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Copyright 2013 Edward F. T. Charfauros. Reference,

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Mgt431 charfauros week2. Copyright 2013 Edward F. T. Charfauros. Reference,

  1. 1. Running Head: A STAFFING PLAN 1 A Staffing Plan Edward Charfauros Human Resources Management MGT/431 May 9, 2012 Arlene McConville
  2. 2. A STAFFING PLAN 2 A Staffing Plan Organizations use human resources to process staffing plans to meet organizational objectives in accordance to its strategies involving evaluation, forecasting, goal setting, program implementation, and strategic planning. Identifying employee numbers of an organization requires meeting its objectives remains an important process of steps. Organizations forecast determine if specific areas supply and demand suffer labor shortages or is abundant with surplus. Strategies require handling labor shortages and surpluses including lead indicators and trend analysis. Organizations use lead indicators (objective statistics) to predict labor demands including competition, inventory, sales, technology, and workforce trends. An organization conducts a trend analysis to apply statistical models that assist in predicting future labor demands in comparison to the previous year statistics. Hiring People for Customer service, Distribution, Finances, Marketing, and Operations Setting goals and planning strategically deals directly with the labor supply and demand analysis. Goals are desirably specific with timetable indications to accomplish an outcome and achieve results for optimal benefit. Strategies are options to either reduce a labor surplus or avoid a labor shortage. Demotions, downsizing, early retirement, stagnate hiring, pay reductions, retraining, and transfers are various options Ilikai Bar & Grill chooses to apply upon labor surplus. However, during a labor shortage, Ilikai Bar & Grill may option to implement external hires, technological innovation, temporary employment, and turnover reductions. Introducing overtime and retraining personnel after transfer is an idea worth pursuing. Downsizing and
  3. 3. A STAFFING PLAN 3 offering early retirement appears to be effective for the Ilikai Bar & Grill during labor supply reduction. Outsourcing through contracting and offering temporary work to part-time employees during peak seasons appears to be a common method upon resolving labor shortages. Potential employees providing knowledge, skills, and talent increase an Ilikai Bar & Grill’s superiority through core competency and customer benefit while strengthening the organization. Implementing a program and evaluating it is a processing step within the human resources staffing plan. Progress reports illustrate strategies and implementation involves technology as data systems continue tracking employee’s progress, skills, and training. Ensuring the organization meet its hiring criteria and avoiding labor shortages and surpluses remains an important evaluation process. Desirable and undesirable outcomes require documentation determining which processes lead to goal success or objective failure. According to the evaluation processes Ilikai Bar & Grill requires 61 employees. The restaurant will consist of one general manager, four restaurant managers, one executive chef, one financial manager, one accountant, and three kitchen managers. Within the restaurants kitchen, eight line cooks, six dishwashers, and four preparation cooks will operate the kitchen efficiently effective. Within the dining areas of the restaurant six bartenders will attend the bar, 16 servers, and eight back waiters will provide and remove the food and dishware. A floor cleaning company will be brought in nightly daily base on a written contract. One marketing manager will handle marketing, sales, and organization image within public. One human resources manager to handle personnel benefits, employment documentation, attendance history, and provide personnel guidance with federal and state law and regulations and organization policies.
  4. 4. A STAFFING PLAN 4 Each position requires extensive background research for verification and acceptance upon employment. Orientation by specific managers will describe each position and explain the responsibilities of the position prior to beginning work. Strategy Development for Recruiting Appropriate Applicants According to job analysis and design, Ilikai Bar & Grill determines specific employees it wants. Using this knowledge, Ilikai Bar & Grill recruits and hires employees. According to the webpage, recruitment: an overview upon CIPD’s website (2012). “Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Recruitment is a critical activity, not just for the HR team but also for line managers who are increasingly involved in the selection process” (what is recruitment section, p. 1, para. 1). Ilikai Bar & Grill uses internal sources, such as databases, job postings, and management referrals for recruiting and promoting for the company. External sources such as colleges and universities, direct applicants, help want advertisements, Ilikai Bar & Grill’s website, job and career websites, private and public employment agencies, and referrals. Internet recruiting benefits Ilikai Bar & Grill and its potential employee. Ilikai Bar & Grill posts job openings, receives applications, résumés, and voice messages. Additionally, potential employees benefit by researching the Ilikai Bar & Grill’s history, profile, position availability, and résumé submission. The Internet remains as an excellent recruiting source Ilikai Bar & Grill. Selection is the process the Ilikai Bar & Grill identifies applicant’s qualifications for the position of employment. Moreover, identifying the potential employee’s abilities, characteristics, knowledge, skills, and other attributes that will assist the Ilikai Bar & Grill achieve its goals and objectives. Organizations create selection decisions to add employees to its staff and transfer current employees to new opportunistic positions.
  5. 5. A STAFFING PLAN 5 Approaching and selecting potential employees involve different alternatives. Ilikai Bar & Grill actively recruits from a variety of external sources, such as college events, Internet job postings, job fairs, and newspaper classified want ads. Other organizations favor promotions from within, current employee referrals, and in-house position availability for people possessing the necessary skills. To achieve high-performance at the Ilikai Bar & Grill, it recruits and selects employees, which will thrive passionately within the restaurant setting. These chosen employees remain enthusiastic about performing in the culinary arts, contributing to teamwork, empowering people, and sharing knowledge with coworkers. Creating and cooperating in a team are characteristic qualities playing a role upon the selection decision process. Selecting the right people for the right position remain key elements for a high-performance work system at the Ilikai Bar & Grill. According to chapter 16 within the book, fundamentals of human resource management second edition by Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe, and Wright (2007), “a high-performance work system places employees in work teams where employees collaborate to make decisions and solve problems. Individual employees also may be empowered to serve on teams that design jobs and work processes” (job design section, p. 543, para. 1). Human resource management prepares new hires for the jobs the new employees apply for. Human resources department personnel assist organizations with recruiting and selecting people with qualifications. Career management, development, and training ensure new hires are able to perform effectively in both current and future positions within the organization. How The Chosen Strategy is Legally Compliant Legally, organizations require avoiding discrimination by providing employees access with equal opportunity employment and constitutional rights during recruitment (selection
  6. 6. A STAFFING PLAN 6 process). Organizations require having a plan of affirmative action for a workforce utilization review comparing employee proportions within certain groups representing relevant markets of labor. Strategies are in place for recruiting appropriate applicants adhering to Major EEO Laws and Regulations. A majority of laws protect employee’s constitutional rights defending employees against discrimination of age, disabilities, ethnicity, gender, marital status, military service, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation. Plans, recruitment, selection, and placement remains as a critical role upon the process of human resources staffing. Attention to detail, organization, and strategy requires a success guarantee in maintaining every functional area according to government compliance, company labor standards, and regulations. Conclusion Staffing remains an ingredient toward Ilikai Bar & Grills thriving success and economical survival. Planning, calculating, and recruiting are requirements in creating an effective staffing plan to bring in qualifying candidates for the correct positions. Effective methods for recruiting, laws obedience, and employee fair treatment also remain imp-ortant. The manager remains key upon over watching the Ilikai Bar & Grill’s business and aiding the teams within resolving complex problems and situations. Ilikai Bar & Grill follows both federal and state laws and regulations when staffing. A staffing plan selects and assembles a staff to create teams to accomplish specific jobs. Many factors are in consideration, such as staff acquirement, number of hires, and job skill requirements. The new hires possess the skills to service food, operate the bar to serve drinks, and manage the restaurant. Employees will train consistently keeping his and her skills keen.
  7. 7. A STAFFING PLAN According to law, the Ilikai Bar & Grill organization remains as an equal opportunity employer providing a safe and fair working environment. 7
  8. 8. A STAFFING PLAN 8 References CIPD. (2012). Recruitment: an overview. Retrieved from R. A. Noe, J. R. Hollenbeck, B. Gerhart, and P. M. Wright. (2007). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Second Edition. ISBN: 9780072934250 Author: Raymond A. Noe, John R. Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright copyright © 2007.