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8th April 2006 --> 8th April 2007


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8th April 2006 --> 8th April 2007

  2. 2. Here are some of the photos taken Our Adidas watch.. We went singing !! So Swe oooo eeeet !! Our rings..
  3. 3. On coach to KL.. Our 1st honey Royal Bintang Hotel Twin Tower on top of us
  4. 4. Our 2nd trip Bintan She's afraid of the elephant.. So am I..
  5. 5. Rasa Sentosa A night at
  6. 6. On board CX 710 Here is where we stay Mayfair Garden On train to Causeway Bay Our trip to HONG KONG First Meal Our
  7. 7. Shop & Eat now you see who eat the most..
  8. 8. Big Buddha @ Lautau Island 20 mins ride Cable car A nice place 200 over stairs
  9. 9. Yes!! Disneyland!! On board Disney Train
  10. 10. Avenue of STARS Beautiful night scenery My favourite Jet Li Who is this? I forgot..
  11. 11. A famous temple Wong Tai Sin HK Police DHL HK
  12. 12. What are we doing.... ??? Maybe sad to leave coz going back to SG...
  13. 13. Our trip to KL Palace of the Golden Horse The place is very cosy..
  14. 14. Family outing with my family Do-Re-Mi Ouch.. Hmm.. BBQ @ Changi.. I like this photo..
  15. 15. CNY 2007
  16. 16. It's my BB Birthday My wish is to celebrate with Hubby Every year.. I love you, BB
  17. 17. During this 1 year, we have been through a lot, unhappines, quarrel and saddness.. Hubby wish to use this opportunity to sincerely said "I am sorry".. Hubby promised, I will hao hao ai ni and to improve on our relationship.. BB, I love you and deep in my heart, you are my SUPER WOMAN