ExeQserve High Performance Leadership Workshop


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ExeQserve High Performance Leadership Workshop

  1. 1. High Performance LeadershipWorkshop Framework
  2. 2. Why have your management team go through this skill-building workshop?• To balance leadership and management activities in the organization• To develop a strong leadership culture• Use a common language to describe leadership initiatives• To try a different way of learning where participants are expected to immediately apply their learning at work and their ability to do so is monitored and evaluated.• To jumpstart several changes that will lead to lasting organizational improvement
  3. 3. Learning Goals• Move from non-leader to leader mindset• Demonstrate value-driven leadership• Use vision to inspire employee performance• Apply their roles as change leaders• Use 360 degrees empowerment to lead at different angles• Use techniques for keeping employees engaged.
  4. 4. How the Partnership Between ExeQserve and Your Company Works• Appreciate the program flow 2-Day Training• Identify Follow personal Through • Workshop Outputs leadership • Personal Leadership development • 5 Leadership Practices Development project Projects • Team • Refresher• Leadership • Observations and Skills Development Recommendations • Presentation of Assessment • Overcoming the individual project five dysfunctions completion • Coaching • Celebration • Action Planning Post Workshop Report Briefing
  5. 5. 4 FRAMEWORKS
  6. 6. Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders
  7. 7. DYSFUNCTIONS FUNDAMENTALS A Team Building Framework
  8. 8. Getting from Forming to Performing Forming • What to do at onset • What to clarify and what to enable • How to deal with insecuritiesStorming • How to deal with conflict • What norms to establish • How to deal with problems that normally occur at this Norming stage • How to focus the team’s energy towards performingPerforming • How to keep the team engaged • How to capitalize on the team’s high performance
  9. 9. Learn How to Use a Simple Coaching Model to Help Employees PerformGoal Reality Options Will or Way forward
  10. 10. Leadership Skills Personal Best AssessmentLeadership Project Personal Leadership Development Projects Key Outputs
  11. 11. Your Personal Best Leadership Project
  13. 13. M2: Values-Driven High Leadership Performance Team Alignment Leadership Credibility Values Clarity
  14. 14. Clarity and Buy-in M3: Leading Through Vision High Performance Vision Individual Co-createdAccountability Roadmap
  15. 15. M4: Leading Change • Encouraging Taking Risk Creativity and Innovation Managing •Kotter’s Change Model
  16. 16. M5: Leadership and Trust Empowerment Boss Collaboration High Competence Performance Self Empowerment Peers Confidence Followers
  17. 17. M6:Leading Through Engagement Showing Clear Communicate Monitoring Recognizing Celebrating Sharing Stories PersonalStandards Expectations and Feedback individuals Success examples Creating a Sense of Recognizing Performance Community
  18. 18. Methodologies• High Energy Learning Activities• Self and Team Assessment• Brainstorming• Team and Individual Action Planning• Follow-up session
  19. 19. Contact Us!Phone: (632)8933199Email: information@exeqserve.comWebsite: www.exeQserve.comBlog : http://Anythinghr.blogspot.com