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  1. 1. By Eduard GrigoryanLos Angeles Valley College 2012
  2. 2. Socrates was a Greek LIFEphilosopher who denied thepleasures of life and soughthigher knowledge.He didn’t have a job otherthan teaching, yet herefused to take money fromhis students. So, he walkedthe streets of Athensdiscussing philosophy withhis pupils. God, must he have had aloving and patient wife!!!
  3. 3. PHILOSOPHY Socrates never wrote anything in his life.His method of philosophical inquiry consisted in questioning people on the position they asserted and working them throughquestions into contradiction. That method is called elenchus.
  4. 4. Socrates himself claimed to know nothing at all except that he knows nothing. WHAT???
  5. 5. SOCRATIC DIALOGUESocrates liked toquestioneverything, love, truth, law, religion, good, and evil.He engaged hisfellow Athenians in aseries ofdiscussion, acting asa listener and asking
  6. 6. One of his most famous arguments is described by hisstudent, Plato, in his work Euthyphro. In theEuthyphro, Socrates asks his opponent, are things goodbecause gods like them or gods like them because theyare good? Yes, Socrates now questions piety andmorality.
  7. 7. But some people didn’t like Socrates for asking too many questions. In the end, he was accused of corrupting theyouth, atheism, and attacking traditional institutions. He was brought to trial where he had to defend himself.
  8. 8. DEATHSocrates was too stubbornand refused to apologize forhis crimes. He proposedlifetime pension and dinnersat government’s expense ashis punishment. Angeredjury sentenced him to deaththrough drinking poisonoushemlock.
  9. 9. Before taking poison, Socratesfamously says: I am not afraid to die;if my spirit lives after death, then Iwill just go and have conversationswith smart people who died beforeme; if death is like a never endingsleep, well, I like to sleep.He takes the poison and dies.
  10. 10. Socrates’ teachings and philosophy long outlived their creator. Socrates’ student, Plato, will write The Republic, find the Academy, and develop the dialectic method of philosophy.Plato’s student Aristotle will become the father of rhetoric, and a mentor to Alexander the Great. And we all know what Alexander did. Besides, Socrates was one of the first philosophers to boldly question the religion and meaning of life. His significance is so great that in modern-day scholars divides Ancient Greek philosophy into pre and post Socratic. THE END
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