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  1. 1. August 26, 2015 Larry Kruse 405 Third Street East Thief River Falls, MN 56701 To Whom lt May Concern, I write this supportive letter of reference having known Edwin Dale Hahn for almost three years now. My relationship has been primarily professional for two years in my ca pacity of City Administrator while Council member Hahn served on the Thief River Falls City Council. During that time, Mr. Hahn exhibited strong leadership skills, was team oriented and always contributed positive solutions to complex and challenging issues. Following his departure from the City Council, Mr. Hahn continued to work as a citizen on the Housing Task Force focusing on the lack of housing in TRF. Mr. Hahn was personally responsible for writing a grant to the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for a significant grant which was successfully funded. Mr. Hahn also was instrumental in lobbying the legislature for the City and more specifically our housing needs. As Chairman ofthe Housing Task Force, his meetings are well run and focused on outcomes. He is a great meeting moderator drawing everyone in and valuing their input. He uses computers and technology as a tool during meetings making them very productive. His follow up and follow through is excellent. While working on the Housing Grant, I was impressed with how quickly he learned and understood Minnesota's complex state housing programs and in a short time became an expert in this area. Further, I was impressed with his ability to network and get to know key people to make things happen. ln closing, I enjoyed working with him and I would be happy to visit with anyone about my experiences with Dale. Best a rds Larry (218) e 3457