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Charte de Qualité Efficy CRM


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Charte de Qualité Efficy CRM

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Charte de Qualité Efficy CRM

  1. 1. Efficy Charter of Quality To improve project delivery quality and standardize project management processes, the position of Quality Assurance Manager was opened within the Efficy project team. As a Quality Assurance Manager, I am committed to ensuring consistent quality of delivery of projects for our customers by: – Enforcing EFDM methodology & related guidelines within the project team – Supervising, coaching and following up staff on their application on projects – Coordinating best practices design, functional as well as technical – Ensuring that solutions are consistent and delivered according to best practices – Supporting other team members with their solution design by being a referent or a counselor My responsibilities and duties are to: – Guarantee the quality of delivery of each project team: BE, FR, NL, CH – Propose improvements to the current EFDM methodology – Communicate and train project teams accordingly – Improve solution design best practices – Ensure that technical best practices are defined and followed – Coordinate project cases resolution – Coordinate code reviews within the teams – Reviews solution designs of major projects and validate that best practices are respected, upon the consultants’ requests – Answer questions from project team members about solution design and functional aspects of the product – Organize functional and technical project audits and define an action plan Quality Assurance Manager Pierre-Philippe Fouret
  2. 2. • The Sales Team communicates customer expectations, context and constraints to the assigned Project Team. • Requirements, budget and high level project plan are discussed and agreed. • Our Project Manager presents the project scope, objectives and stakes to his team and defines their activities for the project. • Project milestones are scheduled in a project plan. • The Business Analyst meets with the customer in order to understand his requirements in details as well as his acceptance criteria. • He writes the functional specifications and defines the corresponding solution design. • Based on the functional analysis, the Project Consultants develop the solution on the testing environment according to technical best practices. • Internal testing is performed by the Business Analyst to guarantee quality and compliance of the solution. • The customer tests the delivered solution in order to validate that it works as defined during the analysis phase. • Feedback from the customer is used to fine-tune the solution until acceptance criteria are met. • The Project Manager makes regular statuses with his team to monitor the progress of the project and informs the customer about it. • Project plan may be updated according to this progress status. • End-users are trained in order to get familiar with the new solution and to get the most benefit out of it in their day to day activities. • The different features and services of the solution are up and running. • End-users can start working with it. • Our Hotline is available to assist end-users if needed. • A dedicated support provided by the Project Team can also be organized during the first weeks after the go-live. • The Project Team closes the project once the customer is satisfied with their solution. • The Sales Team calls the customer to receive feedback on the level of services provided by the Project Team. Sales briefing Kick-off Analysis Realization Acceptance Testing Follow up Meetings Training Go Live Support Go Live Closing Starting Phase Delivery Phase Closing Phase EFDM Methodology ❍ It’s us! ❍ It’s what we do! ❍ It creates a common understanding of our business ❍ It gives customers confidence in what we do, and how we do it ❍ It’s the starting point for continuous improvement Efficy SA / NV Rue Colonel Bourg 105a B-1140 Brussels l f T Y© Efficy SA 2016 - All rights reserved.