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These a 8 tips that can help you create a better online coverage of your brand or service

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  2. 2. #1 Be present on mobile #2 Be genuine #3 Be Triggering #4 Be Social #5 Be Local #6 Be Visual #7 Be Prepared #8 Be Informed
  3. 3. THINK MOBILE MARKETING VALUABLE USER FEEDBACK RELEVANT LOCAL CONTENT #1 Almost all of your possible clients have a mobile phone, use that as a channel The great thing is that it is easier to convince people to interact with your brand if you know how to trigger such behavior. One of the items they always have with them is a mobile phone and this brings great possibility. Mobile tip #1 // Suprise gifts. Instead of bringing people to your website with a QR code on a poster or POS. Have the QR code download a discount coupon instead. Imagine your target audience in the mediamarket, still in doubt about which product to buy. They see your product and it says scan my code and you will recieve a great gift from us. First they interact with your brand which enhances awareness. Secondly they act on it which brings your brand closer to the preference point. Thirdly you offer them a reward for their action, which evokes a good feeling about the brand. You will see that they are more likely to chose your brand. The surprise of the gift is on your side, so don’t tell them upfront.
  4. 4. THINK MOBILE MARKETING VALUABLE USER FEEDBACK RELEVANT LOCAL CONTENT #1 Think Solomo Mobile communication is the future. Almost all of us have a phone, and interaction on local device level is the most direct way of communication. People use their phone as a local shopping companion and guide. And therefore it is the platform which influences their decision the most. Think second screen experience. Expert Mobile tip #1 // Think solomo For your marketing to be succesfull you have to think solomo (social, local, mobile). Use the power of social media to drive local traffic through mobile communication. The next examples give you an idea of the possibilities how adidas drove more traffic to the store using mobile The power of mobile importance of a mobile website Fiat mobile campaign Frankwatching newsletters for mobile EXPERT TIPS
  5. 5. WORD OF MOUTH SPREAD THE WORD #2 You network starts with you. A lot of brands are always struggeling to get word of mouth going. But most of them do not consider their own network as a good starting point. But it is most ideal. These are people that are actually willing to help you out. Be gratefull for that and reward them with whatever you can do from your position to help them. WOM #2 // Kickstart your network 1 Ask five of your friends/family to start following your brand on social media, you decide who. Publicly thank them and make them feel appreciated! 2 I want you to offer something to your network that you can give away on behalf of your brand.(discounts, special deals good tips for doing your laundry) And it is just for your own friends. For insance post on your wall: “heyhey guys i have a 20% discount to give away to 5 people, is anyone interested or do you know anyone who is?” 3 Put the link to the brandfacebook on your personal Social Media profiles, it generates lots of visits. It shows you work there and like your work. That gives a personal appeal to your brand.
  6. 6. WORD OF MOUTH SPREAD THE WORD #2 Use storytelling & interaction to get W.O.M. To get into the personal or social lives of your audience you need to have a brand that appeals to people. You need to try to find the ingredients that trigger their emotional needs. This is where storytelling and asking questions come in. How will your products make the lives of your audience better. How do you turn low interest products into brandappeal and WOM WOM #2 // Tell a story that people can relate to Step 1: Your facebook timeline should tell your brandstory, also personal notes, quotes and anecdotes. This will personalise the brand. Add stories that appeal to people. Step 2: Find what triggers people: So you sell washing machines. You can tell them about specifications or you can tell them about all the fun things to do in the time it takes to wait for the laundry.This way you turn a low interest moment into something nice or fun. Step 3: Ask people what ideas they can come up with in that free time. Step 4: Use that data and turn it into something positive. Step 5: Share the stories, start a movement. Good examples of storytelling Good examples of activating storytelling Good example of brand interaction EXPERT TIPS
  7. 7. COMMUNICATION WHAT ARE YOU SAYING #3 Allways call to action 2 Most brands that communicate to promote their brand show benefits, discounts, specifications and such things. What they don’t realise is that those things rarely really trigger people. You need to grab their attention first Communication #1 // Trigger them by using the right call to action. You communication always has to be something your audience need to think about. One of the best ways is by simply interacting with your audience. It triggers their natural response to stop and think. So don’t say: Here is our new collection Say instead: How would the perfect dinner made by our new collection look like? You can use this online to evoke a response and therefore have the chance to engage with your audience. But really important, this kind of communication also gets people activated instore. Imagine being instore and seing on POS: Who can make the best cake with our new blackline oven? and then add the twitter url or facebook url to engage with your audience. Not only do you get cool recipes. But you also get them exited about using your product. The fact you ask them makes your brand more valuable to them.
  8. 8. COMMUNICATION WHAT ARE YOU SAYING #3 Allways use a call to action. Brands always use their design guidelines when it comes to online design. Instead they should use their instincts a bit more. What makes for good conversion? Am i communicating clear enough? A button that fit’s your brand guidelines may not convert enough clicks. Communication #2 // Make it obvious When you sell things online, there is only one thing that matters and that is conversion. How many people press that buttons you want them to push? And how many sales do you generate with that button? There is much to be won when it comes to communicating the right way and triggering people to buy things online. We have round up some good articles for you emphasising the power of call to action on a webpage. Enjoy and implement! EXPERT TIPS
  9. 9. TAKE IT ONE STEP FURTHER SOCIAL #4 Where are my fans at? Who are you talking to and what do they want?. You need to ask this question for every platform you will use, because people have different motives and behaviors on each different platform. Ofcourse some information you get from one platform, you can use profiling people on other platforms. You must know who is out there. Social #1 // Who are those people on my wall and in my store? • Who are you talking to, and who is talking to you? Be as specific as you can. Age, gender, preferences, income. As much as you can find out. • What is their issue? What are they experiencing when in contact with your brand? And what is the problem they experience with your brand. • What does your product or service do to solve or lessen their pain? What can you do or contribute, to solve their issues together? • How can your product or service inspire and help them personally and professionally? • How do you do compared to competitor brands? • What other channels do your target group use online and offline? The first clip let’s you see how most brands approach their customers, see and learn how not to do it ;) Very good example of targeting your specific customer and then reaching a big group by doing so. Tips and tricks
  10. 10. TAKE IT ONE STEP FURTHER SOCIAL EXPERT TIPS #4 Use the force! Find out what everybody on social media is talking about. You need to be able to track those conversations. Social #2 // The power of the # (hashtag) Using hastags for your service or producs is a really good way to get your target audience to communicate in a way that can be monitored. For instance you could track: #whirlpool, #bauknecht, #whirlpool & #fail, #wasmachine & #durftevragen But you can also start hashtags yourself. #claimdecabrio #metropolitanchallenge This way you can use this in your communication in a way that people will copy this from you and you can easily track what is said about the things you do. This works best when usinging twitter, but facebook will include and enable hastags as well soon, so now you can follow all what is said. One of the best tools to use for multiple hastags is tweetdeck. Find it and here is a video on how to use tweetdeck. Some usefull articles
  11. 11. LOCATION LOCATION KNOW WHERE THEY ARE #5 Think national, act local Location #1 // Use local presence. Social media is usually delt with on a national level. But you need to redefine it, take it one step further, and engage on a local level. So you plan for: one tone of voice, for one approach, one set of tools. But then you see how you can use those guidelines a local level. A person can always be located through either their mobile phone or their login in social media. Facebook knows where they live, so use this data. Work together with local dealers to get the best deals out to your fans in that region. Make sure the things you offer will benefit your fans locally. Like local service for their product, local testproducts, local coupons only for your region, local pampering, local appointments, local exclusive vip testevenings, local cooking clubs. You can get people to register to a your local cooking clubs when they buy a product or kitchen with your product. But also approach cook fanatics to come a try out your product by using textmessages and mobile regional ads to do so. Nike plus is a good example how to use local data (your running data) and turn it into an advice, a motivation, and a brand utility which makes the user want to stay connected to Nike
  12. 12. LOCATION LOCATION KNOW WHERE THEY ARE #5 Think national, act local Location #1 // Use local presence. So how do you use mobile and local presence to get to people? Get them to use their mobile and social media on a local level. You can do this by enhancing your local presence to send them coupons or deals specific for their region. For a nice way Jumbo uses email marketing combined with local coupons to drive traffic check But you need to take it one step further. Because people will shop with their mobile at hand as their shopping assistant. So make it worth their while to interact with your brand on a local level. The next example is how Ikea took a simple idea and turned it into a good way to recruit people for local Ikea’s Nice articles about the topic: EXPERT TIPS
  13. 13. A PICTURE SAYS MORE THEN.... VISUAL ELEMENT #6 Think visuals Visual #1 // Always post visuals. A picture says more then a thousand words. It is the main reason why Pinterest is so popular. A personal post with a question is liked much more on facebook than a product release or notification. But you can even get more interaction by accompanying every post with a picture or video. The most important rule about posting online. Never post something about your brand without a photo/video. Unless it is a response to a question.. You will see people interact much more when you visualise what you are saying. And when they interact you have a chance to turn them into fans. So whenever you want to communicate something, make sure to have nice visuals to support it. If you did an POS activation.. make pictures, if somebody wins something in store...make pictures. If you want to explain how an appliance works, make a video or infographic. And dont forget to attach your url to every posted picture or video. This is good for traffic and Google ranking.
  14. 14. A PICTURE SAYS MORE THEN.... VISUAL ELEMENT #6 Think visuals Visual #2 // Create the right visual content and tag people. Everyting you post needs to look like fun. It always needs to be in context with your brand, but it has to do with the emotional aspect of your brand. Do not show your new products, but instead show how it makes people feel, what the consequences are of having such a nice new product. When you show these kinds of things, always have people respond to your posts by asking them to show you their “moment” or pictures. One of the most direct way to get peoples attention if you tag them in a picture (also works with mentioning them in tweets). Not only do people want to know where and why they are tagged, but their whole friendlist will see they are tagged as well. But keep in mind that you do not want to tag people for the wrong reasons. There needs to be a reason for it. Maybe you want their opinion, or maybe you are responding to peoples questions with a picture that explains your answer. When people give a positive contribution to your page. Make a generic thank you picture (the golden spoon for the best cooking comments) (or the golden clothespin for the most positive comment about wahsingmachines) and then post that picutres tagging them and mentioning them in the post thanking them for their positive contribution. Some examples of the power of visualisation EXPERT TIPS
  15. 15. PLAN TO SAVE TIME SCEDULE ACTIVITIES #7 Make a plan Scedule #1 // Make a planning The last friday of every month you should spend a couple of hours planning what you will be posting this month. Ask for feedback from all departments on what they will be doing activitywise this month and write down what to share. • Know when a new product is launched (day, time) Plan what you will say about it and write it ahead of time. Determine what pictures go with it. What channels to use, who to activate, and what pr to do. • Make a list of questions you want to ask people this month • Make a list of topics that you want people to discuss with you • A list of issues you want to adress. • Questions you want to ask • A list of videos and pictures you want to post And then plan when you are going to post what (date time) So you dont have to do it manually. By making a planning you will always have something to say and you can spend your time online to interact or to post something urgent or something newsworthy. It makes better use of your time Also make a yearplanning what you are going to do as far as campaigns go. (month, day, time) The more you plan, the more effective your strategy will be
  16. 16. PLAN TO SAVE TIME SCEDULE ACTIVITIES #7 Make a plan Scedule #2 // Make a planning When making a monthly, quarterly or even a year planning for what you are going to communicate. Always plan with the 5 W strategy. Who, What, Where, When and Why. But the most important thing is, strategize. Make a plan, not only to scedule posts, but also plan what your goals are, what you want to accomplish and what you need in resources to make it happen. About the 5 W’s Good guidelines ta make a plan Guidelines for planning Tools for planning How to plan content and succesrate of your website EXPERT TIPS
  17. 17. ANALYSE THAT DATA ANALYSE & MEASURE #8 Know what happened! The only way to know if it was a succes is measure everything there is to measure. For everything you do whether it is on- or offline you need to measure all you can to turn your communication into a succes formula. This doesn’t involve endless reviews with loads of people, no this means informing everyone involved lean and mean through sceduled moments with data and numbers. • When starting a campaign, always keep in mind that whatever you do, it needs to be measurable. This means that you have to think of ways to make the unmeasurable measurable. For instance if you want to know how many people scanned the QR on the Pos you have the scanned QR code go through a invisible page that measures, who, when, what time, and how many. This way you know exactly what worked en when it worked. • Always plan fixed moments to evaluate the data and send them to your collegues for good use in adapting the campaign for better succes. • Always use markers. For instance if you want to know how many people get activated, have the salesperson hand out special numbered coupons for people that have a interest in your product. This way you can measure people that are interested versus the number that actually purchased. Then you can analyse why they bought or why they did not bought even though they where interested. Next time you can trigger them even better so more people convert.
  18. 18. ANALYSE THAT DATA ANALYSE & MEASURE #8 Know what happened! What tool scan you use to analyse the data? And why is this important? To be able to measure the succes of your communication you need to measure the results. This way you can see what you got for every euro you spend. This could be that for every euro you got one visitor, 1 like, 1 scan, 0,4 purchases, and so on. But furthermore it allows you to calculate what is effective. Perhaps instore material has a low rate in producing sales but a high rate in awareness. And coupons have a high conversion rate in sales. Now you know where to spend your money if you want either awareness or conversion. Here are some examples in measuring tools. • Measurable mail newsletters with extended analytic tools. It registers clicks, participants en measures what content sells and what content does not do well. • • • • • • • EXPERT TIPS