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News Efficy 2014 (English version)


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News Efficy 2014 (English version)

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News Efficy 2014 (English version)

  1. 1. New user interface Efficy Features and benefits Efficy 2014 New Release Efficy • More intuitive and faster • Icons are replaced by fonts. • Efficy is now one of the fastest working CRM systems on the market. • Responsive design: This means that the interface automatically adjusts itself to the device.
  2. 2. Allows to modify standard interface. We could already modify custom inter- face using categories, the innovation is that anyone who has access to the designer can choose which field is visible Update several entities with one click. Don’t spoil time anymore and assign all tasks from one colleague to another. Also called acceptance environment. This technical tool allows to deploy database structure on the fly to any wanted environment. This tool allows you to go from a dev environment to a test environment to a GTU environment to a production environment without any efforts => you win a lot of time to deploy everything Manage your e-mail campaigns and see the results directly in Efficy. Especially interesting for marketers who wish to automate the outbound e-mail. Automated nurturing helps you to do increase the conversion rate of mailings. No more deleting the bouncers piece by piece. This will be automatically generated in Efficy MS office 365 products will synchronize with Efficy in both directions This contains the following MS products • Microsoft Exchange Online • Microsoft Sharepoint Online • Microsoft Lync Online Efficy connects with the latest IBM applications Domino and Lotus Notes v9.0. This makes Efficy unique. Efficy connects with every system, despite of the complexity. Also Efficy is compatible with SmartCloud, which allows you to save all your documents in both the cloud and Efficy automatically. Of course Efficy is compatible with the latest Microsoft Office and Windows versions. This allows you to open your MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook files and save them in Efficy . Efficy also has a .Net usage/integration directly from workflow. This means that you can use a .net dll directly from an Efficy workflow. So an external consultant can develop something in .net and you can use it with Efficy. A feature which could be handy sometimes! Efficy Designer Section & forms Mass update Data staging tool Improved Flexmail integration Compability with Windows 8.1, Office 2013, Office 365, Domino, Notes v9.0 and SmartCloud Acceptance Operations DTAP Development Development Testing Production D T A P
  3. 3. It allows to save email in Efficy directly from any device (phone/tablet) with- out any program installation • Parsing memo to remove harmful tags • User lockout mechanism • Salted passwords • Error message reviewed Making appointments with people which travel a lot isn’t always easy. With Efficy it is from this day on no problem if you’re making an appointment with somebody from a different time zone Improved agenda possibilities. Not only colleagues, but also suppliers or clients could be invited directly in Efficy for a meeting New officialy supported languages: • Turkish • Arabic Efficy first RTL (Right To Left) release (Arabic). An interface developed especially for Arabic people. This means that the focus of the interface will be on the right-hand side of the screen. Auto mail uploader (mobile/tablets) Improved Security Time zone In Agenda Be able to invite external Contacts to meetings New official supported languages We use a new way of synchronizing data: sync with queues, which is really better for speed performances • Sync with queues • Default search • Fonts instead of icons. (This makes sure that Efficy loads even faster than before) Searching in Efficy works also with just part of that particular word or name. dtSearch makes Efficy also easier and faster Performances improvement
  4. 4. Efficy SA Belgium Avenue des Pléiades, 11 1200 Woluwé-Saint-Lambert Efficy Nederland BV Atoomweg 63 3542 AA Utrecht CONTEAM:TEC CONTEAM GmbH & Co. KG Am Brand 41 55116 Mainz Efficy Türkiye EGS Business Park Blok 2 No:8/15 34149 Istanbul TURKEY Efficy Suisse – Valthicha Chemin des Chalets, 7 1279 Chavannes de bogis Efficy Luxembourg SA Rue d’Arlon, 4 8399 Windhof LUXEMBOURG Tel: +32 (0)2 648 18 98 Fax: +32 (0)2 648 18 94 E-mail : Website: Tel: 030 – 6025450 Fax: 030 – 6025451 E-mail: Website: Tel. +49 6131 494-1421 Fax +49 6131 494-28-1421 E-mail: Website: Tel: +32 486 92 43 73 Mobile: +90 532 053 34 63 E-mail: Website: Tel: +33647566384 Mobile: +41792031149 E-mail: Website: Tel: +32 498 52 57 92 E-mail: Website: Efficy BE Efficy NL Efficy DE Efficy TUR Efficy CH Efficy LU