nabea Jone Miren Goenaga Eva Breton Manuel Paino Josetxo Lizartza u baleuko Karmelo Vivanco Eduardo Barinaga Javi Vivanco Idurre Cajaraville Jone Landaluze u bitart Fernando Díez 8.Contributors u centa Susana Patiño Julio Cordoba Laura Arana u Digipen Ignacio Otalora Aitziber Azkondo u digitalak Josu Erguin Ander Erguin u eitb Patxi Arratibel Andoni Aranburu Aintzane Pérez del Palomar Itziar Azpeitia Andrea Ibáñez Marta Alvarez Maite Iturbe Mikel Agirre Ainhoa Lodoso Jose Luis Blanco Lontzo Sainz Alex Aranzabal Pello Sarasola Gorka García u epe/apv Carlos Juarez (Basque Films) u erpin Julia García u escivi Iñaki Aizpuru Maria Aizpuru Iñaki Rubio u euskaltel Mikel Astorkiza u expressive Aitor Gabiña Izaskun Pérez u G93 Juan Carlos San Román u gizer Andoni Eguíluz u ibaia Ignacio Rotaetxe
  20. 20. 19 19 u idem María Vallejo Alberto Rojo Ana Gutiérrez u ik4 Julián Flórez Maider Laka Igor Olaizola Maria Teresa Linaza Daniel Vander Vorst u irusoin Fernando Larrondo Iñaki Gomez Juan Cruz Izagirre Xabier Berzosa u itesa Begoña Ayarza Iñigo Artetxe u jarkatza Juan Carlos Revuelta Arantza García de Andoin u k 2000 Ricardo González Sabin Uriarte Arri Granados Blanca Baena u m4f Itziar Ijalba Jon Egia u mixer Juan Mari Gurrutxaga u orio Beñat Ibarbia Unai Ibarbia u pausoka Iñaki Eizmendi Itziar Zeberio Pedro Fuentes Xabier Zabaleta Miren Olabarri Eukene Aldekoa u signo digital Esther Terradas Josu Venero u sugar factory Ana Díaz de Zugazua u tecnalia Luis Emaldi Ramón Delgado Tatiana Bartolome Francisco Javier Acera Diego Bajo u ubiqa Jose Luis Roncero Raquel Duran 8.Contributors
  21. 21. 20 20 9.Members Úbiqa Tecnología, Ideas y Comunicación, S.L. www.ubiqa.com Tecnalia www.tecnalia.com Sugar Factory, S.L. www.sugar-factory.com Pausoka Entertain- ment, S.L. www.pausoka.com Mixer Servicios Audiovisuales, S.L. www.mixer.com.es Signo Digital, S.L. s.digital@euskalnet.net Bainet www.bainet.es 3koma, S.A. www.3koma.com Abra Prod, S.L. www.abraprod.com Baleuko Komunikazioa, S.L. www.baleuko.com Bitart New Media, S.L. www.bitart.info Basque Films www.basquefilms.com Andoaingo Zine eta Bideo Eskola, S.L. (ESCIVI) aginako@aginakobz.es EiTB, S.A. www.eitb.com Escuela CENTA www.escuelacenta.com Digipen www.digipen.es Erpin 360, S.L. erpin360@vertice360.com Expressive Media Proyects, S.L. www.expressive.es Euskaltel, S.A. www.euskaltel.es Digital Mobiles, S.L. www.digitalak.com Itesa Producciones, S.L. www.itesa.tv Idem 4, S.L. (Idem Producción Audiovisual) www.idem4.com IK4 www.ik4.es Jarkatza Media, S.L. www.jarkatza.com m4f www.m4f.es K 2000, S.A.U. www.k2000.com Irusoin, S.A. www.irusoin.com
  22. 22. Basque Audiovisual Cluster Teknologi Parkea, 105 - 2º 48170 Zamudio (Bizkaia) T. 94 404 82 25 F. 94 404 82 29 www.eikencluster.com eiken@eikencluster.com