Ideat assigmt slides 1 13 ( c )


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These slides are submitted as an assignment on "Ideat" for the Design Thinking Action Lab Course

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Ideat assigmt slides 1 13 ( c )

  1. 1. Problem How to monitor sales staff and to meet sales target efficiently and cost-effctively.
  2. 2. Fifty Solutions 1. Use of tracking device inplanted into each salesperson's I-pad. 2. Use of social media (facebook, twitter) to communicatewith salespersons 3. Use of automatic sales staff data-input device that feeds directly into company system. 4. Use of GPS in their handphones to track their movement. 5. Use of tracking bracelat they wear to track them. 6. Ask them to email sales reulst. 7. Ask them to SMS sales results.
  3. 3. Fifty Solutions 8. Fax salaes manager the sales results. 9.Inform salaes manager of their sales results via handphone call. 10. To upload sales results into company sales computer sysytem. 11. To ask sales staff to present sales results at weekly meeting. 12. To ask salse staff to save all sales results in thumdrives and submit to me to process data. 13. To ask sales staff sumbit slides reports during weekly meeting.
  4. 4. Fifty Solutions 14. Ask sales staff to speak to sales mnager in personal meeting. 15. Ask sales satff to post their sales reprorts. 16. Ask sales staff to upload sales rerorts in video/ slides format into company departmental portal. 17. Ask sales staff to ignore monitoring and focus on increasing sales volume. 18. Ask top management to discard the monitoring system and replace with commissions-based incentives. 19. Ask top managemnt to employ more staff members and to compete and weed out poor-performers.
  5. 5. Fifty Solutions 20.To repalce the sale staff with e-commerce with B2B system. 21.To implement multi-level marketing so that the company can boost sale without sales staff. 22. To engage stockists or dealers to build up distribution chain to replace sales staff. 23. To set up B2C direct e-commerce system to sell directly to customers without dealers. 24.To set up our retail outlets to boost of our products via store managers system to replace dealers system that requires taking orders and servces by sales staff.
  6. 6. Fifty Solutions 25. To ask sales staff to send in sales results via sales manager's watch that flickers with sales volume. 26. Ask the flying robots to send in the sales results directly to sales manager. 27. Sales manager can remote control and monitor sale volume of sales staff via an electonic gadget. 28. Ask ultraman to send in the sales volume imediately. 29. Ask the salesman to perform magic to send sales volume to sale manager. 30. Ask salesmen to ride on flying carpets and meet sales manager in office.
  7. 7. Fifty Solutions 31.With unlimited budget, compnay should allow sales manager to accompny salepesons to visit dealers. 32. Company allows sales manager to travel to check on salespersons' performance. 33. Employ supervisors to monitor salespersons' sales activities. 34. Set up cash-and carry warehouse centrally located to convenience dealerer and consumers. 35. Give dealers incentives to place sales order directly with company without salesperoson's services. 36.Appoint sales agency to service dealers outside 50 miles radius. 37. Set up franchised businesses to sell company products.
  8. 8. Fifity Solutions 38.Appoint commissioed agency to produce company's products under patent arrangement and to market products. 39.Outsource sales function to commissoned agency. 40.Replace salespersons with self-serve system where customers must come and buy at company warehouse. 41.Set up strategy focus groups to discuss ways to improve sales volume and ways to improve salespersons performance. 42. Engage consultants to set up data process system to correlate sales to individual salesperson's performance. 43. Develop softwares that monitors and study and analyse data to suit company needs.
  9. 9. Fifty Solutions 44.Sell products cash at discounts through system of intoduction without salespersons. 45. Sell products at grand exhibition fairs quarterly. 46.If sales manager can cotrol over laws of nature, he would be able to travel through space to track the movement of his salespersons. 47If sales manager can cotrol over laws of nature, he would be able to make himself invisible and track the movement of his salespersons. 48.If sales manager can cotrol over laws of nature, he would be able to teleport the products directly onto the customers/dealers hands, thus making salesperons' visits at dealers redundant.
  10. 10. Fifty Solutions 49.If sales manager can cotrol over laws of nature, he would be able to employ quantum physics and inject his concsiousness to a prodcut and recreat again at on the hands of cusomers. 50. If sales manager can cotrol over laws of nature, he would be able to split himslelf into many clones to follow all his salespersons to promote company products all at the same time.
  11. 11. Three Selected Solutions 1. To monitor salespersons performance via internet platform such as the email: It is the most viable solution because it is the cheapest, the fastest and the safest mode available, and records are easily retrievable at any time.
  12. 12. 2. Fanchised business outlets: This would help boost sale volume with minimun help of salespersons, thus removing monitroring but replacing with sales strategy planning.But products need to be competitively priced and franchisees need helps to start-up and a lot of follow up assistsnce.Difficult to find would be investors in franchised business. Three Selected Solutions
  13. 13. 3. Develope sales information sysytem : This would help process data into meaningful infomartion to evaluate performace of each satff and ; and to help analyse the customers respone and other attributes to plan sales strategy, and product development. Three Selected Solutions