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  1. 1. JEEFAQs
  2. 2. Q. Which are the top engineeringcolleges in INDIA? Is there any rankingsystem for them?The ranking of engineering collegeschanges every year but, the top instituteswith stable ranking are IITs (Indianinstitute of technology), NITs (Nationalinstitute of technology),BITS- Pilani etc.
  3. 3. Q. How to get admission in top engineering colleges?Top engineering colleges may classified in two parts1.Government engineering colleges like IIT’s, NIT’s and other state/centre Government funded colleges. To get admission in these colleges aspirants has to clear JEE.2.Private engineering colleges like BITS- pilani etc. In order to get admission in these colleges aspirant has to clear JEE or the entrance test conducted by that institute.
  4. 4. Q. What is JEE?JEE stands for JointEntrance Examination andit will held in two parts JEE(Main) and then JEE(Advanced).
  5. 5. Q. What is JEE (Main)?Previously it was called AIEEE(All india engineering entranceexamination), now we call itJEE (Main). It will be conductedby Joint Apex Board located atCBSE Delhi.
  6. 6. Q. What is JEE (Advanced)?Previously it was called IIT-JEE nowwe call it as JEE (Advanced). It willbe jointly conducted by IITBombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IITKanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madrasand IIT Roorkee or we can say by thezonal IITs.
  7. 7. Q. How to get admission in top engineeringcolleges except IITs and ISM Dhanbad?Aspirants fate to get admission in thesecolleges is decided by his/her performance inJEE (Main) and Board results.60% weight age will be given to JEE (Main)and 40% to the respective boards.The rank list of successful candidates includingJEE (Main) and board performance will bedeclared in first week of July.
  8. 8. Q. How to get admission in IITs and ISM Dhanbad?An aspirant who want to take admission in IITs and ISM Dhanbad, has to clear following hurdles1. He/she has to qualify JEE (Main) and has to obtain rank under 1,50,000 (Including all categories), here remember NO WEIGHTAGE will be given to BOARD marks.2. He/ She has to qualify JEE (Advanced).3. Admission to these institutes will be based only on Category wise All India Rank (AIR), subject to the condition that such candidates have to be in top 20 percentile in their respective boards. THERE IS NO ROLE OF BOARD MARKS ONLY ASPIRANT HAS TO BE IN TOP 20 PERCENTILE.
  9. 9. Q. How 1,50,000 Candidates are distributed acrossdifferent categories?As you know that no THERE IS NO ROLE of board markswhile selecting these candidates only performance in JEE(Main) will be the single criterion.The category wise distribution of candidates will be asfollows: Top 75750 (50.5 %) Common Merit List Top 40500 (27%) Other Backward Classes Non creamylayer OBC (NCL) Top 22500 (15 %) Scheduled Caste (SC)Top 11250 (7.5 %) Scheduled Tribe (ST)3% of the total candidates in each category are reserved forPD candidates as per norms.
  10. 10. Q. Is Marks obtained in JEE (Main) andBoard play any role for preparing AIR ofJEE (Advanced)?NO, no weight age of JEE (Main) or Boardwill be given while Preparing rank for JEE(Advanced), but it is mandatory for anaspirant to be in top 1,50,000 in JEE(Main) to attempt JEE (Advanced) and tobe in top 20 percentile of his/her respectiveboard.
  11. 11. Q. How many attempts are therefor taking JEE (Mains)?The maximum Number of attempts anaspirant can avail shall be Three inconsecutive years.For an example if you appearing in XIIBoard- 2014 then you can avail threeconsecutive attempts i.e. 2014, 2015 and2016.
  12. 12. Q. How many attempts are therefor taking JEE (Advanced)?The maximum Number of attemptsan aspirant can avail shall be Two inconsecutive years.For an example if you appearing inXII Board- 2014 then, you can availtwo consecutive attempts i.e. 2014and 2015.
  13. 13. Q. Is there any relaxation inmaximum number of attempts forreserved category student?No
  14. 14. Q. Is there any reservation inIITs, NITs, CFTIs, SFTIs?Yes, as per Government of india rulescandidates belonging to OBC in noncreamy layer, Schedule castes(SC), Schedule Tribes (ST), Personwith Disability (PwD) are admitted toseats reserved for them based onrelaxed criteria.
  15. 15. Q. What is the role of Class XII Board in admission totop engineering colleges?Board plays important role to get admission in topengineering colleges in the following way:1. To get admission in top engineering colleges except IITs and ISM Dhanbad, 40% weightage will be given to board marks while preparing final rank list of JEE (Main).2. To get admission in IITs and ISM Dhanbad, candidate has to be in top 20 percentile of his/her respective board, but board marks will not be included in preparing rank list of JEE (Advanced) i.e. AIR of JEE (Advanced) will be prepared only on the basis of aspirants performance in JEE (Advanced)..
  16. 16. Q. What will be the language/medium forJEE?JEE (Main): The question paper will be inEnglish or Hindi medium. Aspirant has optionto opt, according to his/her convenience.For some state it may be in regional languagefor example in Gujarat, question paper will alsobe Gujarati.JEE (Advanced) : The question paper will be inEnglish or Hindi only, there will be no option forregional languages.
  17. 17. Q. What will be the type ofJEE paper?It will be of objective nature forboth JEE (Main) and JEE(Advanced).
  18. 18. Q. What will be process to takeadmission in B.ARCH/B.PLANNING ininstitutes other than IITS?For this aspirant has to take paper-2 ofJEE (Main), in paper-2 there will bequestion from Mathematics, Aptitude anddrawing. This paper is only pen and paperbased, no online option will be availablefor this.
  19. 19. Q. What will be process to takeadmission in B.ARCH/B.PLANNING inIITs?For this aspirant first have to qualify JEE(Advanced), only after that he/she can applyfor aptitude test for B.ARCH and it will beheld after one week of announcement ofJEE (Advanced) result, However the seatallotment will be done based on thecategory wise all India Rank in the JEE(Advanced) -2013.
  20. 20. Q. What will be the mode to takeJEE?JEE (Main) : Aspirant can opt foronline or offline as per his/herconvenience.JEE (Advanced): Only offline mode isavailable till now.
  21. 21. Q. When the score of JEE (Main) will bedeclared? and how do I know I will be ableto take JEE (Advanced)?The score of JEE (Main) will be declared byfirst week of May, this score includes actualmarks obtained by you in JEE (Main) alongwith information whether you are eligible forJEE (Advanced) or not. Please note tobecome eligible to take JEE (Advanced)board marks have no role.
  22. 22. Q. When results of JEE will be announced?JEE (Main): First result will be out on first week of May, this willcontain marks obtained in JEE (Main) and eligibility for JEE(Advanced).Final rank list of JEE (Main) will be announced in first week ofJuly, this will be prepared by giving 60% weigthage to JEE(Main) and 40% weight age to Class-XII performance.JEE (Advanced): The result of JEE (Advanced) will beannounced on 3rd or 4th week of June, on the basis ofperformance in JEE (Advanced) only, but aspirant has to be intop 20 percentile of his/her respective board. There is no roleof JEE (Main) or Board marks in preparation of rank list of JEE(Advanced).
  23. 23. Q. From where I will be remain updated forJEE?For this you can use websitesFor JEE (Mains) : http://jeemain.nic.inFor JEE (Advanced) : can contact us or visit :
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