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Making curiosity real at organizations


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4 practical ways to develop Curiosity as a trait amongst employees

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Making curiosity real at organizations

  1. 1. ..But satisfaction brought it back Curiosity killed the cat
  2. 2. When asked to name the one attribute CEOs will need most to succeed Michael Dell, CEO - Dell Inc., replied, “I would place my bet on curiosity.”
  3. 3. Can Curiosity be learnt? Given the right conditions, all of us have the potential – look back to when we were children
  5. 5. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL 84% of employees feel their employers encouraged curiosity* 60% of employees believe there are barriers to building curiosity into work* Legacy structures, continued emphasis on authority and routine discourage the expression of Curiosity *Merck KGaA study
  6. 6. • Establish freedom and incentives to ask questions • Keep the questions • More genuine than rhetorical • Exploratory not just practical • Penetrating, but also speculative • Bring inquiry into day-to-day conversations, meetings and projects # 1 Encourage Inquiry
  7. 7. • Proactively encourage different perspectives • Capture the minority and dissenting voices • Focus on the perspective not the individual # 2 Examine multiple Points of View
  8. 8. # 3 Encourage Learning of all kinds • Let curiosity wander outside the corporate bubble • Establish personal time policies allowing for “passion projects” • Keep continuous conversation regarding life outside of the office • Find meaningful ways to connect work with other interests
  9. 9. # 4 Don’t play the Blame Game • Avoid the ‘villain, victim, and hero’ dynamic • Create a secure environment to fail • Empower employees with ownership – embolden them to fight for their ideas • Stay forward facing even in the face of failure
  10. 10. Building such an organization is a daunting task – but one well worth the investment and risk Pictures credit THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE CURIOUS