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Upload pp enbe 00000

  2. 2. ENBE PROJECT ONE-THE HABITAT INFOGRAPHIC POSTERDestination : River Stone Eco Resort ,Hutan Lipur Sungai Tua ,Jalan Sungai Tua ,68100 Batu Caves ,Selangor Darul Aman .​Duration : 2 Days 1 NightSite Visit : 15th April 2013 (Monday ) - 16th April 2013 (Tuesday)
  3. 3. 2 Days 1 NightinRiver Stone Eco Resort
  4. 4. Day 1 (15th April 2013-Monday ):07:00 a.m. - Gathering in front of Taylor Administration Office07:30 a.m. - Taking attendance , entered bus according togroups08:25 a.m. – Leaving Taylor’s University , heading River StoneEco Resort10:15 a.m. - Arrived River Stone Eco Resort10:30 a.m. - Check in Dorm10:45 a.m. – Brief given by Miss Amira ( person in charge )11:45 a.m. – Activity One ( Selecting Site )12:30 p.m. - Lunch01:20 p.m. - Activity Two (Exploring Site )04:00 p.m. – Rest06:00 p.m. – Tea Break06:30 p.m. – Group Discussion07:30 p.m. – Dinner08:20 p.m. – Making Group Logo08:45 p.m. – Presentation of group ‘s logo10:45 p.m. – Supper11:00 p.m. – Tutorial11:30 p.m. – Good Night
  5. 5. Day 2 ( 16th April 2013 – Tuesday ) :06:30 a.m. – Wake up07:00 a.m. - Exercise07:30 a.m. – Breakfast08:30 a.m. – Activity Three ( Rempuh Halangan )09:30 a.m. – Collecting data from our site11:30 a.m. – Rest12:00 p.m. – Lunch12:50 p.m. - Waiting for bus01:15 p.m. - The End ( go back)
  6. 6. Photos From took from theRiver Stone Eco Resort
  7. 7. Our DormBriefingEntrance to River Stone Eco Resort
  8. 8. The views
  9. 9. Water Attacking…..
  10. 10. What I do at my site……Investigating insects…..
  11. 11. Five Senses
  12. 12. What I See :The Green of nature, the green of thefauna….Different type of flora & fauna….
  13. 13. What I Feel :The cold river ..refreshing…The fresh air surrounding..
  14. 14. What I Hear :The nature sound … thesounds of insect ‘criking’ ,the sounds of birds ‘criping’…the sounds of the treemoves…
  15. 15. What I taste:The delicious food ….The nature taste of…rock…tastelss><
  16. 16. What I Smell :The fresh air!!....The airwas so cool & fresh….
  17. 17. Plant & InsectThat IDiscovered
  18. 18. Plant : Mimosa PudicaScientific Name : Mimosa PudicaOther Name : Sensitive plant / touch me not
  19. 19. Sketches of Mimosa Pudica :
  20. 20. Applications of M.Pudica inTraditional Healthcare System*Root : bitter , acrid , cooling , vulnerary , alexipharmicTreatment : leprosy , dysentery , vaginal & uterine complaints ,inflammations , burning sensation , asthma ,leucoderma , and , fatigue & blood diseases.*Unani Healthcare System : Root – resolvent , alternative= useful – treatment of diseasesarising from bloodimpurities & bile , biliousfever , piles jaundice &leprosy etc.
  21. 21. * Decoction of roots is used with water to gargle to reducetoothache.Useful in diarrhea ( athisaara ) , amoebic , dysentery (raktactisaara ) , bleeding piles and urinary infectionsArrest bleeding and fastens the healing processTo cure skin diseasesUsed in condition like bronchitis , general weakness &impotenceTreats neurological problemUsed in herbal preparations of gynecological disorder
  22. 22. Insect : DragonflyScientific Name : Anisoptera
  23. 23. Sketches of Dragonfly:Top ViewSide View
  24. 24. Life Cycle of Dragonfly :
  25. 25. The Egg Stage• A male and a female dragonfly will mate while they are flying in the air.After two dragonflies mate, the female dragonfly will lay her eggs on aplant in the water, or if she can’t find a suitable plant she will just dropthem into the water.The Nymph Stage• Once the dragonfly eggs hatch, the life cycle of a dragonfly larva begins as anymph. A nymph looks like a little alien creature. It hasn’t grown its wingsyet and has what looks like a crusty hump hanging onto its back. Dragonflynymphs live in the water while they grow and develop into dragonflies. Thisportion of the dragonfly life cycle can take up to four years to complete,and if the nymph cycle is completed in the beginning of the wintertime, itwill remain in the water until spring when it is warm enough to come out.• Dragonfly nymphs live in ponds or marshy areas because the waters arecalmer than in a stream or river. Sometimes they can be found in thecalmer backwaters of rivers, too. Dragonfly nymphs may eat smallerdragonfly nymphs as they develop.
  26. 26. The Adult Dragonfly Stage• Once the nymph is fully grown, and the weather is right, itwill complete the metamorphosis into a dragonfly bycrawling out of the water up the stem of a plant. The nymphwill shed its skin onto the stem of the plant and will then bea young dragonfly. The skin that the nymph left behind iscalled the exuvia and you can find the exuvia still stuck tothe stem for a long time after the dragonfly has left it.• Once the dragonfly leaves the exuvia it is a full growndragonfly. The dragonfly will hunt for food and begin to lookfor a mate. Once the dragonfly finds a mate, the female willfind a body of calm water that will be a good place to lay hereggs, and the life cycle of the dragonfly begins all overagain. Adult dragonflies only live about two months.
  27. 27. My Group Infographic
  28. 28. Draft of video story line
  29. 29. Interesting Part of my SideThe reason why I choose this side is , this is the endof the river . Besides that , the colour of the wateris different from the other part of the river . Thecolour of water looks more greenish compare toother part of the river . In addition to that , at thisside I can find more samplescompare to other side , forinstance the samples aresnails , ants , mushrooms etc.Moreover , the views aremore beautiful compare toothers .
  30. 30. What is Ecosystem?* Ecosystem is the complex of livingorganisms , their physical environment ,and all their interrelationship in aparticular unit of space .
  31. 31. Reflection :First of all , I would like to say about the visiting to RiverStone Eco Resort . After visiting the River Stone EcoResort , I learnt a lot of things about the beauty if nature.Nature is something that we can’t use money to buy.Nature belongs to living & non- livings on this earth . So ,everyone have their responsibilities to care & concernabout the nature . We all as a part of nature , shouldprotect the nature , so that the future generation will stillhave the opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature.
  32. 32. Secondly , I would like to say about the groupproject . After submit & present the work, I realizedthe importance of having a tutorial class . When wego for tutorial class, we can get a lots of goodadvices & suggestions from the lecture . Besidesthat, cooperation among the members in the groupis the most important key the success a project work. In addition to that , I also learnt the importance oftime balancing & managing . One of the problemsthat I faced during the ENBE project is, we haveothers project work in the same time . To overcomethe problem , I need to know how to balance mytime so that I won’t missed out any project.
  33. 33. Before I end my words , I would to thanks to my tutorial lecture ,Mr Wan . Honestly to say that , without him, we really can’tcomplete our infographic and also the video so successfully. Hispatiently & kindness for giving us advices & suggestions duringour progress.Besides that , as a leader of the group, I would like to thanks to allmy members for their cooperation during the progression andalso for willing to sacrifice their time for the meetings & doingthe project .