Edwin lopez combat engineer


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Edwin lopez combat engineer

  1. 1. Thesis: The purpose of my project is for me to develop a comprehensive plan of action that will assist me in achieving my education and career goal.
  2. 2. Summary: Combat Engineer is a career that you get to learn how to use many type of heavy equipment they learn how to activate a mine and to deactivate it. They learn to build and to destroy Thing Turing the military . and plus the only thing that you need to get into the US Army Strong is a High School Diploma. This is what I like a bout this career "Combat Engineer"
  3. 3. Self Assessment: In my self assessment I learn something new about me. I took a test where I answer many type of question and I was to choose from dislike and to like. After I finish my self assessment I got the results of my test. In the career result I got ENTJ which means that I got to a great future were I can be someone and somebody. After I reared the result I was imprested whit my results. Well I have some skill are using my hands, like for example I’m highly skillful whit using my hands and doing some small and detail. But I like have some other skills too, like in this career in Race Car Technician I have some good skills to become a productive worker on Race Car Technician. This Assessment is to help us understand in getting a career and to know in what type of skill we are good at. This Assessment has make me realized that I can become a professional in a job.
  4. 4. Section 3 In Career Mach Maker is were we did a assessment. It showed us in in what career we would be at are best. This assessment it showed us the we can be someone and have a good career.
  5. 5. Commercial Diver: Professional diving is a type of diving where the divers are paid for their work. There are several branches of professional diving, the most well known of which is probably commercial diving. Any person wishing to become a professional diver normally requires specific training that satisfies any regulatory agencies which have local authority, such as US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive or South African Department of Labor. Due to the dangerous nature of some professional diving operations, specialized equipment such as an on-site hyperbaric chamber and diver-to-surface communication system is often required by law. And is what you need for this career they ask for many requirements.
  6. 6. Tree Harvest: In this career they ask for many requirements they ask for you to know how to see if the place that you are working on is safe or you need to find another way to solve the problem. in this career you must have a least 4 year college and you must know the all type of symbol of a hazard when working.
  7. 7. Combat Engineer: In Combat Engineer can be a great career for people that like challenges in there life. The U.S Army Strong will provide much a need combat effectiveness to the maneuver forced by accomplishing and limiting counter mobility limited survivability and general Engineering.
  8. 8. Job Outlook in Chosen CareerField #1
  9. 9. Job Outlook in ChosenCareer Field #2 Tree Harvest: In this career the company that you apply for they will have to train you in there. They ask for some requirements like you have to have a license for you to be using a heavy machinery. The City Service: This is a good career they don’t ask for many requirement just that you have a high school diploma and a 2 year college. They have work in many types of jobs like they are some times send to remove some old trees that are dead. After they have done all of that they will plant some new ones so that they will grow.
  10. 10. Job Outlook in Chosen CareerField #3 Combat Engineer: This career will increase in the five year out look many people like to take challenges and if you are one of those people this career will interest you. If you decide to join any of this three forces like The Navy, The Marine Corp., The Army Strong, And the Coast Guard. The Navy is one of the company that need Combat Engineer they train you in the Ship you need to learn how to shoot in a moving ship and how to be ready for action in a mater of seconds. The Marine Corp. This is the most challenges corp. in the h