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Efficy CRM v10 new features


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Efficy CRM v10 new features

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Efficy CRM v10 new features

  1. 1. Available 29th February 2016 EFFICY 10: New Features EFFICY CRM 10 has 3 main goals: • Offer a brand new CRM analytics philosophy. • Simplify access to information to save time in everyday tasks. • Improve the document and project management features. 1. The New «CRM Intelligence Module» EFFICY CRM 10 offers a new “CRM Intelligence Module”, which will help with analyzing and gaining meaningful knowledge from your data. With only a few clicks you can analyze your current situation, but also have a predictive overview. CRM Intelligence Module comes with a dozen of ready-to-use interactive dashboards. However, you can of course add your own KPI according to your business needs. With 1 click you can select, filter, drill down… the information in the dashboard, it has never been that simple to analyse your data. The KPI and graphics give you an exact indication of your performance, progress in reaching goals, to help you to make the right decision at the right time. Overall trends and a predictive analysis are immediately indicated. 2. Simplify Your Access To Information The simplification of access to information is partly achieved by the new Calendar view, which immediately displays the availability of resources.
  2. 2. Register now for the free Web Seminar “NEW FEATURES OF EFFICY 10” 23/02/2016 - 9:30am CET (English websem) Register at Another feature that provides improved access to information relating to contacts, businesses… With Chronos, you can see all interactions in a timeline view: calls, emails, tickets, opportu- nities... Note: A new advanced filtering system as powerful & simple as Excel will also be available upon request. 3. Enhance Document & Project Management As we are receiving more and more emails, documents… we have improved the internal and external document sharing functions. For example, sharing documents (PDF, Excel…) has become easier via the extranet. Your contacts are now able to consult these documents remotely (with a secured and limited access if needed). And for an internal daily use, you can add documents or a whole directory by simply click on a button and select the target directory. Finally, the Project Management Module has been improved with new follow up features, reporting… And this is not all… EFFICY 10 also includes: • Multi-currency (fixed priced or real time prices). • SSO access by using your computer login to grant access to Efficy. • Performance optimization for high volume data. • A new Efficy sidebar specifically for Mac users. • Multi-accounts for Flexmail. • More specific error messages explaining exactly what is happening in Efficy. • Compatibility with Office 2016 & «Microsoft Edge». • … Efficy CRM - © Efficy SA 2016 - All rights reserved. The notifications alert you to outstanding tasks, urgent tickets… You can filter the view to see only the tickets, the emails… Details of item are provided with only 1 click!