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BioCote-Brochure (1)

  1. 1. ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY LEADING THE WORLD IN Cu OrgAg Zn Complete range of additives First-class support services
  2. 2. BioCote is the market leading antimicrobial solutions provider, supplying additives and comprehensive support services. Manufacturers from around the world, both large and small, choose BioCote to enjoy the benefits of working with the company that sets the antimicrobial standard. TOTAL ANTIMICROBIAL SOLUTIONS Quality Control Testing Highest Performance Standards Comprehensive Support Cu ZnAg Org Complete Range of Additives YEARS OVER Expertise in Antimicrobials A Sign of Quality WHY CHOOSE BIOCOTE?
  3. 3. THE BIOCOTE BRAND The BioCote brand is recognised globally as a guarantee of superior antimicrobial performance. We only accept the very best from products protected with our additives. BioCote is unique. We are the only antimicrobial supplier that can state all of the following: PROTECTED PRO V EN ANTIMICROBIAL PROTE CTION A SIGN OF QUALITY Be HACCP International certified Require a minimum level of antimicrobial performance Specify regular quality control testing Have real life studies and scientific papers published 01 PERFORMANCE 03 STUDIES 02 TESTING 04HACCP
  4. 4. THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE BRAND What does Antimicrobial mean? ‘Antimicrobial’ describes something that can resist the growth of microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi. What does BioCote Technology do? BioCote Technology creates surfaces upon which microbes do not survive. Lower levels of microbes on a surface means improved hygiene, reductions in staining, odours and delay in degradation of materials, which can extend the functional lifetime of a product. IMPROVES SURFACE HYGIENE EXTENDS PRODUCT LIFETIME REDUCES STAINS AND ODOURS
  5. 5. Continuous protection BioCote Technology works 24-hours a day, for the expected lifetime of the product, to provide integral protection against microbes. Laboratory tests and real life studies show that microbe levels on BioCote protected products are significantly reduced, in fact, by up to 99.99%. BIOCOTE TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION Proven under the microscope On an unprotected surface, the bacteria begin to grow and multiply. Green staining indicates live bacteria. On a BioCote protected surface, the bacteria cannot survive. Red staining indicates that the bacteria have been killed. Unprotected surface BioCote protected surface
  6. 6. BENEFITSTO YOUR PRODUCTS Integrated BioCote Technology is integrated into any product or surface at the time of manufacture. Effective against a wide variety of microbES BioCote Technology is effective against a wide variety of microbes. It has also been proven effective at deactivating the Influenza (H1N1) virus. LASTS THE PRODUCT'S LIFETIME BioCote Technology, due to its integrated nature, will last as long as the product’s lifetime. Protects around the clock BioCote Technology works continuously creating surfaces upon which microbes, including bacteria, cannot survive. Quality All BioCote protected products are validated and quality control tested to the appropriate international standards. hours Integrated BioCote Technology
  7. 7. BIOCOTEOFFERS YOU MORE Making your product antimicrobial, achieving credible results and taking it to market can be a challenging process. At BioCote we are set up to make this process straightforward, allowing you to focus on what you do best. BioCote can supply you with the most appropriate solution to your products. We offer you a complete range of additives to cover a diverse range of materials, including: Cu Org Ag Zn Plastics Textiles Paints Powder Coatings Glass Metal ... and more Technical - introducing our additives to your product and providing insight into the science of our technology. Sales - including training and sales support literature for your sales team. Regulatory - guidance regarding global legislation. Marketing - how to market your new antimicrobial product feature. Complete range of additives First-class support services BioCote & YouR COMPANY A WINNING TEAM
  8. 8. WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP About BioCote Founded in 1994, BioCote was the first company to develop and market a patented antimicrobial powder coating. BioCote quickly evolved and began to offer businesses total antimicrobial solutions for a variety of products and applications. Following rapid growth, BioCote now partners with companies across the globe, offering antimicrobial protection to millions of people every day. A relationship with BioCote is a true partnership. We are much more than an ingredient supplier. We are your perfect partner when it comes to antimicrobial technology. Link 51 Storage Lockers Incorporating BioCote into our product range improved our penetration into core market sectors, making sure our brands stay ahead of the competition. Simon Baugh Marketing Director Link 51 BioClad Wall Cladding The introduction of BioCote has enabled us to reinvent our business and consequently we have seen an average 97% increase in sales year on year since our partnership began. Lindsay McKenzie Managing Director BioClad Ltd. DEB Soap Dispensers Being able to reduce cross- contamination is extremely important to our clients who are becoming increasingly hygiene-conscious. Paul Blount Marketing Director DEB Waterlogic Water Dispensers The support from BioCote was exactly what we needed. BioCote has become a genuine and demanded sales feature of our products. Chris Garner Marketing Director Waterlogic Contour Casings Radiator Covers BioCote is an established industry brand which enhances our product offer, helping us achieve a market- leading position. Leigh Simpson Managing Director Contour Casings
  9. 9. The BioCote® brand is used and recognised around the world as a sign of superior antimicrobial performance. oVER 80% of our TECHNOLOGY IS exported a solution for every market WORKING WITH THE BEST
  10. 10. BioCote ® The antimicrobial brand you can trust
  11. 11. BioCote House, Oak Court Pilgrim’s Walk, Prologis Park Coventry, CV6 4QH United Kingdom t +44 (0) 2477 712489 f +44 (0) 2476 338081 BioCote is the only antimicrobial additive supplier in the world to be HACCP International certified. BioCote is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified. We believe in best practice when it comes to the way we operate our business. Effective management and processes can be mutually beneficial for our customers and suppliers. BioCote Ltd © 2014 BioCote Ltd. All rights reserved. YOUR PERFECT PAR TNER INANT IMICROBIAL TECHN OLOGY