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La haine


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bad film

Published in: Education
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La haine

  1. 1. LA Haine Aggressors Edward Ions
  2. 2. Who are the true aggressors in La Haine The true aggressors are Said, Hubert and Vinz.
  3. 3. They are the true aggressors because they go looking for trouble.
  4. 4. They go around looking for trouble and acting like they’re big and hard.
  5. 5. They could go around helping people but they go around loitering and trying to cause trouble.
  6. 6. This film is trying glorify rioting and pointless violence and saying its for good. The three main characters are a group of aggressive youths who always get aggressive and moody whenever something doesn’t go their way. i.e. when they try to chat up the ladies in the art gallery and the ladies start to shun them because Said just started treating them like easy women, they get very aggressive and start to trash the place and start on the women and the person in charge.
  7. 7. Vinz goes through the film with the policemans gun and keeps trying to use the gun against people. Said is trying to be like his big brother and trying to be the big guy of his area.
  8. 8. Hubert who claims to have given up crime and is meant to be helping Vinz and Said be better, keeps breaking the law and makes more trouble for the three of them and instead of trying to stop them causing trouble joins them and makes it worse by allowing them to do it.
  9. 9. The three of them spend the film picking fights pointlessly with people and because of this the police grab the two of them because they’d been in trouble earlier and this led to Vinz being shot and the film ending.