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Mgt498 wk5 ltc_ppt Copyright 2013 Edward F. T. Charfauros. Reference,

  1. Overview • Introduction • About Riordan • Environmental Scanning, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, and Evaluation & Control • Strategic plan for Riordan. Why it’s important? • Role of ethical and social responsibility in Riordan’s strategic management plan. • Competitive advantages & strategies used to improve innovation and sustainability. – Domestic and International applications. • Measurement guidelines to verify strategy effectiveness. • Internal dynamics along with cultural and structural leadership. – Influence on business continuity • Assessment and Feedback Controls • Altering the strategic plan: when and how? • Conclusion – Explain and Justify the teams decisions for the strategic plan chosen, using research and understanding!
  2. Ethics & Social Responsibility • Make the products a donation item (% of sale donation) • Use recycled material to make products and use excesses trimming • Use environmentally friendly disposal methods • Bio-degradable plastics products • Improve international – working conditions, benefits, and wages
  3. Competitive Advantages  Domestic operations • Innovators of the plastic industry with use of polymer • Very cheap plastic raw material to make the plastic products • Taking over a suppliers operation (backward integration) • Recycle excess materials  International operations • Build international manufacturing conditions – work conditions, benefits, and wages – Quality products, operational efficiencies, and profitability
  4. Strategies • Vertical growth strategy- backward integration (Polymer Supplier) • Differentiation- add a unique feature of a product or service that set apart from the competition (Polymer) • Low-cost leadership- The over operation of the product at a low cost throughout the manufacturing processes.
  5. • About • History • Founder
  6. Conclusion • Explain & Justify the decision made by the team for the strategic plan chosen using research and understanding!!
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