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Work Samples


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Work Samples

  1. 1. Work samples - highlights Patricia Eggers
  2. 2. Lumens IntegrationWork samples Patricia Eggers
  3. 3. Lumens Integration brand appearance - beforeWork samples Patricia Eggers
  4. 4. Lumens Integration brand appearance - afterWork samples Patricia Eggers
  5. 5. Lumens Integration brand appearance - afterWork samples Patricia Eggers
  6. 6. Lumens Integration - brand appearance - after Product folderPrint campaign Product sheetWork samples Patricia Eggers
  7. 7. Lumens Integration - NECC 2009Work samples Patricia Eggers
  8. 8. Panasonic EuropeWork samples Patricia Eggers
  9. 9. Panasonic Europe - Image campaign 2007/2008 - Experience what others just see Print campaignOutdoor poster Commercial: Work samples Patricia Eggers
  10. 10. Panasonic Europe - marketing and sales collateral 2007/2008Main consumer electronics product catalogue TV Buyer’s guide Cooperation brochure TV + BluRaySingle product brochure Poster in original TV size for better measurement at home Work samples Patricia Eggers
  11. 11. Panasonic Europe - Trade and road showsIFA 2008 public area IFA 2008 public area IFA 2008 dealer areaIFA 2008 dealer area Road show through 10 major German shopping malls Work samples Patricia Eggers
  12. 12. Panasonic Europe - othersEvent sponsoring Hitachi, Pioneer Cooperation Interactive TV gallery helping customers finding their right TV for their homeNational summer sales activity National winter sales activity National cash back activity Work samples Patricia Eggers