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Edulearn atenea upc v2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Edulearn atenea upc v2

  1. 1. ATENEA UPC AND THE NEW "ActivityStream" or "WALL" FEATURE Jesus Alcober (jesus.alcober @ Oriol Sanchez (oriol.sanchez @ Javier Otero (javier.otero @ Ramon Martí (ramon.marti @ July 2012
  2. 2. ATENEA UPC service evolution (2005-2011)
  3. 3. Nowadays, there are … new students, new ways of communication, new collaboration tools, new ways to consume information, …
  4. 4. Social Learning Teaching to students 2.0 How We Learn… * Informal vs. formal Feedback and observing and 20% working with Personal role models 70% Connecting Formal 10% training CollaboratingReal life and on-the-job experiences, Real time tasks and problem solving *
  5. 5. In February, 2012…EETAC – First pilot school in UPCwith “Activity Stream” or “Wall” 500 users 142 subjects 6 degrees
  6. 6. 3 contexts “Activity Stream”
  7. 7. Add message and response
  8. 8. Information shown within the messages
  9. 9. Activity Stream – Home Page
  10. 10. Activity Stream - Course
  11. 11. Activity Stream - Group
  12. 12. Some figures FEB MAR APR MAY Total questions 34 149 113 232 Total responses 24 88 110 272 Total subjects 17 37 36 41Total different users Q/A 34 115 89 124 Total groups 8 29 17 18
  13. 13. In April, 2012… EETAC – Second pilotwith Twitter and “Activity Stream” 25 users 2 subjects 1 degrees
  14. 14. Two ways of “Activity Stream” feed using Twitter Twitter hashtags set up in course parametersTwitter subjectaccount; i. e. hashtags #upc@EETAC_GXPS #gxps from a registered user Twitter course account set up Twitter user in course account set parameters up in user profile
  15. 15. Some conclusions• Several students “discovered” that they could initiate AS this way• The AS has become the integrating stream of all the information related to the subject• Partially, this information comes from the public Twitter – where another group of alumni can interact as well• The Twitter course account has become a tool to compile all the interesting information on the subject, not only manually – For example , Twitterfeed or ifttt allows to feed the Twitter account and, hence, the AS with interesting blog entries on the subject• Twitter has become another learning activity – For example, “twitify” a technical paper or publish final reports
  16. 16. In September 2012…“Activity Stream” or “Wall” extended to UPC 2.500 academic staff 4.000 subjects and …
  17. 17. MAX and SOMUPC Flexible and modular architectureorganization somupc systems MAX Atenea Subscription Organization etc. and activity systems core personal mobile services devices Twitter social etc. networks somupc Concept design
  18. 18. #thankyouforyourattention Jesus Alcober (jesus.alcober @ Oriol Sanchez (oriol.sanchez @ Javier Otero (javier.otero @ Ramon Martí (ramon.marti @ July 2012