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Project brief


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Project brief

  1. 1. PROJECT BRIEF For the Construction of 12AM Cafe Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Prepared by Taylor's Students 24th June 2013 Revision 1.1
  2. 2. Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Project Description 1.2 Project Background 1.3Project Objective 1.4Success Criteria 2. Specification 2.1 Risk 2.2 Constraints 2.3 Assumptions 3. Project Management Team 3.1 Team Members 3.2 Objective 3.3 Tasks 4. Stakeholders 4.1 Primary Users 5. Budget 6. Reference Documents / Sources 6.1 Website 6.2 Meeting Minutes
  3. 3. 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 PROJECT DESCIRPTION The project is named :" 12AM Cafe Construction Project", involves the construction of a cafe in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The land has a total area of 68,797 square meters and it is owned and managed by Taylor's Education Group Sdn Bhd. The cafe is built especially for the students who stay up late around 12am to 6am. This cafe provide students a safe place to have a break while doing their assignments or a place to hang out in this late night. Food and drinks can be prepared and provided for the students. The cafe is planned to build inside the university land,a 20m x 20m site area beside the three academic blocks. It is a small open space area with green grass and some trees surrounding it. Selected Site: VIEW FROM FRONT Selected Site: VIEW FROM BACK
  4. 4. Site beside the academic block E
  5. 5. This site has been a plain green area since 2010 without any construction. We have done some site analysis and found that this site will be our ideal spot for the cafe for the following reason: 1. Ideal location for students from academic blocks 2. Windy area, hence good ventilation Selected Site: VIEW FROM SIDE 1 Selected Site: VIEW FROM SIDE 2
  6. 6. 3. Far from the main road, less sound pollution.. 4. Good scenery because near the lake 5. Safe for students as it is within campus area. 6. The site is far from the hostel area hence would not disturb other students in the late night. The agreement of this project brief is estimated to be signed on 29th July 2013 and the whole construction is estimated to take about 3 months. 1.2 PROJECT BACKGROUND Taylor's University Lakeside Campus is a Subang Jaya Lake area on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur has had many incarnations—first it was a tin mining field, then an illegal dumpsite, finally it became a squatter occupied by the homeless. After a major rehabilitation programme, the site has been transformed into an international school in 2010—Taylor’s Lakeside Campus now sits on the banks of the lake, wrapped closely around the water’s edge. The university takes advantage of this natural water body, formed initially by early mining activities, to formulate its environmental strategies and revitalize it into a key part of the campus 1.3 PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Improve in the level of service in Taylor's University Protect the students' safety in the late night Provide an ideal spot for the students to relax in the midnight Shorten the distance for the students to get food or drinks at the cafe instead of the commercial block. 1.4SUCCESS CRITERIA The cafe is built within the estimated time. The cafe is built within the estimated budget. The cafe is used fully by students who stay up late and recognize it as a new and ideal place to get food and drinks. The cafe is now part of the famous spot for late night activity with relaxing atmosphere and comfortable ambience.
  7. 7. 2. SPECIFICATIONS 2.1 RISK Funding: In case the funding is not enough, the project will be slowed down, postpone or worst, abandoned. Approval: The Authority’s approval will really affect the project, in case the Authority do not give out an approval for the project, the project cannot be carried out. Failure to attract or retain top talent: If we cannot find the right talent for the construction, there might be some problems that will be triggered and it might need to take a longer time that will trigger more problems in the future, e.g. client will lose their interest in the project. Injury to workers: In case something like this happens, problems will be triggered, e.g. the cost of the treatment. 2.2 CONSTRAINTS Pollution: The remnant of the construction materials will pollute the surroundings of the construction site, during the construction work. The sound of the construction work will disturb the activity around the construction site and will distribute to a sound pollution. Safety: The safety around the construction site will be hard to guarantee, the construction process and materials might endanger the safety of people passing by near the construction site. 2.3 ASSUMPTIONS The working hours will be from 12:00am – 6:00am. The customers will be the students that stayed up late. The staffs are not from the campus students. Students who usually go out of the campus area to have supper or to get a short break will choose to stop by this place. It will help in our campus facilities improvement. It will help the students who stayed up late to have a place to have a break.
  8. 8. 3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM 3.1 TEAM MEMBERS Key Members Person-in-charge Company Contact Adress Architect Mr. EdyPhung Phone: (+60) 12-253-4128 E-mail: green& G&B Sdn. Bhd. Level 3, JalanHua, No. 777, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor DarulEhsan, Malaysia. Landscape Architect Mr. Peh Ker Neng Phone: (+60) 14-6170502 E-mail: MajuTECH Landscape Architecture Firm 8,jln mutiaraemas 5/25, tamanperindustrian mount austin,81100, johorbahru, johor Structural Engineer Miss Lee Jo Yee Phone: (+60) 16-411-5000 E-mail: JADI Engineering Consultants Sdn. Bhd. No. 16, Jalan Scotland, Taman LumbaKuda, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang Contractor Mr. Nicolas Wong Phone: (+60) 14-882-8889 Office No: 086-338889 E-mail: Wong Xiao En Berhad No 51A, TanjungBatu, JalanTunHusseisnOnn, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak. Quantity Surveyor Miss Ling HuiSim SIM Construction Berhad No 3,Jalan Taman Selekoh, LahadDatu, Sabah. 3.2 OBJECTIVES To completely understand the students' needs and plan, design and build a cafe for the student. 3.3 TASKS Architect Observe construction of 12AM-CAFÉ to ensure that site work will meet the specifications of construction documents when the construction have completed. Submit modification of the design of 12AM-CAFÉ during construction to contractor. Adapt a project to real life site conditions, correct errors and remedy omissions to the construction documents. Provide an estimate for the cost work of 12AM-CAFÉ. As cost requirements change, architect has to update and refine cost estimate and share the information with contractor and owner. Recommends alternative solution to resolve any variations to original budgets. Conduct an assessment of the 12AM-CAFÉ for the owner
  9. 9. Consider the operations and performance of the facilities of 12AM-CAFÉ and make recommendations for maintenance and improvement. Structural Engineers Design structures to ensure 12AM-CAFÉ withstand stresses & pressures Choose appropriate materials to meet design specifications of the 12AM-CAFÉ Analysis configurations of the basic structural components of 12AM-CAFÉ Calculate pressure, stress & strains that each component of 12AM-CAFÉ will experience from other parts of the structure due to human use or environmental pressure. Liaising with architect to agree an safe designs and fit the aesthetic concept of 12AM- CAFÉ Considering the strength of various material of 12AM-CAFÉ Examining structures at risk of collapse of 12AM-CAFÉ and advising how to improve their structure integrity. Making drawings, specifications and computer models of 12AM-CAFÉ for building contractors. Investigating ground conditions of 12AM-CAFÉ and analysising results of site tests Applying expert knowledge of the forces that act on various structure of 12AM-CAFÉ Use computers and computer-aided design (CAD) technology for simulation process of 12AM-CAFÉ. Make sure the fire safety of 12AM-CAFÉ with a safety plan provided when there is a fire. Make sure the ventilation of 12AM-CAFÉ so that the air movement is fresh and give a comfortable environment to the costumer. Contractor To perform and complete 12AM-CAFÉ that is assigned. Checking whether the clients are aware of their duties while building 12AM-CAFÉ Cooperate with other working parties in the process of building 12AM-CAFÉ Consult with the workers in good time while building 12AM-CAFÉ Provide workers under their control with relevant information while building 12AM- CAFÉ Ensure the 12AM-CAFÉ is built as per drawings Lease with consultants, sub-traders and owner to achieve the common goal of 12AM- CAFÉ being completed on time.
  10. 10. Quantity Surveyor Estimating to define project budgets of 12AM-CAFÉ Analysis of the effect of design changes on the project budget of 12AM-CAFÉ Cost planning to refine the budget of 12AM-CAFÉ as the design documents develop Preparation of Bills of Quantities to assist in the tender process while building 12AM- CAFÉ Provision of cost control services during construction of 12AM-CAFÉ Assessment of the contractor’s progress claims while building 12AM-CAFÉ Assessment of variation and delay claims while building 12AM-CAFÉ Negotiation and settlement of accounts while building 12AM-CAFÉ Monthly forecasting and cost reporting while building 12AM-CAFÉ Monthly negotiation and agreement of payments for 12AM-CAFÉ to carry out Preparation of tax depreciation reports of 12AM-CAFÉ for investors and property owners Expert witness reports to assist in the settlement of 12AM-CAFÉ disputes Landscape Architect Overseeing the design of a 12AM-CAFÉ, including urban regeneration schemes, pedestrian schemes, road or retail schemes, and maintaining the character of sites of natural beauty Establishing general landscape requirements with clients to build 12AM-CAFÉ Conducting preliminary studies of the site of building 12AM-CAFÉ including contours, soil, ecology, buildings and roads Assessing the 12AM-CAFÉ site's potential to meet the client's specifications Carrying out 12AM-CAFÉ environmental impact assessments accurately preparing and presenting detailed plans and working drawings of 12AM- CAFÉ, including applications, construction details and specifications for the project using computer-aided design (CAD) packages or similar design software Presenting proposals to clients, dealing with enquiries and negotiating any amendments to the final design of 12AM-CAFÉ Contacting and coordinating manufacturers and suppliers in the process of building 12AM-CAFÉ Authorising payment once 12AM-CAFÉ has been satisfactorily completed
  11. 11. 4. STAKEHOLDERS These are the stakeholders have so far been identified for the project: 4.1 PRIMARY USERS The students of Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, especially the students from the hostel and students who stay up late in the educational building block for their assignments, projects or discussion.
  12. 12. 5. BUDGET ITEM B.O.Q DESCRIPTION QTY UNIT RATE AMOUNT A ELEMENT NO 1 SUBSTRUCTURE ( ALL PROVISIONAL) EXCAVATION AND EARTWORK Clear entire site of bushes shrubs, trees including grubbing out roots and removal from site 5 m2 13.00 65.00 B Excavate to remove vegetable soil average 150mm deep and remove from site 10 m2 26.00 260.00 C Excavate pit for column bases commencing from stripped level and not exceeding 1500mm deep 15 m3 165.00 2,475.00 D Excavate trench for foundation starting from stripped level and not exceeding 1000mm deep 30 m3 165.00 4,950.00 E Selected excavated material for back fill around foundation 10 m3 61.00 610.00 F Remove surplus excavated materials from site 40 m3 248.00 9,920.00 G Level and compact bottom of excavated to receive concrete bed 2 m2 12.00 24.00 Disposal of water H Allow for keeping excavations free from general water other than spring or running water item I Apply “Deldrex 20” Anti-termite treatment in the foundation 5 m2 20.00 100.00 J 300mm ( average ) sandfilling well compacted and rammed in layers to receive hardcore 1 m3 660.00 660.00 K 150mm thick approved hardcore on ditto 2 m3 149.00 298.00 Carried to collection 19,362.00
  13. 13. CONCRETE WORK PLAIN INSITU CONCRETE ( 1:10 ) mix in A 50mm thick building 20 m2 248.00 4,960 Reinforced in-situ concrete ( 1:2:4-19mm aggregate ) packed around reinforcement in formwork ( both measured separately) in B Column bases 10 m3 720.00 7,200.00 C Foundation 10 m3 720.00 7,200.00 D Ditto 100mm steps 10 m2 72.00 7,20.00 Reinforcement High vield tensile steel bar reinforcement to BS 4461 including cutting bending and tying wire – provisional E 10 – 16mm diameter rod in column bases ( 120kg/m3 of concrete ) 10 kg 92.00 920.00 SAWN FORMWORK TO:- F Vertical sides of column bases and beams 30 m2 31.00 930.00 G Edge of floor slab, 150mm thick. 10 m 66.00 660.00 Carried to collection 17,630.00 COLLECTION Page 1 Page 2 Carried to Summary 36,992.00
  14. 14. ELEMENT NO 2 FRAMES Reinforced in-situ concrete ( 1:2:4- 19mm aggregate packed around reinforcement in formwork both measure separately ) in A Isolated column 10 m3 720.00 7,200.00 B Columns 10 m3 720.00 7,200.00 Reinforcement High yield tensile steel bar reinforcement to BS 4461 including cutting, bending and tying wire in the following: C 10- 16mm diameter rod in column 5 kg 92.00 460.00 FORMWORK TO: D Vertical column 30 m2 31.00 930.00 Protection E Protect all works in this section item FRAMES Carried to Summary 15,790
  15. 15. ELEMENT NO 3 EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL WALLS CONCRETE WALL Reinforcement in Situ Concrete ( 1:2:4- 19mm aggre-gate packed around reinforcement in formwork ( both measured separately) in A Lintel beam sectional area 0.05- 0.10metre square 20 m3 720.00 14,400.00 Reinforcement High yield tensile steel bar reinforcement to BS 4461 including cutting, bending and tying wire in: B 10- 12mm diameter high yield tensile steel bar in lintel 100 kg 45.00 4,500.00 FORMWORK TO C Sides and soffit of lintel 30 m2 31.00 930.00 BLOCKWORK WALL Hollow sandcrete load bearing blockwoek and laid in cement mortar ( 1:4 ) D 225mm wall Externally 10 m2 66.00 660.00 E Ditto Internally 10 m2 66.00 660.00 EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL WALLS 21,250.00 Carried to Summary
  16. 16. ELEMENT NO 4 FITTINGS AND FIXTURES A Allow the provisional sum of N 198,144.00 complete installation of wardrobe and kitchen cabinet as per detailed drawing. item 198,144.00 198,144.00 FITTING AND FISTURE Carried to Summary 198,144.00
  17. 17. ELEMENT NO 5 ROOF CONSTRUCTION AND COVERING A 0.7mm Aluminum long span roofing sheet nailed on hardwood with required laps and to slope as shown on the drawings and strictly in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction. 30 m2 358.00 10,748.00 B Ditto but 0.70mm thick ridge capping 600mm girth 10 m 158.00 1,580.00 C Ditto but 0.70mm thick ridge capping 300mm girth 10 m 158.00 1,580.00 CARCASSING Treated sawn hardwood in D 75 x 150mm Wall Plates 15 m 37.00 555.00 E 50 x 150mm tie beam 15 m 37.00 555.00 F 50 x 150mm rafters 15 m 37.00 555.00 G Ditto king post 15 m 37.00 555.00 H Ditto struts 15 m 37.00 555.00 I 50 x 75mm purlins 2 m 24.00 48.00 J 25 x 300mm Fascia board 5 m 37.00 555.00 K 50 x 50mm noggin 100 m 37.00 555.00 ROOF Carried to Summary 17,841
  18. 18. ELEMENT NO 6 WINDOWS Powder coated aluminum profile casement windows complete with all necessary ironmongery and 5mm thick light glazing fixed to opening including cutting and spinning lugs to concrete or block work surrounded and bedding frame in cemented sand mortar ( 1:6 ) and pointing internally and externally A Window opening size 1800 x 1200mm high 2 no 72.00 144.00 B Window opening size 1500 x 1200mm high 1 no 72.00 72.00 C Window opening size 2400 x 1200mm high 2 no 173.00 346.00 D Window opening size 900 x 1100mm high 1 no 72.00 72.00 E Window opening size 1000 x 1200mm high 1 no 72.00 72.00 F Window opening size 600 x 600mm high 3 no 72.00 216.00 Sundries G Approved design burglar proofing on windows openings sum 9,470.00 9,470.00 WINDOWS Carried to Summary 10,392.00
  19. 19. ELEMENT NO 7 DOORS STEEL DOOR A Supply and fix heavy duty steel door including metal frame with fixed metal gill to door opening size 900 x 1200mm high Supply and fix aluminum sliding door with frame size 3300 x 2100mm 1 1 no no 907.00 4,768.00 907.00 4,768.00 Supply and fix 45mm ( finished ) Solid Core Flush door with hardwood lipping on all edges including sub frames to: B Size 900 x 2100mm high ( Kitchen) 1 no 965.00 965.00 C Size 750 x 2050mm high (Rest room/Bath) 1 no 302.00 302.00 Ironmongery Supply and fix following ironmongery to the frame with matching screws D Pair 100mm steel butt hinges 1 no 198.00 198.00 75mm “Union” or other approved Mort ice lock and set of lever E Furniture 1 no 651.00 651.00 DOOR Carried to Summary 7,791.00
  20. 20. ELEMENT NO 8 PLUMBING INSTALLATION Sanitary fittings Supply and fix the following sanitary fittings A Vitreous China Tywford S-Trap Water Closet complete 3 no 944.00 2,982 B Stainless steel sink double bowl and drain tap 1.40 union waste and 1.5 bottle trap and all other accessories 8 no 465.00 3,720 C Wall mounted toilet roll holder with chrome plate frame and plastic roller 6 no 195.00 1,170 D Soap holder 8 no 95.00 760 E Pilkington or other approved mirror size 600 x 600mm complete with clips and screw for mounting to wall 4 no 125.00 500 Floor drain F 50mm diameter galvanized mild steel floor drain complete with stainer and running tap 1 15,584.00 15,584 Include the P.C sum of=N=350,000.00 for cold water. The cold water installation comprising a rising main and cold water storage tanks on the concrete roof slab together with cold water feed storage toilets throughout the building including statutory fees. BUILDERS WORKS G Include a provisional sum of =N= for marking the position of holes, mortices, chases and likes instructure. 1 sum 4,768.00 4,768 PLUMBING INSTALLATIONS Carried to Summary 29,484
  21. 21. ELEMENT NO 9 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION A Allow a Prime cost sum of =N= for electrical installation complete. 150,000.00 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Carried to Summary 150,000.00
  22. 22. ELEMENT NO 10 FLOOR WALL AND CEILING FINISHINGS INTERNAK FINISHINGS Wall finishings In – situ finishings 12mm cement and sand ( 1:4 ) smooth rendering on the following A Block work /concrete wall 30 m2 149.00 4,470.00 B Surfaces not exceeding 300mm wide 100 m 45.00 4,500.00 Bed and backings 1,150.00 C 12mm cement and sand ( 1:4 ) screeded backing on block work to receive wall tile 10 m2 115.00 TILE. SLAB AND BLOCK FINISHINGS D 6 x 200mm x 300mm white glazed ceramic tiles but pointed on screeded backing and bedded and jointed in cement and sand mortar ( 1:3 ) pointed in matching cement wall. 20 m2 625.00 12,500.00 CEILING FINISHING E 12mm x 600 x 600mm P O P ceiling on aluminum grille 25 m2 675.00 16,875.00 EXTERNAL FINISHING Wall finishings In- situ finishings 12mm cemet and sand ( 1:4 ) smooth renderingon the following F Block work 5 m2 148.00 740.00 Ceiling finishings G PVC Tonge& Grove to hardwood noggins 100 m2 495.00 49,500.00 FLOOR WALL AND CEILING FINISHINGS Carried to Summary 89,735.00
  23. 23. ELEMENT NO 11 PAINTING AND DECORATION INTERNAL WORK Painting, polishing and similar work Prepare and apply one undercoat and two finishing coats of emulsion paint on: A Rendered wall 8 m2 92.00 736.00 B Surfaces not exceeding 300mm wide 100 m 28.00 2,800.00 C Prepare knot, prime stop and paint two undercoats and one finishing coat of gloss paint on metal work including frame. 4 m2 495.00 1,980.00 EXTERNAL WORK Prepare and apply texcote finish of approved quality apply in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions on the following rendered surfaces. D Rendered block work and concrete wall 5 m2 198.00 990.00 E Sides of isolated concrete column 5 m2 198.00 990.00 PAINTING AND DECORATION Carried to Summary 7,496.00
  24. 24. ELEMENT NO 12 EXTERNAL WORKS EXTERNAL DRAINAGE Drainage Septic Tank A Standard septic tank size 2500 x 1000mm x 1800mm deep in 225mm block work with reinforced concrete cover slab and rendered internally 1 sum 19,536.00 19,536.00 B Ditto size 1500 x 900 x 1800mm deep ditto 1800mm deep 1 sum 9,628.00 9,628.00 Other auxiliary work continues Soak Away pit C Soak Away pit size 1500 x 1500mm x 1200mm deep built in 225mm block work built in honey combed with reinforced concrete cover slah 1 sum 13,209.00 13,209.00 Manhole D Standard manhole size 600x 600 x 450mm deep in 225mm block work with reinforced cover slab and rendered internally 10 no 1,816.00 18,160.00 Pipe work - provisional E Excavate trench for pipe not exceeding 300mm wide including return fill and rammed and remove surplus excavated material from site 10 m 115.00 1,150.00 F 100mm diameter UPVC drain pipe intrench including concrete surround and its associated fittings 10 m 396.00 3,960.00 EXTERNAL WORK TO SUMMARY 65,643.00
  26. 26. 6. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS / SOURCES 6.1 WEBSITES Taylor's University Background: Sample Project Brief: Example of the Timescale of the Project: -3.pdf 6.2 MEETING MINUTES DATE: 05-06-2013
  27. 27. TIME: 10.00AM-12.00PM LOCATION:BLOCK E 4.11 ATTANDEES: 1. LEE JO YEE 2. PEH KER NENG 3. NICOLAS WONG 4. EDI WIJAYA 5. LING HUI SIM AGENDA NO. AGENDA ITEM. ACTION BY. DECISION 1 ROLE CHOOSING 1.1 No volunteer 1.2 Use the method of ballot to choose the role LEE JO YEE Jo yee as Engineer Ker neng as Landscape architect Huisim as Quantity surveyor Nicolas as Contractor Edy as Architect 2 PROJECT SUGGESTION 2.1 A car park block 2.1.1 We found that the school has not enough parking lots for student. 2.1.2 Car park is far away from school. 2.2 A MRT station 2.2.1 The transportation system in school is not sufficient enough. 2.2.2 Not convenience for student. 2.2.3 Can’t travel to further location. 2.3 A marine laboratory 2.3.1 Discover the marine life in water. 2.3.2 Taking care for the creature in the lake. 2.3.3 Develop a new course. 2.4 An astronomical observatory 2.4.1 Observe the astrology within the state. 2.4.2 Develop a new course 2.5 A floating garden 2.5.1 An eco-place for student to get into the natural. 2.5.2 able to let the student to relieve their stress. ALL MEMBERS We are requiring asking our lecturer of ICI, Mrs. Delliya for the approval of the project. 3 SITE SUGGESTION ALL MEMBERS Wait for the approval from Mrs.Delliya.
  28. 28. 3.1 School car park zone 3.1.1 can enhance the existing car park 3.2 In front of the 7-11 shop in Syopz mall 3.2.1 Convenience for student to take MRT. 3.2.2 Student can buy stuff in 7-11 before or after take MRT 3.3 Under the middle of lake 3.3.1 able to get closer to the water 3.3.2 Easier to investigate and do experiment. 3.4 Empty space at Block E level 2 3.4.1 not wasting the space in school 3.4.2 No building or obstacle blocking 3.5 Lakeside 3.5.1 can get closer to natural 3.5.2 Easier to build a garden CLOSING REMINDER -LEE JO YEE asks the members to make a survey from the student in the school to know the most needed facilities for them. -Ask the senior of the course to know the most effective way to do the project. NEXT MEETING -Next meeting will be held in the Architecture studio 1 at 8.00pm on Sunday, June 17, 2013. DATE: 16-06-2013
  29. 29. TIME: 8.00PM-9.00PM LOCATION: ARCHITECTURE STUDIO 1 ATTANDEES: 1. LEE JO YEE 2. PEH KER NENG 3. NICOLAS WONG 4. EDI WIJAYA 5. LING HUI SIM REVIEW OF AGENDA FROM PREVIOUS MEETING -Role of project had distributed for every members, we had start to do the individual part. - The suggested project and site had been disapproved by Mrs. Delliya, lecturer of ICI. - We need to think others project and choose a more suitable location. -building inside the building is not approved. AGENDA NO. AGENDA ITEM. ACTION BY. DECISION. 1 SURVEY 1.1 According from last meeting, we had made a survey from the students in the school. 1.2 Most of the students are like to have a place to relieve stress and can chilling with their friends. 1.3 We also take opportunity to ask the students who always stay late in school. Especially for architecture students. 1.4 They are lacking of a place to let them eat or take a break from the assignment after 12.00 am. Lee Jo Yee Plan to make a facilities or a place to eat or chilling for the students who stay late in school. 2 PROJECT SUGGESTION 2.1 RECHARGE BOOTH 2.1.1 We have plan to make a recharge booth in the school 2.1.2 This booth with double meaning which can let the student to take a rest or charge their electrical device. 2.1.3 Inside the booth conclude soft music and the All members -We had choosing the coffee shop because students who stay late are really want to have a place to let them eat and chilling. -Wait for the approval of Mrs.Delliya
  30. 30. massage sofa which can make the atmosphere inside very comfortable. 2.1.4 You can go there and find a few areas... in the 1st area you will find sofas and many plugs, so if you bring your charger along, u can just go there... 2.1.5 2nd area, they will find a bar like place, they can order drinks and light snacks(fries, sausages, etc) 2.1.6 Find the difference between the booth and Student life center. 2.2 Indoor Sport complex 2.2.1 Student lack of place to play the indoor sport such as badminton, Ping-Pong or other sport which needed an indoor condition place. 2.3 Coffee shop 2.3.1 Students do not have a place to let them eat after 12.00am since Mamak shop is closed. 2.3.2 Make the shop be three storey which can connect to the Block E. 2.3.3 Make it open air so that we can fully use the advantages of lakeside which is very windy. 2.3.4 We need to find out is it available if the shop is smoking area. 2.3.5 We are needed to consider about the safety of the student who come to the shop.
  31. 31. 3 SITE SELECTION 3.1 Beside the gym 3.1.1 Not for all students but only for those who had register for the gym membership. 3.1.2 Very difficult for architect to build. 3.2 An empty land beside the lake 3.2.1 It is a suitable location for build a coffee shop 3.2.2 Very refreshing due to the windy atmosphere. 3.2.3 Have a suitable size of the site which is 15×20 m. 3.2.4 Have a car park beside the site. All members -We select the empty land beside the lake due to the advantageous. - Wait for the approval of Mrs.Delliya CLOSING REMINDER -find the format of project brief -every member is needed to find their own role. NEXT MEETING -Next meeting will be held in the Architecture studio 2 at 3pm on Wednesday , 21 June, 2013