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Efficy CRM v10 - News webinar


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Efficy CRM v10 - News webinar

Published in: Business
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Efficy CRM v10 - News webinar

  1. 1. Efficy CRM v10 Release 03/03/16 Fabrice Lambert - Pre-Sales Manager Frédéric CANEVET – Web Marketer
  2. 2. Agenda o Introduction o Lastest news about Efficy o Efficy CRM version 10 new features o CRM Intelligence Module o Core features o Promotions & Trainings o Conclusion o Q/A
  3. 3. Efficy 10 years Anniversary
  4. 4. Efficy’s Award : Largest Project- Belfius Bank Banking & Insurance with commitments to sustainability and the community o 5000 users – 3500 daily o 6 Millions customers o 5000 MS Exchange agendas
  5. 5. Follow us on on our blog : tips & tricks, news…
  6. 6. The new Efficy CRM Addon Store
  7. 7. Efficy 10 New Features #efficy10
  8. 8. Efficy 10 philosophy o Offer a brand new CRM analytics philosophy o Simplify access to information to save time in everyday tasks. o Improve the document and project management features
  9. 9. Efficy 10 in a few figures New Major features 100 + New features Main Feature improvements Updated Compatibility & corrections CRM Intelligence Chronos Badges Planning view Excel filtering Infinite lists Multi-currency … SSO Performances Flexmail multi-accounts Extranet Document Sharing Dynamic WebForms ERP Connectors … Mac sidebar Office 2016 Office 365 IE Edge Windows 10 …
  10. 10. Part 1 CRM Intelligence Module #efficy10
  11. 11. Give intelligence to your data… o “CRM Intelligence Module”, o Analysing and gaining meaningful knowledge from your data. o With only a few clicks you can analyse your current situation, but also have a predictive overview. o A 20 of ready-to-use interactive dashboards. o You can add your own KPI according !
  12. 12. Demonstration
  13. 13. Efficy CRM v10 Core Features #efficy10
  14. 14. Chronos concept In 2016, the problem is not having data… The problem is to see what is important amongst all the information… If you have the right information at the right time, you will make the right decision! With Chronos, in 1 single view you have: • Everything that has been done in the past, • Everything that will be done in the future!
  15. 15. Chronos in everyday use Opportunity Marketing Campaign Call Support call Reply customer Reply company Open case Meeting eMail solution Case closed ? ? ?
  16. 16. Démonstration
  17. 17. Import multiple files in a project o New project templates o Transfert existing documents
  18. 18. Planning view
  19. 19. All others small news recap o Multi-currency (fixed priced or real time prices). o SSO access by using your computer login to grant access to Efficy. o Performance optimisation for high volume data. o A new Efficy sidebar specifically for Mac users o Multi-accounts for Flexmail o More specific error messages Efficy o Compatibility with Office 2016 & MS « Edge » o …
  20. 20. Promotions & trainings
  21. 21. Anniversary offers 1/3 Migrate to the Cloud, Efficy hosting on our servers! o Efficy takes care of all technical management (back-ups, maintenance…) o €20 discount/ user/ month on the catalog price for 1 year from the subscription date o Includes migration services and the latest Efficy CRM updates Simplify your email management: we’ll host them for you! o Guarantees a perfect integration of your emails with your Efficy CRM on the Cloud o €6 /user/ month instead of €7.5 / month / user o 50% discount on the set-up cost of a 10-user pack (€225 (excl. VAT) instead of €450)
  22. 22. Anniversary offers 2/3 Take full advantage of Efficy CRM: sign-up for training! o 1 person registered = 1 person invited to this training for free o Benefit from our new occupational courses created for different user profiles (Sales, marketing, customer service, project management, etc.) o Product courses: Have 0 emails in your inbox, Efficy beginners training, master how to use queries, personalise template documents, service contracts, invoicing, etc Business Intelligence: Turn your data into knowledge with Qlik o Interactive reports, dashboards for multiple indicators (sales, projects, activity level, …) o All standard dashboards for €75 user (token) / month + 2 days installation at a cost of €1,500 excl. VAT instead of €1,900 (Min. 5 users for On Premise version)
  23. 23. Anniversary offers 3/3 Targeted and personalised email marketing with Flexmail o High deliverability, behavioural analysis, marketing automation, surveys, landing pages & SMS o Free ½ day “Efficy Marketing & Newsletters via Flexmail” training when purchasing a Flexmail Licence Pack + 50000 email credits at the price of €1500 Discover Efficy’s new Add-on Catalogue ( o Creation of static or dynamic forms to link your website to Efficy o Invoice personalisation (mult-currency, multi-VAT, automatic invoicing, etc.) o Integration of your ERP software (Sage, Bob50, Winbooks etc.) o Extranet for document sharing and editing A free ½ day audit training and tips and tricks when purchasing an add-on from the catalogue
  24. 24. More informations about Efficy CRM v10 o Replay of this webinar on the blog o Features & benefits documents o 1 to 1 demonstration
  25. 25. Conclusion
  26. 26. Efficy CRM v10 – 03/03/16 o New features for more performances & business insights o Special promotions & training until 31/03/16 o Book your upgrades as soon as possible Ask your sales representative –
  27. 27. Q&A Session