English 2 assigment 1


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English 2 assigment 1

  1. 1. VegetablesEnglish 2 (ENGL 0205)Observing vegetables/ Assignment 1YIP CHIN SENG (0311956)Lecture:Mr.Nathniel Woon Wai CheongFNBE 2012 July intake semester 2
  2. 2. 5 sensessightgreen in colourcylindrical-shaped bodyhave whitefleshtouchfeel coolingwateryfreshhearsounded densesound afterthrewing itawaytastewateryfreshcoolingcrunchybittersmellfreshsmell like grassconclusioncucumber isfreshmakes me feelcooling
  3. 3. During my last week English 2 lesson, my lecture who named Mr.Woon Wai Cheong, have gave us a class work which he wanted us to choosea type of vegetable for ourselves and observed the vegetable we had chosen.Besides that, we had to take a photo of ourselves with the vegetable we hadchosen and wrote an essay which needed about 800 words for ourobservation of the vegetable we had chosen. I had chosen a type of vegetablewhich is cucumber for my own observation. After we all have chosen our ownvegetable, Mr. Woon wanted us to observe our vegetable with 5 senses whichis the sense of touch, sight, taste, hear, and smell. I just stunned for a whilebecause in my mind I was thinking “how do I suppose to hear and smell mycucumber?” But anyway, I had no choices, what can I do was just try my bestto finish the assignment with my 5 senses to observe my cucumber.After our English lesson finish, my friend and I decided to go to themarket which is inside the Sunway Pyramid Mall to purchase our ownvegetable. Then, we went there by my friend’s car and we all had bought ourchosen vegetable in the market which named AEON, and I had bought acucumber which cost me RM2.95 for my observation. After that, we leavedthe mall and went back to our home to start our observation.First, I observed my cucumber with the sense of sight, what I saw wasthe skin color of the cucumber was like it had a range of skin color from yellowto dark green. Besides that, the cucumber looked like a green pickle withoutthe bumps and it had cylindrical-shaped body. After I had observed outsideview of the cucumber, I had cut the bottom part of the cucumber to observethe inside of cucumber. I saw rows of small seeds covered by the watery flesh,and the watery part is covered by the white flesh which is inside of cucumber.
  4. 4. To get more details about cucumber, I get the seeds from the cucumber, theseeds is light brown in color, and the shape looked like a small bean, but notas round as a bean. Then, I cut one of the seed into half, I saw inside of theseed is white color, and the seed is covered by a hard shell.After I finished observed my cucumber by the sense of sight, I usedsense of touch to observe it, when I touch the cucumber, my hand feel coolingby touching the cucumber. Then, I changed the position which I hold thecucumber, I feel cooling as like I touching the cucumber, it was like I holding acup of cold water. It was not enough to me to just feel the outside part, so Itouched the part that I had cut. I touched the white flesh, my finger feelcooling as usual. Then, I touch the inner part which is the rows of seeds part, Ifeel the part which covered the seeds, I feel the flesh is so watery, it was like Itouching the jelly. Next, I took out the seed that covered by the “jelly”, theseed is not cooling as the other part of cucumber, and the shell is semi hardshell, which mean the shell is also a bit soft.Then, I was turning my attention to other sense now, I held thecucumber next to my ear and I was trying to “hear” the cucumber, I heardnothing from the cucumber at first, so I tapped the skin of the cucumber andlisten again, I heard the sound that came out from the cucumber, it soundslike I tapped a bottle of water, the sound was dense like a solid object wouldhave sounded. After I observed the sound by tapping it, I try to used otherway to observed the sound, I threw the cucumber toward the wall, I heard asound “crack”, the cucumber break into half and dropped on the floor. I guessthe observation of hearing is finish, so I turned my attention to other sensenow.
  5. 5. After observing the cucumber by seeing, touching and hearing, I usedto taste the cucumber. I washed the cucumber and cut one slice of cucumberwith skin and ate it. I feel strange because it was hard for me to define thetaste of cucumber, but when I focus to taste the cucumber, it was mainly verywatery and juicy and the seeds give it a hint of freshness, but I feels they havea bitter taste and slightly watery taste. After I taste the cucumber with skin, Icut another slice of cucumber without skin and I ate it. During the time I ate it,the cucumber is so crunchy and it makes me feel so great. Also, it feelswatery and fresh and it makes my mouth feel so cooling. Then I noticed thatthe slice of cucumber without skin do not have the bitter taste, I guess thebitter taste is some kind of chemical founded in cucumber.Lastly, I used the last sense to observe the cucumber which is thesense of smell. In this last experiment, I was so confused because I do notknew how to smell a cucumber, when I smell the cucumber, I feel stupid and Ismell nothing on it, it make me headache because I don’t know how to makea conclusion for the sense of smell on the cucumber so I try to use other wayto get the conclusion. I used to smashed the cucumber and try to focus on thesmell of the cucumber, during the time I smashing the cucumber, I smell somekind of fresh smell, it was like the smell of the grassland and feel so green, soI had conclusion for the sense of smell, that the cucumber is actually smellfresh.Finally, I had my conclusion for my observation of 5 senses on thecucumber. In this experiment I finally knew that cucumber is very fresh and itcan make me feel cool after having it. Besides, this experiment makes me feelinterested in cucumber and I was enjoyed during the observation.