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Creating Digital Kits By Erin Herndobler


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Creating Digital Kits By Erin Herndobler

  1. 1.   Creating Digital Kits               By Erin Herndobler
  2. 2. What is a Digital Kit? a collection of websites, music, videos,  pictures and sounds that you can use for  classroom units.
  3. 3. Where to Find Materials Websites Sounds Video Segments Photos Music  • Social Bookmarking, • Find Sounds • YouTube, TeacherTube, • Pics 4 Learning     • Free Play Music
  4. 4. Steps for Creating a Digital Kit 1. Set up Specific Media Folders. 2. Download Files 3. Copy and Paste Citations. 4. Distribute or Archive Kit
  5. 5. Saving Files Save and sort files by topic Don't be afraid to rename files Video Files Download YouTube videos • Quicktime (.mov) good for imove • Windows Media Player (.asf) Photo Files • .jpg • .gif • .png
  6. 6. Always.. Copy and Paste your URLs to create a citation document for each kit. Why? If you ever publish your work publicly you need to list all your resources
  7. 7. Use Digital Kits in... • A Slide Show • A Presentation • Graphic Organizers • Comic Strips • Web 2.0 tools • Movie • Podcasts
  8. 8. Topics
  9. 9. Why Create Digital Kits? • Engage students • Saves Time • Create Schema • Scaffolds ELLs
  10. 10. References Jennifer Gingrich, the speaker from the digital kits workshop Slide One Slide Two %20%26%20Blue%20Add%20On/GarageBand.png Slide Four Page 17 Slide Five folders/512/Apple-Logo-icon.png Slide Six Slide Seven apple-imovie.html c-p.jpg?1199238082 Slide Nine