Business Analytics with R


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Business Analytics with R

  1. 1. View Business Analytics with R Course at BUSINESS ANALYTICS WITH R
  2. 2. Slide 2 Objectives of this Session  What is Business Analytics?  Who uses R and How?  What is R?  Why to use R?  R Products  Job Trends in R  Get started with R  Use-case Implementation For Queries during the session and class recording: Post on Twitter @edurekaIN: #askEdureka Post on Facebook /edurekaIN
  3. 3. Slide 3Slide 3 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Source- Landscape of Big Data
  4. 4. Slide 4Slide 4 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Business Analytics Why Business Analytics is getting popular these days ? Cost of storing data Cost of processing data
  5. 5. Slide 5Slide 5 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Cost of storing data ( 1980–2009)
  6. 6. Slide 6Slide 6 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Cost of processing Data ( 1992-2012)
  7. 7. Slide 7Slide 7 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Business Analytics “Study of business data using statistical techniques and programming for creating decision support and insights for achieving business goals”. Business analytics is used to evaluate organization-wide operations, and can be implemented in any department from sales to product development to customer service. Business analytics solutions typically use statistical and quantitative analysis and fact-based data to measure past performance to guide an organization's business planning. Definition Who creates it? How? Who uses it? How?
  8. 8. Slide 8Slide 8 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Who uses R?
  9. 9. Slide 9Slide 9 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Who Uses R : Domains  Telecom  Pharmaceuticals  Financial Services  Life Sciences  Education, etc
  10. 10. Slide 10Slide 10 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Who Uses R : Companies Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau uses R for data analysis John Deere Statisticians at John Deere use R for time series modeling and geospatial analysis in a reliable and reproducible way. The results are integrated with Excel and SAP Bank of America Bank of America uses R for reporting Foursquare R is part of technology stack behind Foursquare’s famed recommendation engine
  11. 11. Slide 11Slide 11 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions ANZ Bank ANZ, the fourth largest bank in Australia, using R for credit risk analysis Google Google uses R to predict Economic Activity Mozilla Mozilla, the foundation responsible for the Firefox web browser, uses R to visualize Web activity Who Uses R : Companies
  12. 12. Slide 12Slide 12 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Who Uses R : Companies Corporate Clients of R
  13. 13. Slide 13Slide 13 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions R : Characteristics  R is open source and free.  R has lots of packages and multiple ways of doing the same thing.  By default stores memory in RAM.  R has the most advanced graphics. You need much better programming skills.  R has GUI to help make learning easier.  Customization needs command line.  R can connect to many database and data types. “The great beauty of R is that you can modify it to do all sorts of things,” said Hal Varian, chief economist at Google. “And you have a lot of pre-packaged stuff that’s already available, so you’re standing on the shoulders of giants.”
  14. 14. Slide 14Slide 14 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions What is R?
  15. 15. Slide 15Slide 15 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions What is R : Data Analysis Software  Data Scientists, Statisticians, Analysts, Quants, and others who need to make sense of data use R for statistical analysis, data visualization, and predictive modelling.  Rexer Analytics’s Annual Data Miner Survey is the largest survey of data mining, data science, and analytics professionals in the industry.  It has concluded that R's popularity has increased substantially in recent years. R is Data Analysis Software
  16. 16. Slide 16Slide 16 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions What is R : Programming Language  You do data analysis in R by writing scripts and functions in the R programming language.  R has also quickly found the following because statisticians, engineers and scientists without computer programming skills find it easy to use. Do not get intimated by the term ‘Programming Language’, the concepts from the very basic will be taught during the course. R is Programming Language
  17. 17. Slide 17Slide 17 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions What is R : Environment for Statistical Analysis  R language consists of functions for almost every data manipulation, statistical model, or chart that a data analyst could ever need.  For statisticians, however, R is particularly useful because it contains a number of built- in mechanisms for organizing data, running calculations on the information and creating graphical representations of data sets. R is Environment for Statistical Analysis
  18. 18. Slide 18Slide 18 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions What is R : Open-source Software Project  Not only does this mean that you can download and use R for free, but the source code is also open for inspection and modification to anyone who wants to see how the methods and algorithms work under the covers.  R is an open-source program, and its popularity reflects a shift in the type of software used inside corporations. R is Open-source Software Project
  19. 19. Slide 19Slide 19 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions What is R : Community  Additional functionality contributed to the R language is by creating add-on "packages" for use by the 2 million users of R worldwide. As a result, there is a strong and vibrant community of R users on-line.  What makes R so useful — and helps explain its quick acceptance — is that statisticians, engineers and scientists can improve the software’s code or write variations for specific tasks. R is Community
  20. 20. Slide 20Slide 20 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions “R has really become the second language for people coming out of grad school now, and there’s an amazing amount of code being written for it,” said Max Kuhn, Associate Director of Nonclinical Statistics at Pfizer. Comparing R and others “You can look on the SAS message boards and see there is a proportional downturn in traffic.” Comparing R : Job Trends
  21. 21. Slide 21Slide 21 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Comparing R Tool usage comparison
  22. 22. Slide 22Slide 22 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Comparing R "R skills attract the highest salaries"
  23. 23. Slide 23Slide 23 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions R Products Companies Developing ‘R’ Products
  24. 24. Slide 24Slide 24 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Did you know Oracle creates a version of R? offerings-1566363.html R Products Did you know SAS Institute views R as an Opportunity? tml Did you know Teradata uses R for in- database analytics? database-analytics-with-teradata-r /teradata-r
  25. 25. Slide 25Slide 25 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Basics Of R - Command Line Basics of R - Command Line
  26. 26. Slide 26Slide 26 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Data Visualization in R This plot represents the locations of all the traffic signals in the city. It is recognizable as Toronto without any other geographic data being plotted - the structure of the city comes out in the data alone.
  27. 27. Slide 27Slide 27 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Use Cases
  28. 28. Slide 28Slide 28 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Use-Cases Problem statement : A retailer is interested to find out the association between the products. If retailers know that which products are being bought together most of the time, then he can plan out the shelving of these products in store or he can offer some discount on combo purchase. We can run market basket analysis in R to find such kinds of pattern in data. Use-Case #1
  29. 29. Slide 29Slide 29 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Use-Cases Problem statement : Churn is the major problem for any telecommunication company. A telecom company wants to find out the attributes of potential churn so that they can approach them with right retention offer. For this we need to mine the historical data of previous churner & then we can run logistic regression to come up with a churn probability equation. Use-Case #2
  30. 30. Slide 30Slide 30 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Use-Cases Problem statement : LAPD (Los Angles Police department) wants to predict the crime before it occurred. They can use predictive modelling technique in R. Use-Case #3
  31. 31. Slide 31Slide 31 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Use-Cases Problem statement : Analyse the content of Obama's "Yes we can" speech. Mine this speech and find the most frequently used words in the speech. We can create a word cloud and represent the most frequently used words in the speech as bigger & bolder in the Word Cloud. Use-Case #4
  32. 32. Slide 32Slide 32 @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions Demo
  33. 33. @edurekaIN, Facebook /edurekaIN, use #askEdureka for Questions