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P440 PPT 2014 excerpts


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Created for Project 440 for their student programs. First used at the New York State Summer School for the Arts in Saratoga, NY.

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P440 PPT 2014 excerpts

  1. 1. A Musician’s Guide to Social Entrepreneurship NYSSSA 2014 Building Your Professional Toolkit and Social Entrepreneurship Joseph Conyers Executive Director and Founding Member Mary Javian Director of Programming
  2. 2. Your Online and Public Presence • Website • Social Media • Phone Impressions • Business Cards 1
  3. 3. John Littlejohn 2 Model Voices
  4. 4. What Is an Entrepreneur? • A person who organizes and manages any enterprise— personal or business—usually with great determination and creative wit. 3
  5. 5. Elevator Speech • Succinct description of your idea • 1–2 minutes long • Impressive 4
  6. 6. Being a Social Entrepreneur 5 Model Voices “To me, being a musician who is a social entrepreneur means….”
  7. 7. Contact Us Follow Us 6 Soundbytes for Forty Video Library, at P.O. Box 22393, Philadelphia, PA 19110 Join the Conversation: #P440 @P440 project_440