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The school manager


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Edunext Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a technology company catering to educational institutions with school management software and website designing & promotion. The company is founded by the people with proven experience and in-depth understanding of education enterprise with expertise in technology. Our mission is to help educational institutions in exploiting technology for efficient education delivery and make the journey of studying and teaching a pleasant experience."

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The school manager

  1. 1. An ERP for Educational Institutions from Edunext Technologies Pvt. Ltd. THE SCHOOL MANAGER
  2. 2. Mission Statement  To empower academic institutions with an integrated and intelligent software solution for Educational EcoSystem  To be used extensively by Teachers, Students, Parents, Management beyond Office Staff  As a collaborative, simplified and integrated platform  Contributing in the over-all development of the child  Creating an enriched and vibrant educational experience  For all in this long academic journey from “Admission to Alumni”
  3. 3. Solution Map Our Strengths Modules Offered Reports and Analysis A browser-based solution integrated with student portal
  4. 4. Our Strengths Structuring the solution
  5. 5. Technical Strengths Browser Based Uses Open-Source Software Hosted on Google App Engine Anytime – Anywhere Availability Supports Multiple Devices • No need to install software on client machines • Devloped on JAVA, MySql and Apache • Online version on GAE ensures robustness • Can be accessed anywhere through internet 24x7 • Can be accessed through mobile and tablets Role Based Dashboards • Role based dashboard and modules access Ensures Paperless Office • Documents can be scanned and uploaded Communication Channels • Mobile SMS and Email alerts Data Porting Single Database Integration • Through excel sheets for results, attendance, etc. • Easy access to previous years data in every module • Barcode printing & reading, and Tally, if required
  6. 6. Implementation Strengths On –Site Coordinator • Ensure regular and on-time data entry System Study and Gap Analysis • Understanding of processes and matching with system Customization • Customization of reports as per school formats Data Porting Training Implementation and Review • Initial data porting from excel for student, staff, library, etc. • 10 days integrated training programme • Project roll out and feedback from the users Continuous Upgradation • Regular upgradation in the software Regular Handholding and Training • Frequent training on-site and online
  7. 7. Modules Offered From Admissions to Alumni
  8. 8. Solution Map The School Manager Student Life Cycle (8 modules) Financial HR Management Management (4 modules) (3 modules) Academics (3 modules) Student Management Made Easy
  9. 9. Student Lifecycle Admissions Management Alumni Management Student Information System Student Health Management Student Attendance Parent/Student-Teacher Communication Homework & Assignment Examination Management
  10. 10. HR Management Employee Lifecycle Recruitment Staff Information Management Staff Attendance Attendance Management Made Easy
  11. 11. Financial Management Financial Management Student Accounting Transport Inventory (Fee Staff Payroll Management Managemen t Managemen t) Attendance Management Made Easy
  12. 12. Academics Management Academics Management Lesson Plan Timetable (Substitution Management) Library Attendance Management Made Easy
  13. 13. Reports & Analysis Reporting on Students and Attendance
  14. 14. The School Manager Thank You for the Opportunity!!