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Liam tobin sustainable development in resource intensive regions


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Liam tobin sustainable development in resource intensive regions

  1. 1. Social Licence andSustainable Development: QER’s Perspective 28 June 2011
  2. 2. QER’s vision:Help secure Australia’s energy futureOur mission is to build and operate a safe, economically viable and sustainable shale to liquid fuels industry in Queensland.
  3. 3. July 2009
  4. 4. Sustainable Development•  Reduce •  Restore •  Remove processes •  Rehabilitation •  Reliable plant •  Plantations •  Renewables & energy reduction•  Recycle •  Fuel gas•  Reuse •  Cogeneration •  Waste streams •  Byproducts
  5. 5. Australia’s growing oil demand-supply gap Business as Usual Assumed 23% Efficiency Gains Imports in 2030 = 335 MMbbls Unconventional fuels Conventional oil supplyMMbbl Source: EnergyQuest 2009
  6. 6. Australia’s fuel trade deficitA$Bn140 $128b*120 High Price Scenario100 $92b* Low Price Scenario 80 60 40 $30b* 20 $12.6b* Federal Government Projection 0 2007 2015 2030 2030 * Excludes LNG exports Source: ACIL Tasman 2009
  7. 7. Sustainable Development Positioning STL
  8. 8. Economic benefits to QLD of a STL industry4000 jobs regional Qld2000 long term construction jobs$800mpa taxes & royalties$12.4B pa trade deficit reduction
  9. 9. Economic case for an Australian STL fuels industry73 million barrels of oil annuallyAustralian refinery feedstock$33bn to Australia’s GNP (2030)Technology for 3T bbls of oil Source: ACIL Tasman 2009
  10. 10. Supporting the community
  11. 11. Social licence: engaging our communities
  12. 12. Social licence - understanding our community’s requirements and valuation •  What is the maximum value we can add? •  What opportunities and prospects are our communities looking for? •  Are there basic requirements missing now?•  What capability could the community fulfill in the future?•  Where should the work be done?•  What other linkages can we introduce?
  13. 13. Existing Plantation – Gibbs Property, Future Calliope OptimisationNSF
 Trial Future ERE RecreationArea
ANorth Trial Future Strip NSF/GA
 Grazing Area
ASouth Trial
  14. 14. Environment: Technology to reduce emissions• Thermal oxidizers• Lower temperatures• Lump processing• Lower gas and liquid volumes• Sealed processes and tanks• Iso-kinetic sampling• Process and emissions measurement
  15. 15. QER’s planned project development stages ~ 2017 - 2019 Commercial 2014-15 Stage II at Commercial 20,000 bbls per day Stage I plant 2011 Technology demonstration plant - QLD 2007 Colorado pilot plant trials
  16. 16. Demonstration plant objectives.....•  Demonstrate safe and environmentally sound performance to community and government   $100m capital (70% regional QLD)   150 construction/50 permanent •  Develop product market acceptability •  Maximize technical and process development •  Build operational expertise
  17. 17. The fuels QER will produce in Queensland•  Synthetic crude oil for Australia’s refineries •  High cetane •  High energy density Wide Cut QER•  Ultra-low sulphur diesel Naphtha Low USA Sulphur No. 2 Diesel Diesel•  High quality jet fuel
  18. 18. Shale to liquids can be part of a positive future “Australia could find itself with a clean shale-oil industry employing 6000 people and adding $30 billion to the economy over the next 20 years. It has the potential to sit alongside clean coal, geothermal, coal seam gas,Hon Peter Beattie biofuels, solar and wind in a realisticFormer Queensland Trade CommissionerThe Australian newspaper future global energy mix.”14 August 2010
  19. 19. Questions and Points of View? Social Licence and Sustainable Development: QER’s Perspective