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GoodRoads it is the cutting edge way of monitoring road surface condition. The mobile app installed on the Android or iOS device collects the data and sends it to the datamining server which processes data and gives it to the web server visualizing it for the user. Unlike existing methods – expert evaluation and photo and lazer inspection, our method is rather cheap and scalable.
Every year ocean of money is spend for roads repairing. Thousands of roads accidents occurs by the reason of potholes and bad roads. GoodRoads provides data that could save money and even lives.
Besides the manifest functionality of showing the potholes for the user on the map, we’ve prepared the interesting statistics and genuinely innovative game element.

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Good roads 6.4_eng

  1. 1. What is GoodRoadsAutomated monitoring anddiagnostics ofroad surface conditionusing mobile devices
  2. 2. Background More and more drivers use mobile maps and GPS while in trip, those maps show traffic info or roads under repair None of those services provides road surface condition info.
  3. 3. Background— In some countries, for example Russia, 60% of roads don’tconform with norms— Statistics says, one of ten road accidents, have rise in badroads— In some cases the road services simply don’t know about newpothole, or make believe they don’t knowDrivers should be informed about road surfacecondition
  4. 4. Idea
  5. 5. Mobile services for drivers
  6. 6. The app
  7. 7.
  8. 8. User motivation
  9. 9. What do road authorities use Photo or lazer monitoring Special high-cost auto laboratories. Expert opinion Specialists themselves perambulate the roads. Mobile apps Boston Road services were developing software for mobile devices to recognize the potholes on the road Google Russia tried to do that also
  10. 10. GoodRoads in comparison with other methods
  11. 11. Business Model
  12. 12. MonetizationGaining the number of users and increasing project plough-backProviding data to road authorities, in Russia (Ministry ofTransport), or in Finland ( save money and completely cover road surfacemonitoring )Providing data to navigation systemsUsing as an geo-targeted advertising space
  13. 13. TechnologiesGPS User positioning on the map Locating potholes on the mapAccelerometer Defining potholes and defects on the roadMaps (Google, Yandex, Open Street Maps) Visualization of user position Visualization of road surface conditionWeb interface Road condition review through the webDatabase Storing road surface condition data Storing user profile dataDatamining Data analysis.
  14. 14. Datamining
  15. 15. Current State More than 2000 active users Data from 100 cities all over the world Pothole recognition accuracy confirmed by our users and some road authorities
  16. 16. The PeacockTeam QD business incubator residents Vlad Efremov Ruslan Kreymer Pavel Ershov Mike Vakulenko Elena Alekseenko Egor Ivanov Artem Bankin Vitaly Ivanov Sergey Khavrenko Ivan UshkevichArtemij Chugreev And more…
  17. 17. Honors listFirst Prize All-Russia Innovation Project Competition MGU LomonosovaParticipation Google Summer of Code GoogleSecond Prize International competition ITfon Saint-Petersburg GovermentFirst Prize Opera Start Up Awards OperaParticipation Slush 2011 AaltoesGrand prix Start Up Tour Federal Agency for Youth AffairsParticipation IConvention 2011 OperaFinals WebReady 2011 Ingria
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention!
  19. 19. Info
  20. 20. Our Goal Delightful driving
  21. 21. The interestMay 2011Publishing house “The Fifth Wheel”July 2011Google RussiaAugust 2011RosYama (noncommercial organisation)September 2011Dead Russian Roads (noncommercial organisation)October 2011YandexOctober 2011Technologies of Mobile CartographyNovember 2011Start Up Chile