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Legal Education Through the Decalogue Society of Lawyers


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Legal Education Through the Decalogue Society of Lawyers

  1. 1.  A cofounder of the law firm Gordon, Reicin, West & Rosenbloom, Edward Reicin practiced law until 1975. Today a consultant with and partial owner of M. Putterman & Co. and MPC Containment International, Ltd., Edward Reicin is a member of the Decalogue Society of Lawyers, which is currently celebrating its 80th year.  The Decalogue Society of Lawyers provides information and resources to attorneys of Jewish descent in order to propel the quality of America’s legal services forward. An important step toward achieving this goal comes in the form of continuous legal education.
  2. 2.  The Decalogue Society supports lectures and events all over the United States on special topics, such as how lawyers can adhere to standards and regulations of personal faith when these personal aspects come into conflict with professional responsibilities to clients. Additional topics the organization has covered recently include the basics of criminal law in regards to immigration, anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) actions, guardianships, and general changes in the legal world of which practicing attorneys must be kept informed.