2013 05-01 social media scorecard - audit canada


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2013 05-01 social media scorecard - audit canada

  1. 1. Audit Industry (Canada)Social Media Score Card and Industry MaturityMay 1, 2013
  2. 2. Table of Contents1. Purpose of Report2. Research Methodology3. Report Summary & Highlights4. Social Media Score Card5. Social Media Industry Maturity6. Rank by Social Media Platform7. About Base222 © Copyright 2013 Base22 Canada
  3. 3. Purpose of ReportThe purpose of this report is to understand how organizations are effectively using social mediarelative to their peers in the same industry. In addition, assessing the adoption of social mediawithin an industry will also measure the maturity of the market segment in their use of theseemerging communication channels.Corporate expenditures for traditional media such as print, radio, and television are rapidlydeclining as the acceptance of social media becomes more mainstream within the businesscommunities. Companies need to realign their talent recruitment, marketing and communicationsstrategies by targeting their prospective employees, customers, and business networks who areincreasing their online activities on the social platforms.The industry assessment looks at the social profiles for Canada’s top 6 Audit firms with theaddition of others randomly chosen based on The Bottom Line Canada’s Accounting Top 301published April 2013. The national Audit industry ranking is indicated in this report within bracketsafter the firm’s name.1 Source: http://www.thebottomlinenews.ca/documents/Canadas_Accounting_Top_30.pdf3 © Copyright 2013 Base22 Canada
  4. 4. Research MethodologyOur research methodology analyzes data from the four most popular and largest social medianetworks: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.• Twitter, with over 700 million accounts, was assessed because of its potential use for masscommunications to drive market presence, brand awareness, and customer engagement.• LinkedIn has quickly become important for business development, talent recruitment,brand messaging, and brand advocacy by employees and customers.• YouTube, with its reputation for spawning viral videos, is increasing its importance as asocial channel to distribute rich video messaging such as thought leadership, subject matterexpertise and industry knowledge.• Facebook, with over 900 million registered accounts, has become the primary channel todrive customer loyalty, brand advocacy, and consumer engagement.The methodology consists of assessing a minimum of 15 publicly available data elements acrossall four social media platforms. Each data element for each company is rated and ranked. Anormalized and final balanced scorecard for each company is calculated and ranked in comparisonto their peers in the industry.4 © Copyright 2013 Base22 Canada
  5. 5. Report Summary – Audit Industry (Canada)5 © Copyright 2013 Base22 CanadaEarly Adopters Deloitte continues to lead the Canadian Audit industry with their balancedsocial footprint and digital strategy. Deloitte, ranked #1 on all socialplatforms, focuses on their social networks with the integration of theirchannels to provide a richer and targeted customer engagement experienceand an online social media presence.Early Majority KPMG, PwC, and BDO have good initiatives but tend to focus on one or twosocial media platforms. If these firms would tightly integrate their campaignsacross all social channels, they will have a stronger and more balanced socialfootprint and online engagement.Late Majority Grant Thornton, Crowe Soberman, Collins Barrow, and Ernst & Young havean ‘awareness’ for the need of a social media presence. They haveestablished a basic profile but need to develop an integrated and balancedsocial and content strategy to increase their online presence, socialinfluence, and customer engagement.Laggards DJB, Zeifmans, MSCM, RLB, and MRR continue to assess the benefits ofsocial media and do not see the urgency to provide a online engagementwith their customers, etc. Companies in this category will continue to fallfurther behind their industry peers and will have a challenge to establish acompetitive social footprint as the industry adoption for these increasingmainstream channels mature in the next 12 to 18 months.
  6. 6. Report Highlights – Audit Industry (Canada)Deloitte (1) continues to be the leader in the Canadian Audit industry with their well balanced useof social media. Ranked as Canada’s #1 Audit firm by The Bottom Line publication (April 2013),Deloitte is also ranked #1 in their use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube for theirindustry peer group.In the last 24 months, there were several notable observations for social media adoption in theCanadian Audit industry. All top 3 firms, Deloitte (1) / KPMG (3) / PwC (2), have increased theirsocial presence while their respective industry rankings remained consistent. BDO (6) continues tomaintain the 4th position while Grant Thornton (5) holds onto 5th. With the increase in the report’ssample population by adding several mid-size firms to this assessment, Ernst & Young (4) hasdropped from a previous 6th position down to 8th while being surpassed by two mid-sized firms,Crowe Soberman (13) and Collins Barrow (8).For Canadian Audit firms to maintain a competitive edge by providing a differentiator for industrythought leadership and knowledge expertise, the Audit industry will have to look at creative andcompelling opportunities for the use of social to broaden their market & communications reach.Meanwhile, social media will continue to have an increasing presence in the industry for customerengagement, brand advocacy-promotion, and talent acquisition-retention. Firms who fail tocapitalize on these social opportunities will isolate themselves from an emerging workforce and asocially engaged generation as they leave academia to embark on their professional careers.6 © Copyright 2013 Base22 Canada
  7. 7. Report Highlights – Audit Industry (Canada)7 © Copyright 2013 Base22 CanadaCanadian Audit Firm Rank May 2013 Rank Dec 2011 Net ChangeDeloitte (1) 1 1 0KPMG (3) 2 2 0PricewaterhouseCoopers (2) 3 3 0BDO Canada (6) 4 4 0Grant Thornton (5) 5 5 0Crowe Soberman (13) 6 N/A -Collins Barrow (8) 7 N/A -Ernst & Young (4) 8 6 -2Durward Jones Barkwell (25) 9 N/A -Zeifmans (22) 10 N/A -MSCM (26) 11 N/A -RLB (30) 12 N/A -Millard Rouse & Rosebrugh (21) 13 N/A -
  9. 9. Social Media Industry Maturity – Audit Industry (Canada)9 © Copyright 2013 Base22 CanadaENGAGEDENGAGEDAWAREAWARELEADINGLEADINGLaggards Late Majority Early Majority Early AdopterExploring – 1 or nopresence and limitedcustomer engagementEmerging – 2 or morepresences with minimalcustomer engagementSocializing – 3 or morepresences with somecustomer engagementLeading – 4 or morepresences with integratedsocial footprint & customerengagement
  10. 10. Rank by Social Media Platform – Audit Industry (Canada)Canadian Audit Firm Rank Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTubeDeloitte (1) 1 1 1 1 1KPMG (3) 2 2 4 3 4PricewaterhouseCoopers (2) 3 3 2 7 2BDO Canada (6) 4 5 3 2 5Grant Thornton (5) 5 7 10 4 3Crowe Soberman (13) 6 6 5 6 7Collins Barrow (8) 7 8 6 5 6Ernst & Young (4) 8 4 7 9 8Durward Jones Barkwell (25) 9 11 12 8 9Zeifmans (22) 10 9 8 12 11MSCM (26) 11 12 9 10 12RLB (30) 12 13 13 11 10Millard Rouse & Rosebrugh (21) 13 10 11 13 1310 © Copyright 2013 Base22 Canada
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  12. 12. Edward Wong MBA12Edward is a Partner and co-founder of Base22 Canada. As a former KPMG,Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM professional, Edward has over 18 yearsof business and technology consulting experience. Edward has held seniormanagement and strategic leadership positions at his previous companies. Edwardbrings with him a diverse set of practical skills and client experiences ranging fromaudit/tax, Enterprise Resource Planning, enterprise portals, content management,social enterprise transformation, social analytics and industry market research.Edward developed the Social Enterprise Theory, methodology, and framework.These intellectual assets and thought leadership will enable organizations to quicklyand cost effectively adopt social technologies from a strategic position but withmanageable tactical execution to realize faster entry into the social business andsocial media platforms. Edward’s industry experiences include Banking,Pharmaceutical, Retail, Petroleum & Chemical, Government, and National Defense.fastersmarter.biz @base22canada edward@base22.com© Copyright 2013 Base22 Canada