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English 2 assigment 2


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English 2 assigment 2

  1. 1. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Names of group members: YIP CHIN SENGHistorical MovieEnglish 2 (ENGL 0205)Compare and contrast two movieYIP CHIN SENG (0311956)Lecture:Mr.Nathniel Woon Wai CheongFNBE 2012 July intake semester 2
  2. 2. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Names of group members: YIP CHIN SENGNowadays, we were always went to the cinema and watch movies, we hadwatched different genre of movies like historical, musical, mystery, action and so on.But even we had watched many movies, do we had understood the meaning of themovie and what the movie wanted to tell us? And was the movie we watched bringthe true story? Well, most of the movies will not bring the true story, but some moviemight have told us the true story, example like historical movie. Why we said thathistorical movie will tell us the true story? It is because historical movie normally tellus the true history in the world example like war, politics, love and so on.Let me introduce two best historical movie which is about war in two century,which was the movie “Pearl Harbor” and “300”. The movie “Pearl Harbor” is ahistorical and romantic movie in US. The story of the movie is about two young boysRafe McCawley and Danny Walker who grew up together and wanted to learn to flyand a beautiful nurse Evelyn Johnson. In the story, after the two young boys grew upand became a man, they joined U.S. Army Air Corps where Rafe McCawley falled inlove with the beautiful nurse. In the movie also told that on December 7,1941, theJapanese military begin bombing Pearl Harbor in the period of World War 2. Besidesthat, the movie “300” is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae inwhich King Leonidas, who leads 300 Spartans fought to the death against Persian“god-king” Xerxes and his massive Persian army of more than 300,000 soldiers.Facing insurmountable odds, their courage and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to uniteagainst their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy. So, what wasthe different between this two movies which in the same genre?There were a lot of different between the two movies, example like war, whyis the war started? When and where is the war and what is the weapons they wereused to fight against their enemy and what is the tactics they used to fight in the war?First, let’s talk about the different of movies. Why is the war started? In the movie“Pearl Harbor”, the war started because of the Japanese military begin bombing
  3. 3. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Names of group members: YIP CHIN SENGPearl Harbor with hundreds of airplane and submarines in December 7, 1941. Afterthe first battle in Pearl Harbor, US military planned to bomb Tokyo which is thecapital city of Japan. After training, the raiders of US military were sent towardsJapan by ship and in April, the ship was attacked by the Japanese and the raiders flyon their B-25 Mitchell medium bombers towards Tokyo and that is how the warstarted in the period of World War 2. In the story of “300”, a Persian messengerarrives at the gates of Sparta, demanding the submission of Sparta to King Xerxes.In response to this demand, King Leonidas kicks the messenger into a large well andthis is how the war started between the Spartans and the Persian army.Then, the war in “Pearl Harbor” is a modern war because of the weapons theyused to fight. For an example, Japanese military used airplanes and submarines tobomb Pearl Harbor and the revenge of the US military also used modern B-25Mitchell medium bombers to bomb Tokyo. Not only airplanes and submarines, theyalso used guns and other modern weapon in the war. In the movie “300”, theweapons they used is quite old, it is because in the war of the Spartans and Persians,the melee weapons they used is only swords, spears, axes and shield. For rangedweapon, they used bows and arrows to kill enemy. Besides melee and range weapon,they also ride on the elephants in the fighting just like the modern war which thesoldiers used the tanks in the war.Finally, the setting of the movies is also different. In the movie “Pearl Harbor”the setting is in the Pearl Harbor and the seaside of the Pearl Harbor. The battle fieldbetween Japan and United States are Pearl Harbor when the Japanese militarybombing the Pearl Harbor, the seaside when the submarines of Japanese militarybombing the ships of the US military, in the sea where the Japan forces attacked theship of US forces and the Tokyo where the US military take revenge on the Japaneseand bombing Tokyo. Besides that, in the movie “300”, the setting is in the AncientGreece, but the setting during the most pivotal part of the movie is specifically at
  4. 4. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Names of group members: YIP CHIN SENGThermopylae. The 300 of Spartan soldiers fought against a large Persian army, evenSpartans had much lesser man than Persian army, but the Spartans still won a lot ofwar during the battle between Spartans and Persians. But in the end, the manSpartans lose in a battle and sacrificed together with their king, King Leonidas.In conclusion, even some historical movies are boring, but they aremeaningful and it can let us understand the history of different places while watchingthe movie and I personally agree the peoples watching historical movie to understandthe history in this world.