Commercial vehicle sales increased in July 2011<br />The commercial vehicle (CV) segment, which is often considered as the...
Commercial vehicle sales increased in July 2011
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Commercial vehicle sales increased in July 2011


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VE Commercial Vehicles Limited is a 50 50 joint venture between the Volvo Group (Volvo) and Eicher Motors Limited (EML)

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Commercial vehicle sales increased in July 2011

  1. 1. Commercial vehicle sales increased in July 2011<br />The commercial vehicle (CV) segment, which is often considered as the measurement of economic health of a nation, has posted increase in July 2011 even as sales of the car segment drooping.<br />The country’s top commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Tata Motors, Eicher Trucks and Buses, Mahindra & Mahindra and Asia Motor Works (AMW), which manage a share of 83 per cent of the domestic CV market, have jointly posted a escalation of 28 per cent selling over 60,000 units in July.<br /> The rise in CV sales is a result of an encouraging combination of a number of reasons such as planned implementation of scheduled infra-related works sponsored by the government and private parties, imposition of anti-overloading law by some states and novel product introduction.<br /> The expansion, according to CV manufacturers, has come in spite of broader inflationary pressures, high fuel costs and peaking interest rates even as car sales, which are more perceptive to such reasons, collapsed under pressure during the same month.<br />Somnath Bhattacharjee, president, Volvo Trucks India and executive vice-president, sales, marketing and aftermarket, VE Commercial Vehicles said, “The CV industry as a total is still not impacted as the cars segment. The light and medium trucks, which generally cater to the agricultural and service sector, have been doing well. In addition, the heavy trucks segment has seen an uptick due to constant implementation of the compliance of anti-overloading law.”<br />Eicher trucks and buses, a business area of the company VE Commercial Vehicles and the fourth largest CV maker in India, posted a growth of 34 per cent in sales at 4,152 units last month. The company is expecting demand to stay high as CV consumption form the agricultural sector generally grows in the second half of the year.<br />Eicher 11.10<br />The Eicher 11.10 has an unbeatable lead in RATED PAYLOAD with respect to other similar GVW vehicles. It also offers highest mileage in its category and longer cargo body option (20ft) for volume load applications. The Eicher 11.10 remains "The Best Selling- Value for Money Truck" for owners on strength of its high mileage, highest rated payload, efficient turnaround low maintenance. <br />To know more about Product and services contact at or visit at<br />Contact US<br />Company Name:Eicher Trucks And Buses <br />Contact<br />Website:<br />