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Time for Physicians to Get Social


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The internet has transformed our lives, particularly in the way we access information and communicate with each other. Today academic physicians have more tools than ever in the form of social networking and other online resources to disseminate their scholarly work worldwide. Some of these sites even provide analytics that can help academic physicians measure and report their reach, and these metrics may be useful when filing for promotion.

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Time for Physicians to Get Social

  1. 1. @@EMARIANOMD Time for Academic Physicians to Get Social Edward R. Mariano, M.D., M.A.S. Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative & Pain Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine Chief, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System
  2. 2. @EMARIANOMD Financial Disclosures • Halyard Health, B Braun – Unrestricted educational program funding paid to my institution The contents of the following presentation are solely the responsibility of the speaker without input from any of the above companies.
  3. 3. @EMARIANOMD How Are You Developing Your Reputation? Are You Missing Opportunities?
  4. 4. @EMARIANOMD The CV: a Necessary Evil
  5. 5. @EMARIANOMD The CV: a Necessary Evil Does This Explain Who You Are? Do You Use It Actively? How Often Do You Update?
  6. 6. @EMARIANOMD First Google Yourself NOT ME!
  7. 7. @EMARIANOMD Social Media
  8. 8. @EMARIANOMD Social Media Unfortunately Not Enough Time to Do Justice to This Topic
  10. 10. @EMARIANOMD “It’s Not for Me” Did you use a note-taking service in medical school? How did you study for exams?
  11. 11. @EMARIANOMD How Do You Keep Up?
  12. 12. @EMARIANOMD Facebook Can you separate personal and professional?
  13. 13. @EMARIANOMD LinkedIn: Discussion Groups
  14. 14. @EMARIANOMD I Joined Twitter in 2013
  15. 15. @EMARIANOMD Who Else Is on Twitter?
  16. 16. @EMARIANOMD Why Doctors Should Be on Twitter
  17. 17. @EMARIANOMD Global Conversations Hashtag Map via TweepsMap
  18. 18. @EMARIANOMD
  19. 19. @EMARIANOMD Enhanced Meeting Experience Ekins & Perlstein. PLoS Comput Biol. 2014 Aug 21;10(8):e1003789
  20. 20. @EMARIANOMD ASRA 2016 Meeting: #ASRA_RA16
  21. 21. @EMARIANOMD ASRA 2016 Meeting: #ASRA_RA16 Conference FOMO = Fear of Missing Out on what everyone else is learning
  22. 22. @EMARIANOMD ASRA 2016 Meeting: #ASRA_RA16 Example of “live-Tweeting” The “reach” of 999 attendees
  23. 23. @EMARIANOMD Remember the “Rules” • Never post when angry • Strive for accuracy • When in doubt, pause • Don’t post anything that can identify a patient • Ask for permission • Assume beneficence • Beware of “friending” patients • Educate yourself @DrJohnM (John Mandrola, MD)
  24. 24. @EMARIANOMD Other Online Resources Available
  25. 25. @EMARIANOMD Hospital Website
  26. 26. @EMARIANOMD Hospital Website
  27. 27. @EMARIANOMD Doximity You already have a profile from the public record!
  28. 28. @EMARIANOMD US News Doctor Finder All Information Comes from Doximity!
  29. 29. @EMARIANOMD How Do You Promote Research?
  30. 30. @EMARIANOMD How Do You Promote Research?
  31. 31. @EMARIANOMD Are You Measuring “Reach”? PubMed
  32. 32. @EMARIANOMD ResearchGate
  33. 33. @EMARIANOMD ResearchGate
  34. 34. @EMARIANOMD ResearchGate
  35. 35. @EMARIANOMD Social Media Dissemination • 170 Cochrane schizophrenia reviews were randomly assigned to dissemination via Twitter or control • Primary outcome (# of page visits 7 days after intervention: 1162 (Twitter) vs. 449 (control) • Users stayed on the page twice as long in the Twitter group vs. control Adams CE, et al. BMJ Open 2016;6:e010509
  36. 36. @EMARIANOMD The “Twimpact Factor” • “Tweetations” (cumulative Tweets within 7 days of publication) and citations show moderate correlation (Pearson r=0.57-0.89) • Highly Tweeted articles are 11 times more likely to be cited Eysenbach G. J Med Internet Res 2011;13(4);e123
  37. 37. @EMARIANOMD The “Twimpact Factor” Eysenbach G. J Med Internet Res 2011;13(4);e123
  38. 38. @EMARIANOMD Altmetric (London, UK)
  39. 39. @EMARIANOMD Article Promotion
  40. 40. @EMARIANOMD
  41. 41. @EMARIANOMD What about Clinical Educators?
  42. 42. @EMARIANOMD Educator Portfolio Example Description, role, time, effectiveness
  43. 43. @EMARIANOMD SlideShare for Presentations This generates a link that you can share and add as a hyperlink to the presentation listed on your CV
  44. 44. @EMARIANOMD SlideShare Analytics
  45. 45. @EMARIANOMD SlideShare Analytics
  46. 46. @EMARIANOMD Questions?