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Off-campus housing at the University of Denver


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A slide show featuring off-campus housing at DU.

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Off-campus housing at the University of Denver

  1. 1. While the University of Denver mandates all first and second-year students live in on-campus dorms, over 75% of third and fourth year students live off-campus. This high percentage is due to a shortage of on-campus housing options for DU’s juniors and seniors.
  2. 2. Convenience in relation to on-campus locations is a priority for many DU students in search of off- campus housing.
  3. 3. While many University of Denver Students enjoy living in stand alone units instead of apartments, an overwhelming majority of these units are not situated near the DU campus.
  4. 4. In searching for off-campus living arrangements, many students such as International Studies major Caleb Petry relied on the internet to aid in their quest of finding housing after returning from study abroad.
  5. 5. Many housing options in and around the DU area provide amenities such as washer and dryer facilities. Locations such as Tabor Apartments however charge $1.75 for washing machines and $1.25 to use the dryers.
  6. 6. According to a Denver Post article published in 2015, in the city of Denver, the average rent for an apartment costs approximately $1,359 per month.
  7. 7. With a large number of new housing units being constructed in and around the DU area, parking problems have persisted for many DU students who reside off-campus.
  8. 8. A positive aspect of the construction projects occurring around the DU area is the fact that new housing is being built in areas of great convenience such as on University Blvd.
  9. 9. According to several residents of the Tabor Apartments on University Blvd, the various construction projects taking place have made street parking in the immediate area around the apartments a disaster.
  10. 10. In spite of the on-campus housing shortages, there are still a significant number of off-campus locations available for rent in and around the DU area.
  11. 11. Although there are many off- campus living options available in and around the DU area, some DU students procrastinated on finding housing and consequently had to reside on friends’ couches until a suitable living arrangement could be made.
  12. 12. The University of Denver neighborhood is a sprawling community, as a result off-campus housing is a complicated issue for many juniors and seniors. This holds especially true for those returning from study abroad.