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Ed usa weekly_update-may_6th_2013


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EdUSA Weekly Update Issue #328 May 6th, 2013

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Ed usa weekly_update-may_6th_2013

  1. 1. Issue #328 May 6th, 2013I. Financial AidUG: Felician College Freshman and Transfer Merit-Based ScholarshipsUG: University of St. Francis Merit-Based Franciscan Fellows ScholarshipsUG/Grad: Heidelberg University ScholarshipsUG/Grad: DePaul University Merit and Need-Based ScholarshipsGrad: Willamette University MBA Merit-Based ScholarshipsII. Campus News• SUNY Buffalo Law School Offering an Accelerated J.D. Program• Washington University School of Law Offers Online LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers• Virginia International University Launches School of Public and International Affairs• Join CollegeWeekLives Asia Day and Win a ScholarshipFELICIAN COLLEGE FRESHMAN AND TRANSFER MERIT-BASEDSCHOLARSHIPSFelician College is an independent, co-educational Catholic/FranciscanCollege and the only Franciscan college in New Jersey. Founded andsponsored by the Felician Sisters, Felician was established in 1942 toeducate a diverse population of students within the framework of a liberal arts education. FelicianCollege is located on a safe, beautiful campus in Northern New Jersey, just 10 miles outside NewYork City.Felician College is still accepting applications for the Fall 2013 semester. Students who apply at thiscan still be considered for our International Scholarships and Awards for freshman andundergraduate transfer applicants. Scholarships range from $4,500 up to $15,000 per year forstudents. Students are automatically considered for a scholarship upon admission. Felician offersfinancial aid to over 80% of its applicants. Scholarships are based on a holistic review of astudents application. SATs are not required from international students, but those that take theSATs can qualify for our higher scholarship awards.For more information, please visit:UNIVERSITY OF ST. FRANCIS MERIT-BASED FRANCISCAN FELLOWSSCHOLARSHIPSThe University of St. Francis was established in 1920 in Joliet, Illinois. It is a liberalarts Catholic university. As a Catholic university rooted in the liberal arts, we area welcoming community of learners challenged by Franciscan values and char-ism, engaged in a continuous pursuit of knowledge, faith, wisdom, and justice,and ever mindful of a tradition that emphasizes reverence for creation,compassion and peacemaking. We strive for academic excellence in all programs, preparingwomen and men to contribute to the world through service and leadership.The Franciscan Fellows Award offers a maximum of $9,000 annually (maximum $36,000 four-year value) – Minimum GPA of 2.51 Award varied based on GPA and ACT composite score.For more information, please visit:
  2. 2. HEIDELBERG UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPSHeidelberg’s home is Tiffin, OH. We have over 1,200 traditionalundergraduates and 200 plus graduate students. Our students come from all over the country andthe world. Heidelberg was established in 1850 by the German Reformed Church (now UnitedChurch of Christ). Heidelbergs mascot, the Student Prince, is named after a German operetta of thesame name and our school colors are from Germany’s flag used to represent the German andDutch Reformed Church. Today, the University retains these connections through a unique studyabroad program with its namesake city – Heidelberg, Germany.The Heidelberg School of Business will waive the Enrollment Fee ($600) for fall 2013 applicants.There is no application fee for the online applications submitted at This policyis applicable for both Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions applications. Heidelberg Universityoffers generous scholarships in the amount of $8,000 per year for the qualified undergraduateinternational students. The Heidelberg School of Business offers competitive MBA Program TuitionScholarships in the range of $2,000-6,000.For more information, please visit: UNIVERSITY MERIT AND NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPSDePaul University, located in Chicago Illinois, is a Catholic private university withnearly 300 graduate and undergraduate programs and concentrations. With just70 students when it was founded in 1898, DePaul has grown to become thenation’s largest Catholic university. DePaul, named for St. Vincent de Paul, hasmaintained its commitment to serve students who might otherwise be denied aquality education, from turn-of-the-century women and returning veterans to first-generation, low-income city residents. Our urban, multicultural perspective has led to innovativeprograms and a hands-on learning approach that reflects our deep ties throughout Chicago and agrowing international influence.The generosity of our donors allows DePaul to provide numerous scholarships to students whoexhibit academic, merit, financial need, strong leadership and service to their communities. Wevalue the commitment of these donors to DePaul and our students. We invite you to view a list ofscholarships made possible by our benefactors.For more information, please visit: UNIVERSITY MBA MERIT-BASED SCHOLARSHIPSWillamette is a nationally renowned, highly selective private liberal arts universityin Salem, Oregon. Founded in 1842, Willamette is the first university establishedin the western U.S. and has become a national leader in sustainability and civicengagement.The Atkinson School Scholarship awards and named scholarship awards arecompetitive and merit based. Most scholarships are awarded upon admission to the MBA programand are renewable for the second year of study for MBA students who meet all renewalrequirements. MBA/JD students who receive scholarship assistance from the MBA programreceive the scholarship only for the first academic year in which they are enrolled full-time in theMBA program. Atkinson scholarships awarded to MBA/JD students are not renewable.For more information, please visit:
  3. 3. SUNY BUFFALO LAW SCHOOL OFFERING AN ACCELERATED J.D. PROGRAMSUNY Buffalo Law School--the State of New Yorks Law School--is offering anaccelerated J.D. program for students from outside the United States whoalready hold a first law degree. The program is designed for highly qualifiedstudents who wish to sit for the New York State bar exam. They will be givenadvanced standing, meaning that they can earn the J.D. degree in two yearsinstead of the traditional three.For more information, please visit: UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW OFFERS ONLINE LL.M.FOR FOREIGN LAWYERSThe @WashULaw Master of Laws (LL.M.) program is a dynamic onlineLL.M. program offered by the Washington University School of Law, partof the Washington University in St. Louis. Taught by highly respectedfaculty, this program is designed to help the next generation of attorneys achieve their career goalsand learn skills to succeed in the rapidly changing field of international business.For more information, please visit: INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY LAUNCHES SCHOOL OF PUBLIC ANDINTERNATIONAL AFFAIRSVirginia International University’s mission is to educate students from all over theworld through a highly qualified, equally diverse faculty and staff while striving toprovide academic programs that engender the intellectual curiosity, criticalthinking, and creativity urgently needed in the global community.Virginia International University has launched a new school, School of Public and InternationalAffairs, with two new master degrees in Public Administration and International Relations.For more information, please visit: COLLEGEWEEKLIVES ASIA DAY AND WIN A SCHOLARSHIPConsidering studying in the United States? Youre invited to join us for thefirst-ever online college fair designed specifically for students from Asia!To be held 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. EDT, May 15, 2013, Asia Students Day is your opportunity to: Talk onlinedirectly with admissions representatives from top universities like UC Berkeley, Boston University,University of Florida and many more! Watch expert presentations from ETS, CollegeBoard andEducationUSA on applying to or studying in the U.S. Video chat with Asian students currentlystudying in the U.S. Plus, simply by visiting 3 colleges online you will enter to win $1,000 scholarship!For more information, please visit:
  4. 4. Contact an EducationUSA adviser near you for guidance on finding and applying to an accredited U.S. college or (Note: students must apply for financial aid directly with the institution listed)An archive of these and other past financial aid and news announcements is available at would like to thank all the institutions, foundations, and other organizations which so generously provide thefinancial aid and news information contained herein.